Mimisenri is the 287th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Kagome Higurashi goes back to the modern era to study. Later, Inuyasha comes back to get her after a tongue lashing from Miroku and Sango.
  • Naraku talks with Mimisenri, who tells him the final shard of the jewel is in the borderland between this world and the afterlife.


  • Back in the village, Inuyasha tells Kaede that Kikyō has died. The old woman says its alright, because her sister's soul was suffering and now she can finally be at peace. Kaede tells Inuyasha that since Kikyō is no longer suffering, he should do the same and stop getting upset about being unable to save her. Inuyasha wishes he could have at least retrieved Kikyō's remains and been able to bury her back in the village.
  • Kagome is back in the modern era to catch up with her studies. She goes out to lunch with her friends, and they interrogate her about the 'two-timer' she's always talking about.
  • Miroku and the others discuss how Akago (and thus Naraku) tried to use Kagome's eyes to find the Shikon fragments. They seem confident that Naraku has no other means of finding the jewel shards besides controlling or watching Kagome, so as long as she stays in the modern era, Naraku should have no way of gathering the remaining shards.

Mimisenri is visited by Naraku.

  • Meanwhile, Mimisenri, a demon who has ears that can hear everything that happens in the world, is visited by Naraku himself. Mimisenri says he's heard many rumors that Naraku has gat hered most of the sacred jewel shards. Naraku corrects him and says there is only one shard left that he cannot find. Mimisenri strains his ears, listening for the location of where that final shard might be.
  • Miroku and Sango tell Inuyasha that he has to do a better job protecting Kagome now that Naraku is after her eyes. They also talk about how the jewel can't be allowed to become whole again, because that would mean the end of Kohaku's life.
  • Kagome is studying but she falls asleep. When she wakes up, she stares out the window and wonders if Inuyasha will come to get her, but then she turns around and is greeted by him. He has come to take her back to the feudal era. When she asks why he's come back so soon, he says its because she's the only one who can sense the shards. After being asked a second time he bashfully admits it's also because he missed her and wanted to see her.
  • Mimisenri tells Naraku the location of the last shard: It is in the borderland between this world and the afterlife.

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