Flight is the 408th chapter of the InuYasha manga.



  • Mōryōmaru tries to focus his attention on Kikyō but Inuyasha doesn't allow it, striking the demon's armor with his Dragon-Scaled Tessaiga, as the group wonders why, when he'll just get a backlash of demon energy again. Mōryōmaru says Inuyasha is hopeless and will never break his shield, but then his armor starts to crack. Sango notes it's working, the dragon-scaled Tessaiga is draining Mōryōmaru's energy. Jaken shouts for Inuyasha to save Lord Sesshōmaru. Jaken wonders if they're already too late and he's been crushed by diamond. A light shines through Mōryōmaru's Kongōsōha arm, revealed to be Sesshōmaru, Tenseiga putting up a barrier to protect him.
  • Inuyasha keeps pushing with the dragon-scaled Tessiga, close to reaching Mōryōmaru's jewel shard. Kikyō notices the shard is close to being exposed, and fires an arrow at Mōryōmaru, but the demon scoffs, running away into a cloud of miasma. He says it won't go this way next time, and disappears. Miroku notices that this time, Inuyasha got no backlash of demonic energy, and wonders if he just mastered the dragon-scaled Tessaiga. Inuyasha says if it hadn't been for Kikyō's arrows he wouldn't have been as strong. Sango wonders if Kohaku is still with Kikyō.
  • Jaken celebrates Sesshōmaru being alive, though he is covered in wounds. Kagome and Shippō wonder if they should treat him, but Sesshōmaru growls and then the pair hide behind Inuyasha. As Sesshōmaru walks away, Inuyasha holds up the broken piece of Tōkijin and asks him if he's going to leave without it. He replies he has no need for a broken sword, and he will find another. Inuyasha sadly reflects to himself how finding a new blade is his only option, since Tenseiga cannot kill. Byakuya's eyeball observes all this from nearby.
  • Kohaku and Kikyō travel together. She asks him for forgiveness, for if she had been able to kill Mōryōmaru, his life would be safe.

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  • Tōkijin's break was Goshinki's final death.