The Forbidden Mountain is the 307th chapter of the InuYasha manga.



  • In Kaede's village, strange lights in the sky appear and land at Kikyō's shrine. They are Kochō and Asuka. (We've already seen them a few times before, they are the two assistants to the Holy Woman.) A villager asks Kaede if the pair of them are demons. The old priestess says that they are not demons, they're Shikigami that were summoned by someone. Kochō and Asuka steal some soil from Kikyō's grave and then fly away. Kaede is worried, and remembers how Urasue stole soil from Kikyō's grave once before. Who would steal the soil this time... And why?
  • 307

    Inuyasha meets the Holy Woman and wonders if she is Kikyō.

    Inuyasha and friends are looking for the Holy Woman. They see Naraku's demons flying around, also searching for her since she ruined their plans when her arrow broke Hakudōshi's barrier. Kagome wonders if Kikyō is alive and if she's the Holy Woman. A traveler tells them the Holy Woman isn't around. Others say they saw two bright lights that landed at the forbidden mountain, a place so pure very few can enter it. The group heads toward this 'forbidden mountain'.
  • Shippō points out that somewhere along the line, their objective switched from finding the demon bird's  nest to finding the Holy Woman. Sango and Miroku tell him not to say that in front of Kagome, since the Holy Woman could be Kikyō and she gets jealous. Inuyasha says he hears running water, and Kagome sees sparkling up ahead. They think its some kind of waterfall. It is, and at this waterfall, Kochō and Asuka pour the soil they took from Kikyō's grave into the water, noting all the demons in the sky that are looking for the Holy Woman.
  • Naraku's demons come after Inuyasha and friends, trying to stop them from getting any closer. A sacred arrow comes from the direction of the waterfall. This makes the group believe that Kikyō is probably up ahead and the demons are stalling for time as other demons (or maybe even Naraku) try to kill the priestess.
  • Inuyasha tells Kagome and the others to go look for the Holy Woman while he takes care of the demons. Inuyasha is scared to find out if the Holy Woman is Kikyō, because if it turns out Kikyō is alive... Then what? What about Kagome? The Hanyō feels confused, and even though he wants to meet the Holy Woman more than anyone else in the group, he sends the others on their way. Inuyasha knows he'll never be able to move on unless he knows for certain whether Kikyō is alive or not.
  • Inuyasha uses the windscar, slaying the demons. Suddenly, The Holy Woman appears to him, accompanied by Kochō and Asuka. Inuyasha looks at her and wonders "Is it really you... Kikyō?"

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