The Discarded Heart is the 286th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Inuyasha arrives to rescue Kagome. He and Miroku question Akago, but after hearing all they need, Inuyasha prepares to attack, but the incarnations escape.
  • Inuyasha decides that he chooses Kagome, who is alive, over Kikyō, who is now dead.


  • Inuyasha has arrived at the temple to rescue Kagome from Kagura and Akago. He asks what they did to Kagome, and the infant says he only rummaged around in her soul a bit, and says it was a shame since he was very close to making her his slave. Miroku and Sango show up behind Inuyasha, and Akago asks them how many of the castle soldiers they killed, (since earlier he had predicted they'd slaughter each-other.) Miroku wonders if Akago is the end result of the 'babies of flesh' that they saw at Mount Hakurei.
  • Miroku asks Akago if he is Naraku's human heart: Onigumo's heart that yearned for Kikyō. Akago responds that he might be, he isn't quite sure. He does have the ability to look into people's hearts and see their desires, their weaknesses. The infant says that if there was one trait he did not inherit from Naraku, it is a love for Kikyō. Akago goes on that he feels no pain or sadness because of this.
  • Inuyasha, having heard enough of this perverted conversation about toying with people's emotions, uses his windscar. The infant, however, erects a barrier. He then reflects the windscar back at Inuyasha in the same way Naraku did inside Mount Hakurei. Kagura is impressed that the infant is able to do erect a barrier, something no other incarnation has been able to do as of yet.
  • Akago, Kagura, and Kanna flee from the battle, and Inuyasha says that if they ever touch Kagome again they're dead. The infant says he can't guarantee that he won't abduct her again, since Kagome is the only person left who can see the Shikon shards. He says the jewel will become whole very soon. As Kagura flies away with Akago in her arms, the infant grumbles to himself that he needs rest; Kagome's soul was much stronger than he expected it to be.
  • Inuyasha and Kagome have a tender moment, and he apologizes for leaving her to go look for Kikyō. He thinks to himself that he chooses Kagome, who is alive, over Kikyō, who is dead. Kagome thinks to herself if Inuyasha heard Kikyō was alive (a second time), he'd run off to find her, but that its okay when she gets mad over it, because it's just a natural emotion that comes along with loving him.

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