Using the Shard is the 355th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Inuyasha uses the jewel shard on his Tessaiga, but transforms into his awakened-demon form due to the ogre's evil aura.
  • Kagome purifies Inuyasha and the shard by holding him. He then breaks free of the ogre using the Tessaiga.
  • Kikyō finds Kanna, along with Naraku's heart.


  • Inside the ogre's belly, Inuyasha has decided that the only way to overcome the desperate situation they're in is if he uses the power of their sacred jewel shard. Kagome expresses her concern, but he tells her there's no other way. Meanwhile, Naraku is watching from outside the Ogre-cliff "So he's going to use the shard, eh?", grinning evilly.
  • InuyashaChapter355KagInuEmbrace

    Kagome embraces Inuyasha.

    Kagome gives Inuyasha the jewel shard, and he puts it on his Tessaiga: the blade immediately resonates with newfound power. Shippō states that using the shard on Tessaiga is a good plan, because if Inuyasha had just used the shard on his own body it might not have been enough, but now that Tessaiga is powered up, the blade can probably cut through anything. After putting the shard on Tessaiga, Inuyasha starts to feel something strange. Kagome then becomes shocked when she senses that the jewel shard is turning dark and tainted. Back outside, Naraku cackles. "For Inuyasha to use the shard, it must first leave Kagome's hands. Then it will become steeped in the ogre's evil aura. Heh, even you cannot withstand that evil aura, Inuyasha. The weak mortal blood in your veins cannot resist it." Inuyasha is growling, and Kagome asks him if he's okay. He turns around, and his face reveals that he has gone into his awakened-demon form, his eyes turned red and his fangs engorged. "My body... won't listen to me..." Inuyasha turns around and Shippō fears he will attack them since he's not in his right mind. Inuyasha tells them to run before he loses all control. Then, Kagome rushes out from under the robe of the fire rat toward Inuyasha, getting burned by the acid in the process. Sango and the rest of the group try to call her back, but instead she wraps her arms around Inuyasha. Being embraced, Inuyasha's face lightens and he regains his normal appearance. She asks if he's alright, and he says yes, but he wants her to hold him for a while longer.; The shard is being purified by association; Kagome touches Inuyasha who is holding the Tessaiga which has the shard. Back outside of the cliff, Naraku scoffs, as this development was unforeseen. Inuyasha uses Kongōsōha to break through the ogre's belly, and the group rejoices that they're saved. Inuyasha sniffs the air, becoming distraught when he learns that Naraku has escaped again.
  • Kanna is walking along a bluff, holding Akago in his swaddle. Kikyō then appears in front of the incarnation. "So... that's Naraku's heart?"

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