The Kind One is the 411th chapter of the InuYasha manga.



  • Shippō talks with Kaede about how Kohaku and Kikyō are traveling together. The fox demon tells Kaede Sango has been depressed and worried about it too, because Kikyō wants to use Kohaku's jewel shard to kill Naraku. Shippō says Miroku has since been trying to cheer her up. Meanwhile, Sango and Miroku chat. She says her company must be tiresome and Miroku is free to leave, as long he doesn't end up with another woman. Miroku says he wants to stay with her. Sango pats the monk on the butt, and when he asks why, she says she needed to be sure he wasn't actually Shippō in disguise.
  • In the modern era, Kagome attempts to put medicine on Inuyasha's hands, but he scoffs saying they'll heal fine on their own. Kagome worries that the burns from the dragon-scaled Tessaiga look bad and may take longer to heal than ordinary wounds. Her brother Sōta comes into her room and tells her they're going to be late for school. Inuyasha gets up to escort her, but Kagome says as always he has to stay inside so no one sees him. Kagome tells him to rest, but he replies he isn't tired. She sits him and goes off to school. She tells her Grandpa to keep an eye on Inuyasha and gives him a pack of scent beads from Sango to use if he misbehaves.
  • Later, Inuyasha is helping Grandpa with chores around the Higurashi shrine. Ms. Higurashi notices that Inuyasha is helping to clean out the shrine, and Grandpa praises his strength. He then tells her about an ancient urn that he was never able to lift out. He claims that it's still cursed and resonating with demon energy. Inuyasha, overhearing this, raises his Tessaiga to destroy the urn. Grandpa throws down the scent beads, knocking out Inuyasha. Inuyasha passes out with Tessaiga still raised above his head, and falls straight down, destroying the urn. Grandpa cries in comic frustration and hopes Kagome comes home soon.
  • At school, Kagome takes a make-up quiz because of all the classes she's missed. Taking the quiz, she realizes she doesn't know a single thing on the test. Meanwhile, Inuyasha has disappeared from the Higurashi household. Kagome's friends gossip about her "boyfriend", saying he isn't as wild as she made him out to be. Inuyasha appears in the school hallway on all fours sniffing for Kagome's scent and runs into her friends, who ask if he came to pick her up from school. Kagome, thinking she needs to concentrate and that she almost has the solution to the test, looks outside the classroom window into the hall, sees Inuyasha, and loses her concentration. She gets up and Sits him again. Kagome gets angry that she's forgotten every formula she had memorized. Kagome's friends call her scary and wonder if she's the wild one of the two. Kagome's teacher then comes out with her test and says she got every question wrong and that she'll have to retake it.
  • Inuyasha carries Kagome home on his back, and her friends think he's sweet, and Kagome thinks that maybe he is, in his own weird way. Inuyasha, misunderstanding what a test is, says he'll always protect her.

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