Unique Among Women


Volume 30 - Scroll 4

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Tokubetsu-na Onago







Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Unique Among Women is the 292nd chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Miroku frees Sango from being possessed by a salamander demon.
  • Miroku asks Sango to bare his children if they manage to defeat Naraku.
  • Kagura and Akago kill monks and priests in order to find the borderland between this world and the afterlife.



Miroku's proposal to Sango

  • Miroku continues to battle with Sango, who is possessed by a salamander. After getting wounded by her, Miroku is able to punch her in the gut and thus expel the salamander from her belly and free her from its control. Inuyasha is surprised, wondering how Sango could have let something like that happen to her. Kagome says its Miroku's fault for womanizing all the time.
  • Shinnosuke and Wakana are back together again and are grateful to the group for their help.
  • Miroku and Sango have a heartfelt discussion about their feelings for each-other. Miroku calls her 'unique among women,' and says that she's different from all the other girls he chases after. He says that he treasures her more-so than he does other women, and that's why he can't love her the way he wants to. (Meanwhile, Kagome, Inuyasha, and Shippō are spying on them. Shippō says "Is he giving her the 'just friends' speech?" Kagome is annoyed at Miroku for disregarding Sango's feelings for him.)
  • Miroku says that before he can ever love her truly, he must defeat Naraku and end the curse of the Kazaana. He says that if he's still alive when Naraku dies, he would want to settle down. He then asks Sango (in a much more serious manner than usual) if she would bare him 10 to 20 children. Sango sheds tears of joy and says yes, then asks if this means Miroku will stop chasing other women. The monk looks away, silent. Typical of him.
  • At a Buddhist temple, Kagura attacks the head monk and leaves him on the edge of death. Akago then peers into the monk's soul. Kagura wonders just what the brat is up to. When she finally gets the nerve to ask, the infant says he's searching for the borderland between this world and the afterlife, where the final Shikon jewel shard waits.

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