The Village Shield is the 306th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • The Holy Woman is able to kill all of Princess Abi's birds with just one arrow.
  • Inuyasha and Kagome are becoming more and more sure that the holy woman is Kikyō.


  • The group is headed toward the Holy Woman's village, hoping to discover her identity, as well as why she helped them ward off Hakudōshi when she was supposed to be at the village.
  • There is a cave on the outskirts of the Holy Woman's village. One of the Holy Woman's two assistants has erected a shield around the cave, because Princess Abi and her main force of demon birds have begun their attack. The attendant tells the villagers to stay inside the shield until the holy woman returns. The birds light themselves on fire and kamakaze the cave in an effort to flush out the humans. The attendant tells them not to leave the safety of the shield, but some don't listen and get drained of their blood by the birds.

    The Holy Woman slays all of Princess Abi's birds with only one arrow.

  • The holy woman arrives. Abi furiously orders all the birds to kill the meddlesome woman. The holy woman fires a single sacred arrow, which destroys every bird-demon in the sky. Abi is once again flabbergasted that all her minions have been slain, and blames Naraku. Ever since she met him, she's had nothing but interference. The bird master makes her escape.
  • Inuyasha and friends arrive at the village, but the holy woman is gone. The villagers tell them how she killed all the demons with only one arrow. When she left, she said she was going to find the bird's nest and eradicate the rest of them. Inuyasha is hesitant to pursue the holy woman because he's afraid it might be Kikyō, when he just got over her death. Plus it would make Kagome upset if he ran off chasing Kikyō again. Inuyasha thinks to himself that he didn't see Kikyō die, and he never found her body. So if she was alive, why wouldn't she have come to see him?
  • Inuyasha and Kagome have a tender moment talking about their feelings for each other, and about Kikyō. Inuyasha says that if Kikyō is alive, there is one thing they can count on. Naraku already tried to kill Kikyō once. If he finds out she's still alive, he'll definitely try to kill her again.

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