Maelstrom of Evil is the 279th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Naraku reflects the windscar back at Inuyasha.
  • Kikyō arrives at the mountain now that Hakushin's barrier is down.
  • Kagome senses Kōga's jewel shards inside Naraku and uses a sacred arrow to release him from Naraku's body.


  • Inuyasha uses his windscar on Naraku, but it does not subside after its first initial attack as it usually does; Naraku is trapping the windscar within the flow of his own demonic aura, thus making it swirl around and destroy everything inside the cave, endangering everyone. Naraku has a barrier around himself, though, so he's unharmed. He says the windscar will not stop until it has reduced everyone to mince-meat.

    Naraku reflects the windscar back at Inuyasha.

  • Kikyō senses a swirling of demonic energy coming from inside Mount Hakurei. She then sees Kagura flying away from the mountain with something in her hands. She fires a sacred arrow at her, but the wind sorceress dodges the attack. Kagura is about to counterattack, when suddenly the thing she's carrying in her hands tells her she is not supposed to kill Kikyō. Kagura is surprised that it can speak.
  • Kagome is hiding behind Inuyasha, and the two of them wonder how they can stop the windscar. Naraku thinks to himself that Inuyasha and the others will die here, and he has finally obtained a new body. He knows there is only one thing left he has to do at Mount Hakurei.
  • Kagome sees two lone Shikon shards at Naraku's feet; they're Kōga's, whom Naraku's flesh absorbed earlier. Kagome says they have to try and save him, so she gets on Inuyasha's back, and he jumps toward Naraku. Naraku calls them insane for dashing into the path of the windscar, but then Kagome hits him with her sacred arrow, making Kōga fall out from Naraku. The demon is disgusted once again at their stupidity: in such a dire situation they take the time to worry about others when they themselves will soon die.
  • As the mountain and walls of rejected flesh fall and crumble from the cavern, Naraku says he will do Inuyasha and friends one last kindness before they die: he'll let them be buried in the same grave. As Naraku escapes from the mountain, he thinks to himself that he'll be seeing Kikyō very soon...

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