Bones is the 481st chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Inuyasha's group set out for investigate why victim's bones was stolen and their skin was rip-off.
  • Sango and Miroku witness bone demon killing wolves.


Bone Demon-manga

After killing a man the bandit sees a young lady approaching him as he threatens her then a woman shows her hand to a bandit and remove the bones which killing him. The next day Inuyasha group across and discovered bandit's body has no bones and they interview with village leader who knows what happened to men whose bodies's bones removed and they suspected the demon is behind this Miroku accepted it to find the culprit, but Inuyasha disagreed because he battle with mirror demon and Kanna's death by Naraku's hands Inuyasha want test to Tessaiga for full strength. At full moon Sango and Miroku went to find the demon while Inuyasha turn human stays with Kagome and Shippō when the sun rises Inuyasha worried and told to Kagome about Miroku's wind tunnel and recovered from Naraku's miasma, back to Miroku and Sango when he ask her to return to village because his plan to lured the demon but Sango interrupts and asking about his heath and Kikyō. Miroku hugged her saying don't worry then they witness the bone demon who came and carrying bones in cart as wolves are ready to kill her but bone demon defend by used her hand to kill them and Sango hurls her Hiraikotsu to knocked her down but the demon vanished in front of them.

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  • This chapter marks another new moon. The last chapter with a new moon was chapter 412.

 Volume 49 - Down to the Bone 
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