The New Body is the 281st chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Naraku tells Kikyō that he removed his human heart, and then he kills her.
  • Sesshōmaru confronts Naraku, but Naraku escapes yet again.


  • Kikyō curses Naraku after becoming badly injured from his last attack. He condemns the priestess to death, saying that she's been too confident because she believed that as long as he had Onigumo's heart beating within him he would not harm her. Kikyō realizes that the thing Kagura was carrying away from the mountain must have been Naraku's human heart.
  • As souls begin to leave Kikyō's body, Naraku states that he no longer has a need to keep
    Kikyo Killed

    Kikyō is killed by Naraku.

     her alive. A fissure of dark miasma is flowing in the trench behind Kikyō. He says her imitation body made of clay and bones cannot hope to survive once she falls into it; she will completely disintegrate within seconds. Naraku pierces through her with his tentacles, making Kikyō fall into the miasma below, killing her. In her final words, she calls out for Inuyasha.
  • Sesshōmaru appears, stating that Naraku went to a lot of trouble just to rid himself of one human female. Jaken thinks to himself that Naraku is growing more arrogant. Naraku says he was surprised when he learned Sesshōmaru was pursuing him, asking what reason he has for doing so. Jaken responds by yelling at Naraku, saying that he keeps interfering in his lord's affairs, but Sesshōmaru tells the imp to be quiet. He then asks Naraku if he's gotten more powerful, and Naraku says Sesshōmaru is free to test his powers and find out.
  • Sesshōmaru attacks with his Tōkijin, cutting Naraku up into rags of flesh, but Naraku only chuckles, reversing the power of Sesshōmaru's blade and sending it back at him. The reflection of his own sword's power pushes Sesshōmaru backward, much to Jaken's surprise. Naraku runs away in a cloud of miasma, gloating that it's no use, "I will never die!" Sesshōmaru expresses his irritation toward Naraku's insolent behavior; battling him merely to test out his newly rejuvenated body and then running away.
  • Inuyasha comes upon Sesshōmaru, who tells him that it seems Naraku wanted to kill Kikyō a great deal more than either of them. Inuyasha rushes over to Kikyō's broken bow in distress.
  • Meanwhile, Kagura complains to herself about how she has to watch "this thing", and flee from Mount Hakurei with it. What she's guarding is the newest incarnation of Naraku, which looks like a baby. Suddenly it speaks to her: "Kikyō is dead. Naraku has killed her."

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