An Abandoned Arrow is the 305th chapter of the InuYasha manga.



  • InuyashaChapter305InuyashaFindsHolyWomansArrow

    Inuyasha examines the arrow which broke Hakudōshi's barrier.

    Hakudōshi teases Inuyasha because he can't even touch him due to the barrier. Inuyasha uses the Red Tessaiga which breaks barriers, but even it has no effect. Everyone is shocked at how strong the shield is, even Kagura, who was hoping Inuyasha might kill Hakudōshi.
  • An arrow appears out of nowhere, aimed at Hakudōshi. The arrow misses the incarnation by a hair, but it is able to dispel the barrier around him. With the shield down, Inuyasha is free to use his wind scar, and after he does, the attack leaves Hakudōshi as nothing but a head with rags of flesh. The wind scar was able to kill the demon horse Entei, but Hakudōshi still doesn't die, even when just a talking head. He and Kagura make their escape. Kagome wonders where the sacred arrow came from. Inuyasha goes over to where the arrow landed. Whoever fired it is gone.
  • Hakudōshi is rebuilding his body: the rags of flesh are coming back together at the spider mark on his back in the same way Naraku used to rebuild his body. Kagura realizes that, just like her, Hakudōshi's heart is somewhere outside his body. That's why however many times he's killed, he doesn't die.
  • The group discusses the mysterious sacred arrow that was able to break Hakudōshi's barrier. The only archer they know of with spiritual powers that strong was Kikyō, but she's dead. Kagome wonders if Kikyō might be alive, but Inuyasha says it isn't her. At first he thought it might be, but the arrow doesn't carry her scent. It carries one that's vaguely familiar, but the smell doesn't belong to Kikyō or any of their allies. Also, Miroku says the spiritual power he sensed wasn't quite as strong as Kikyō's. The villagers say it must have been the 'Holy Woman'. In any case, the group continues to guide the travelers to the village where this Holy Woman supposedly resides.
  • We see the Holy Woman along with her assistant dashing toward the village. The assistant hopes that they are not too late.

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  • In the anime, Entei isn't killed by Inuyasha's wind scar when the arrow breaks the barrier. The demon horse battles with Inuyasha as a stall while Hakudōshi escapes. Inuyasha rides Kirara into a cave, luring Entei into a nice enclosed space where the demon horse can't run away, and then uses the backlash wave, destroying Entei with its own blast.

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