Meido Zangetsuha is the 410th chapter of the InuYasha manga.



  • Byakuya reports to Naraku, and Naraku seems amused that not even the combined forces of Inuyasha, Sesshōmaru and Kikyō were enough to break Mōryōmaru's armor. Byakuya tells him not to get cocky, because they got pretty close. He reminds Naraku if they defeat Mōryōmaru, that will mean Naraku's death. Naraku is confident Mōryōmaru values his life enough not to die. But he wonders what he will do next.
  • Sesshōmaru and group travel to a cliffside waiting for Tōtōsai. They're attacked by a demon, but Jaken slays it with his Nintōjō. He angrily says it's been three days since the swordsmith took Tenseiga to reforge it, but he bets Tōtōsai just ran off with it and has no intention of returning it. Then, Tōtōsai arrives on Mō-Mō, holding Tenseiga. He gives it to Sesshōmaru and asks him to draw it, and see if he can master it. Sesshōmaru draws the blade "Tōtōsai, if the new Tenseiga is not to my liking, consider your life forfeit." Tōtōsai narrows his eyes and says Sesshōmaru's heart hasn't completely changed.
  • An Ogre appears, and Tōtōsai thinks to himself that Tenseiga will guide Sesshōmaru's hand if he's truly worthy of using its new form. Rin notes that Tenseiga is glowing, and Sesshōmaru attacks the ogre, a crescent shaped mark appearing. Tōtōsai says the Meidō has appeared. Part of the ogre's body disappears, and Tōtōsai explains the technique, Meidō Zangetsuha, opens a path to the underworld. Though right now the technique is only as wide as a crescent moon, if Sesshōmaru can master the technique, it will become a full circle. The swordsmith admits Tenseiga was always a blade involved with the afterlife, since it can bring back dead souls. Rin, not having known this, is surprised, and Jaken angrily thinks to himself the girl is silly; she was the first one he brought back. Tōtōsai thinks to himself that Sesshōmaru is a bit scary, able to perform the technique on his first try.
  • Sesshōmaru remembers Mōryōmaru's teasing words about Kagura's death, and thinks to himself he will decide if her death was in vain or not. Sesshōmaru tells Tōtōsai he accepts the new Tenseiga. Wind and flower blossoms blow in the air, and Sesshōmaru tells Rin and Jaken they're moving on.

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