Corridor's End is the 273rd chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Shippō and Kirara (who had felt terrible at the base of Mount Hakurei due to the barrier) are now feeling fine. Kōga smells Naraku coming from the mountain, certain that the only reason he couldn't smell the scent before now is because of the barrier; The holy shield must have been destroyed. Kagome, Kōga, Shippō, and Kirara all head towards the mountain with nothing stopping them from going inside.
  • Inuyasha begins his battle with Bankotsu, the last remaining member of the Band of Seven. Inuyasha uses his windscar, but Bankotsu counterattacks with his Banryū, sending a blast of flaming wind toward the windscar. The two attacks are equal in power, but Inuyasha notices that the force behind the attack is greater than it was last time they battled. He realizes that Bankotsu is using all of the jewel shards from the Band of Seven. Bankotsu confirms, saying that they're his brothers' heirlooms, and they fill him with the power he needs to avenge their deaths. The two of them continue to battle, exchanging insults all the while.
  • Miroku and Sango continue investigating the mountain stronghold, both of them sensing the evil aura that's gushing out from the mountain as well as the numerous demons who are fleeing from within it. They eventually find themselves back in the original corridor where they battled Kagura a few chapters earlier. They hear something rustling from deep within the darkness at the bottom of the shaft and look down, seeing Naraku's face looking back up at them from the shadows.

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