Kagome's Arrow is the 5th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Kagome uses an arrow to kills the crow demon, but in doing so, shatters the Shikon jewel into pieces.
  • Kaede tells Inuyasha and Kagome they must work together to restore the jewel.


  • Villagers start to panic when they see the crow demon flying toward the village. The crow lifts up a little boy with its talons. Inuyasha and Kagome are still pursuing the demon, and Kagome is worried the crow will eat the boy. Inuyasha attacks the demon, and Kagome protests telling him to save the boy first. When Inuyasha attacks the demon, it drops the boy from its grasp. Kagome falls down after him and grabs the boy to save him, to Inuyasha's frustration. A piece of the crow's talon that was slashed by Inuyasha's claw is still attached to the boy, holding him; Kagome removes it from him. The crow instantly starts to regenerate where it's leg was cut off. Inuyasha asks Kagome where the jewel is, and she replies it's under the wing of the creature. Inuyasha laments he cannot get the crow while it's flying up high, and it'll absorb the whole jewel before he can get to it. Kagome again raises her bow and sets an arrow, and Inuyasha thinks to himself she doesn't have a chance of hitting it. He then sees her plan: she's tied the talon from the crow to the arrow. If the jewel makes the demon regenerate, the leg will want to go back to its core. Kagome's arrow hits the crow, but after the demon disintegrates, a bright light pierces the sky, as Inuyasha and Kagome watch. Meanwhile Kaede watches and thinks "This does not bode well."
  • Inuyasha and Kagome head into the forest, as Kagome has a feeling something is that way. Inuyasha encounters the severed head of the crow and kills it easily. Out of the crow's head, a sliver appears and Kagome picks it up. She realizes it is a shard of the Shikon no Tama. It has been shattered into pieces.
  • Back at Kaede's hut, Inuyasha laments the jewel's fate. Kaede tells Kagome if a demon gets a hold of just one shard it would be the same as that demon possessing the entire jewel. It may be in ten pieces, or a hundred. She tells Kagome & Inuyasha they must work together to restore the jewel to its original form. Kagome feels guilty, as the jewel broke because of her, but also thinks to herself that she just wants to go home.

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