Moryomaru's Transformation is the 404th chapter of the InuYasha manga.



  • Inuyasha and group head toward the scent of a lot of Miasma. Kagome says she senses a tainted Shikon Jewel shard, so it must be Mōryōmaru. She tells Inuyasha to hurry, because she's sensing another shard, too. Sango worries, knowing it must be Kohaku.
  • Kohaku approaches the mountain which all the toxins are coming from, but it quickly dissolves in miasma, and Mōryōmaru appears. Kohaku notes how dramatically Mōryōmaru's appearance has changed, and Mōryōmaru asks "You came, knowing I was here. That means you won't mind if I devour you, shard and all... yes?" Mōryōmaru attacks Kohaku, trying to strike the back of his neck to take his Shikon shard, but his tentacle is severed by Kikyō's Sacred Arrow. Kikyō calls Mōryōmaru nothing more than the Infant's armor, and Naraku's heart. Kikyō says she had hoped that, while Mōryōmaru was rearranging his body, she could have caught the Infant exposed and killed it. She fires her arrow at Mōryōmaru, but it has no effect on his new armored body. Mōryōmaru fires back at her with a Kongōsōha, which shocks the priestess, wondering how he got an attack like that. Kohaku grabs Kikyō and gets her out of the way of the attack. Kikyō thinks to herself that attack belongs to Inuyasha, and Mōryōmaru, knowing what she must be thinking, confirms it. Kikyō, thinking Inuyasha fell to Mōryōmaru, demands to know what happened to him. Mōryōmaru retorts: "Does it matter? You're about to die by his own weapon."
  • Sesshōmaru appears in front of Mōryōmaru, slashing with Tōkijin.
  • Inuyasha and group run toward the scene, Inuyasha confused that he smells Sesshōmaru there, and alarmed when he catches Kikyō's scent.

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