The Waterfall Basin is the 308th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • It is revealed that the Holy Woman is Kikyō, but the one who Inuyasha meets is a fake.
  • Kagome gets separated from the others and sees the real Kikyō at the waterfall basin.


  • Inuyasha confronts the Holy Woman and asks her if she is Kikyō.
  • Meanwhile, Miroku, Sango, Shippō, and Kagome are headed toward the waterfall where the lights they heard about were last seen. They get attacked by demons on the way, and in all the chaos of the battle Kagome sees Kikyō's soul-collectors; she follows them. Miroku warns her not to go alone and tries to follow her, but he's stopped by a holy barrier. Kagome was the only one able to pass through it.
  • Kochō and Asuka tell Inuyasha that the woman before him used to be Kikyō, but after a lethal dose of Naraku's miasma, she lost much of her spiritual power. She lost her voice, and her soul struggles still; her strength will soon run out. Inuyasha rushes to see her when suddenly the Holy Woman is cut in half. Inuyasha sees Kikyō's face under the veil, but the body turns into dust and sticks, not a corpse. He finds a piece of paper and realizes that it's not the real Kikyō, it was a shikigami puppet. Inuyasha notices that Kochō and Asuka are gone.
  • Kagura chats with Inuyasha, revealing herself to be the one who cut the shikigami puppet in half. She says Kikyō always has something up her sleeve. Inuyasha asks the sorceress what she's doing around here. She says that Naraku thinks Kikyō is alive; the head of the arrow used to break Hakudōshi's barrier was smeared with dirt from Onigumo's cave, which was one of the first tricks Kikyō's used for defeating Naraku. Kagura flies away and thinks to herself "So... Naraku's greatest obstacle is still alive, eh? This is starting to get interesting."
  • Kagome follows the soul collectors, who lead her to the waterfall basin. When she looks down into the water, she sees Kikyō. Kochō and Asuka tell Kagome that Kikyō's life force is running out, as the miasma continues to eat at her heart. They tell Kagome she must choose whether or not she wants to save her.

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