Inuyasha's True Feelings is the 283rd chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • An old monk tells a story about an injured priestess who was looking for someone named Naraku. Inuyasha rushes off to look for Kikyō, thinking it's her.
  • The others are captured by castle soldiers. Kagome sees the old monk manipulated by Kagura's dance of the dead; it was a trap. She also meets Akago.


  • Villagers are talking about rumors that Mount Hakurei disappeared in a single night, when suddenly they are attacked by demons. Inuyasha and friends come upon the village, and Miroku says its the work of all the minor demons who fled from Mount Hakurei when Hakushin's barrier was dispelled. Inuyasha, understandably, is still suffering from the heartache of losing Kikyō.
  • An old Monk comes upon the group and says he came from the direction of Mount Hakurei to see if the rumors were true, and that mountain had disappeared completely. He says it was just as the lady priestess told him; this perks Inuyasha's interest. The monk tells his story and says that a few days ago an injured priestess washed up on the river-shore of his village and said she had been wounded by an evil man. She said she had to go pursue "Naraku".
  • Inuyasha wants to follow up on this lead, because obviously its Kikyō. He hesitates though, not wanting to hurt Kagome's feelings, but she urges him to go or else he'll never have closure.
Kagome Miroku Sango captured-C283

Kagome was taken away from Miroku and Sango

  • The group (minus Inuyasha) is stopped by a group of soldiers who are under orders to take any outsiders to the castle. Miroku and Sango agree to go with them, knowing they can escape any time because the soldiers are just ordinary mortals. When they arrive at the castle, they see innocent travelers being slaughtered for no reason by the soldiers. The lady of the castle asks to see Kagome, and orders the soldiers to kill Miroku and Sango.
  • The Lady of the castle says that since Kikyō is dead, Kagome is now the only one who can sense the Shikon jewel shards. Kagome then sees the old Monk who told them about Kikyō fall down from the shadows and dissolve: He was being manipulated with Kagura's dance of the dead. Kagome realizes that the story about Kikyō being alive was a lie to get Inuyasha out of the way. The lady of the castle says no one will come to save Kagome, because all of her friends will be killed, and Inuyasha is too busy searching for Kikyō. Kagome realizes that the woman isn't the one speaking; its the infant she's holding.

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