The Choice is the 309th chapter of the InuYasha manga.



  • Kagome asks Kochō and Asuka what happened to Kikyō. They explain that after Mount Hakurei fell, she was run through with Naraku's tentacles and fell into a pit full of Naraku's miasma. Because her body was made from bones and graveyard soil, she did not dissolve. However, the miasma from her initial wound spread throughout her body and now the poison eats away at her. They once again tell Kagome that she is the only one who can save Kikyō. Kagome asks how she can save her, and the two Shikigami curiously ask "So you choose to save her?" Kagome says of course she will if she's the only one who is able to save Kikyō. Kochō and Asuka tell her that all she has to do is touch Kikyō's wound, and that will purify Naraku's miasma.
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    Kagome tries to purify the miasma within Kikyō.

    When Kagome steps into the water where Kikyō is, her skin burns because of the miasma corroding the water. She reaches down to touch Kikyō, but both of them get pulled deep underwater. Kagome is even further concerned when she sees so much poison leaking from Kikyō's wound floating around in the water.
  • Something sparkly appears to Kagome. Kochō and Asuka explain that it's dirt from Kikyō's grave. If Kagome uses the soil and infuses it into the scar where the miasma entered Kikyō, she will be purified. At first the miasma repels the soil, but then Kikyō's body starts to rapidly expel miasma, driving it from her wounds. Kagome closes her eyes, silently telling Kikyō to hang in there. When she opens her eyes again, the water is crystal clean and completely purified. Because her spiritual powers are exhausted, Kagome faints while still underwater. We see Kikyō open her eyes.
  • Kagome wakes up next to the waterfall. Kikyō sees her awaken and is about to walk away but Kagome tells her to stop. Kikyō asks her reincarnation "Why did you save me? You had a choice... to save me or not." Kagome explains that it isn't really a choice when someone is dying and you're their only hope for survival. What else would she do but save her? Kikyō says if that's the case, she won't thank her. She also says that Inuyasha will come looking for Kagome soon, so she must go. Kagome asks her why she isn't going to stay and see Inuyasha. She says she must stay in hiding a while longer and regain her strength.
  • As Kikyō leaves, she thinks to herself that Kagome had no hesitation to save her. If she had any doubt whether or she wanted to, the hole in her chest would not have healed and the miasma would not have been purified. She also notes that her wound still feels warm from Kagome's touch.

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