Kikyō's Life is the 282nd chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Inuyasha punishes himself over Kikyō's death at Naraku's hands.
  • Inuyasha goes to look for Kikyō. When he comes back he apologizes for running off again. Kagome wonders how she can help him feel better.


  • Inuyasha becomes despondent when Sesshōmaru tells him that Kikyō was killed by Naraku. He thinks to himself that there must be some kind of mistake, because Kikyō said as long as Onigumo's heart beat within Naraku, she would be untouchable.

    Inuyasha is in pain because of Kikyō's death.

  • As Sesshōmaru is about to depart, Inuyasha stops him and asks if he just stood there and watched Kikyō get killed. His brother responds by saying he doesn't care to know what the relationship between Kikyō and Inuyasha was, but the one responsible for her death was Naraku. And the one who didn't save her was Inuyasha. Hearing these words puts Inuyasha into a near catatonic state, because he was unable to save the woman he loves. Then Kagome and the others show up. Inuyasha explains that Naraku took Kikyō's life.
  • The group discusses lady Kikyō. Kōga finds it hard to believe that Naraku took over all of Mount Hakurei just to kill one mere woman, though as Miroku points out, Kikyō was no mere woman, and was the only person whom Naraku truly feared. They also discuss how Naraku must have expelled his human heart, and how he did it once before with Musō, but it was too soon and Naraku took him back. Now that Naraku's human heart has been expelled, he is free to do as he wishes with no attachment to human emotions.
  • Kōga grabs Kagome's hands as he says goodbye, but is surprised when Inuyasha doesn't start barking at him to leave her alone. Inuyasha has gone off to search for Kikyō, alive or dead. Inuyasha sees the fissure of miasma and gets mad at himself for not being able to protect Kikyō.
  • Inuyasha comes back and talks to Kagome. He apologizes for running off again and says he is alright now. Kagome wonders what she should do.

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