Wrath is the 406th chapter of the InuYasha manga.



  • Inuyasha decides to join the battle against Mōryōmaru, attacking his armored shell directly, but it has no effect. Sesshōmaru calls his younger brother a pest and again tells him to stay out of his way, or he will cut him down. Sesshōmaru attacks Mōryōmaru's diamond tentacle once again, but the two powers prove to be equal. Miroku gets nervous, because if even Sesshōmaru's blade can't break through the shell, what can? Meanwhile, Sango notices that Kohaku and Kikyō have disappeared.
  • Kagome realizes Mōryōmaru's link to both the armored shell and the diamond spear arm is the Shikon Jewel shard he has. Inuyasha asks if she can see it, and she says it buried pretty deep in the shell, but she can try shooting it with a Sacred Arrow. Kagome releases her arrow, but Mōryōmaru says it's another exercise in futility, shooting back diamond spears. Kagome laments her arrow isn't powerful enough to get through to the shard. Inuyasha growls and tells Mōryōmaru he's going to peel off that shell and drag out Naraku's heart from its hiding place. Mōryōmaru says he isn't "hiding" anything, his armor is invincible. He says he was always planning on creating an invincible body, "Even before that woman found out about me. That fool who first betrayed Naraku, then me. All for some stupid notion of Freedom." Mōryōmaru says that because of her soft heart she developed, she let Kohaku escape, but even so, she died in vain, and pitifully at that. Inuyasha, angry at Mōryōmaru's taunts about Kagura, prepares to attack, but Sesshōmaru strikes first, slicing off part of Mōryōmaru's face. Kagome notes that Sesshōmaru is angry. Sesshōmaru's Tōkijin presses against the armored shell, and Inuyasha tells his older brother to pull back his blade.

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