The Arrow that Fell Short is the 320th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Kagome tries to use Kikyō's arrow, but it rejects her.
  • Inuyasha and Kagome are able to break the diamond armor around Hōsenki I, exposing the jewel shard.
  • Hōsenki attacks Inuyasha, making him fall down into the misty chasm surrounding his father's grave.


  • Inuyasha tells Hōsenki he's going to cut out the jewel shard before it warps his mind any further. Hōsenki says he can try to take it, but he'll fail. He vows to never give the shard up to anyone. Myōga tells Inuyasha to go easy on Hōsenki because he was a friend of Inuyasha's father. Inuyasha says if he can go easy and win, he will; otherwise, whatever happens is Hōsenki's fault. Inuyasha uses the wind scar, but it has no effect; it is useless against the demon's hard diamond body. Kagome notices that all of Hōsenki's bejeweled body is shading dark, becoming tainted by the impure shard. 
  • TheInadequateArrow-C320

    Kikyo's arrow rejects Kagome.

    Kagome thinks if she can purify the shard, it'll bring Hōsenki back to his senses. She fires a sacred arrow at the area where the shard is, but it's unable to break the diamond armor around Hōsenki. Myōga tells Kagome that Hōsenki was a great and powerful demon when he was alive, and her arrow doesn't have the spiritual power needed to quell him. Kagome wonders if Kikyō's arrow would be able to do it. She tries to draw the arrow from her quiver, but it shocks her hand, rejecting her. Both Inuyasha and Kagome can't believe the arrow refused her. Inuyasha wonders if this means Kagome doesn't have what it takes to borrow Kikyō's spiritual power.
  • Hōsenki uses his diamond armor to cover up the spot where Kagome's arrow hit; Inuyasha realizes that just because the arrow didn't break all the way through doesn't mean it had no effect. Inuyasha tells Kagome to shoot another arrow on the spot with the jewel shard. She fires her arrow and then Inuyasha uses his wind scar, and together they're able to break the diamond armor around the jewel shard. Inuyasha leaps down to take the shard, but Hōsenki calls the half-demon a fool and punches him with his diamond fists.
  • Severely injured and impaled with diamond spears, Inuyasha falls down into the misty chasm below, and Kagome calls out to him in distress. Hōsenki says that they were all manipulated by the tainted jewel; they've all done exactly what it wanted them to do.

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