The Arrow Passes On is the 316th chapter of the InuYasha manga.



  • Inuyasha asks Kikyō what she means about not taking Kagome to the borderland. Kikyō explains that Naraku lowered the shield around the nest purposely; it's a trap. Naraku is after Kagome's eyes that can find the sacred jewel. Kochō and Asuka give Kikyō her bow and arrow, and the priestess says she'll go in Kagome's place, but she's barely able to stand. Inuyasha tells her she can't, as she hasn't recovered fully yet. Plus, after he was unable to save her at Mount Hakurei, he doesn't want that to ever happen again. Kikyō agrees to stay on this side and let Inuyasha go to the borderland with Kagome.
  • Kikyō hands Inuyasha one of her arrows to give to Kagome. She says only Kagome herself will be able to determine if and when she'll be able to use it.
  • 316

    Naraku confronts Princess Abi and her mother at the demon bird's nest.

    Kagome and the others are waiting for Inuyasha to return. Everyone is on edge, since fights between Inuyasha and Kagome are inevitable whenever he goes to see Kikyō. Kagome wonders why he had to go see her alone, like they have anything to hide. Inuyasha returns, and tells Kagome outright that he went to see Kikyō. He also gives Kagome the arrow, which is smeared with dirt from Onigumo's cave. Kagome asks what else happened, and Inuyasha says nothing, he just needed to see with his own eyes that Kikyō was alive. Kagome asks him what really happened. Kagome doesn't trust that he's telling the truth.
  • Sesshōmaru smells the bird demons, mixed with the scent of Naraku. Meanwhile, Inuyasha's group heads for the nest now that the barrier is dispelled and they can locate it. Inuyasha remembers what Kikyō said about Naraku wanting Kagome's eyes, and swears that even if it is a trap, he won't let it go Naraku's way. He promises Kagome that he'll protect her and be with her the whole time in the borderland. Inuyasha then smells Naraku up ahead at the demon birds nest.
  • Naraku confronts Princess Abi at the nest. Abi asks him if he's come to avenge those who were slain at the castle. Naraku ignores the question and says he heard that the demon birds gathered every single drop of  human blood at the castle. Abi mockingly says they didn't waste a drop, and with all the human blood they've gathered her mother has now completely healed. Abi says her mother wishes to thank Naraku in person. Naraku cackles and thinks to himself "Heh heh heh... Curtain time for the path to the borderland between the worlds..."

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