Rivalry is the 405th chapter of the InuYasha manga.



  • Mōryōmaru is surprised to see Sesshōmaru. The Dog yōkai says "You've transformed, Mōryōmaru. And you're even uglier than before." Mōryōmaru says they fought once before, and this time he'll completely drain Sesshōmaru of his demonic power. Sesshōmaru says that a puny body can never hold all of his demonic power, and attacks again with Tōkijin. Mōryōmaru smirks when the attack has no effect on his new armor. Sesshōmaru says "Want me to test your new armor, do you?"
  • Inuyasha and friends appear on the scene, seeing Sesshōmaru make another swing of his sword, his attack not even leaving a scratch on Mōryōmaru. Sango wonders where Kohaku is, and then sees him next to Kikyō. Kikyō thinks to herself she's relieved Inuyasha is unharmed.
  • Mōryōmaru says that now it's his turn to attack back, and Sesshōmaru says "Pfft. You really think you can defeat me with a weapon stolen from the likes of Inuyasha?" Swinging his blade, Sesshōmaru's energy makes contact with the diamond spears, and Miroku notices that Sesshōmaru's energy is shattering the diamond spears, nullifying the attack. After some of the broken diamond fragments split off and almost hurt Kagome, Inuyasha decides to join the fight, using the Wind Scar on Mōryōmaru, but the demon says that such a pitiful attack will no longer affect him. Sesshōmaru tells Inuyasha to step aside, and not to get in the way. Inuyasha barks back that Mōryōmaru picked this fight, and it's just as much his fight since his Kongōsōha was copied. Sesshōmaru replies "If you won't step aside, so be it. I will cut you both down, along with Naraku's heart!" Mōryōmaru tells the brothers not to fight, as they're about to spend eternity together in hell. Mōryōmaru's diamond arm extends, and he asks Sesshōmaru to choose between being run through or squeezed to death. He also tells Inuyasha not interrupt. He reminds the hanyō he's out of options: there's nothing he can do to break his impenetrable armor. Inuyasha raises his Tessaiga: "Forget it! Nobody steals my sword's powers and gets away with it!"

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