Light is the 465th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Everybody watch as Kikyō lay in Inuyasha's arms, breathing her last breath.
  • This chapter marks Kikyō's final death in the plot.


Miroku, Sango, Kōga and Kagome watch Kikyō's final moments before she was purified. As Kagome still kept quiet over guilt, Miroku tells Sango that he wanted to destroy Naraku with the Kazaana but was too scared. Sango admits she hated Kikyō for troubling Kohaku's life but she realized that Kikyō tried to protect Kohaku and his life. Kōga, whose shards were taken by Naraku, finds out Kikyō is the one who wanted him to live. Kagome blames herself for failing to save Kikyō from Naraku, which hurt Inuyasha's feelings. As Inuyasha holds Kikyō and remembers how they met and fell in love and how Inuyasha wanted to be human to be with her, until Naraku tore them apart. He blames himself for not protecting her 50 years ago. Kikyō smiles and they share a final kiss and her soul catchers come and take her soul away, purifying her, in front of everybody include Kagome.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

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