Sesshomaru's Peril is the 407th chapter of the InuYasha manga.



  • Sesshōmaru attacks Mōryōmaru head on, striking with his sword. Mōryōmaru notes this is so unlike Sesshōmaru, letting his emotions control him. He says he can feel his turmoil and despair through his blade. Inuyasha again warns his brother to pull back his blade, but Kagome notices how close Sesshōmaru is to piercing through to Mōryōmaru's jewel shard. Inuyasha thinks to himself that Sesshōmaru must know his blade can't take much more. Meanwhile, Mōryōmaru teases Sesshōmaru again and asks him disgustedly if he actually felt compassion for Kagura. Sesshōmaru merely calls him ridiculous and continues pressing on, when Tōkijin snaps in half, to everyone's shock. Sesshōmaru attempts to dodge attacks, but Mōryōmaru takes advantage of the dog demon being unarmed and swallows him with his absorbed diamond arm, to Jaken's horror.
  • Inuyasha breaks out his dragon-scaled Tessaiga, but Miroku and Shippō warn him not to use it; it's backfired on him all the previous times he has tried it. Inuyasha says now is a good a time as ever to try and master it, and thinks to himself he it would leave a bad taste in his mouth if he let Sesshōmaru die. Inuyasha attempts the technique and while he is repelled, he also manages to steal some of Mōryōmaru's demon power. Miroku says that while it worked, the technique isn't strong enough to beat Mōryōmaru yet. Mōryōmaru teases it didn't sting, and yet Inuyasha is barely able to stand.
  • Suddenly a sacred srrow flies into Mōryōmaru, revealed to be Kikyō's. She tells Inuyasha to cut Mōryōmaru down.

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  • Tōkijin's break was Goshinki's final death.