Bankotsu's Strength is the 275th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Bankotsu and Inuyasha start to fight in hand-to-hand instead of with their weapons.
  • Deep in Mount Hakurei, Miroku and Sango find odd clumps of flesh that look like babies.
  • Inuyasha takes three jewel shards from Bankotsu's neck.


  • After Inuyasha sheathed his Tessaiga, Bankotsu got disarmed of his Banryū, so the two of them start to fight hand-to-hand, exchanging punches with one-another. Bankotsu says there was a reason he was leader of the Band of Seven, he was able to hold that gang of murderers together with his fists, as he is winning the fight at this point. Inuyasha gets hit on purpose in order to confirm that there are Shikon shards in Bankotsu's right arm, too.
  • Sango was able to catch herself with her Hiraikotsu, and saved Miroku with a grappling hook. Wh

    Inuyasha takes three shards from Bankotsu's neck.

    en the monk looks down into the chasm below, he sees the corpses of demons. The two of them go down to investigate and see clumps of flesh that look like babies, as if Naraku was trying to give birth to something
  • Kagome, Kōga, Shippō and Kirara enter Mount Hakurei. Kagome says the jewel shards feel like they're becoming more tainted by the second.
  • Bankotsu beats up Inuyasha, taunting him by saying he's purposely attacking with his right arm to make it easier for Inuyasha to take the jewel shards. Bankotsu lifts the half-breed up by his neck and says he doesn't enjoy torturing weaklings. Inuyasha then pierces Bankotsu's neck, taking three jewel shards, tricking Bankotsu into letting his guard down.

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