The Jewel Completed is the 529th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  1. Sesshōmaru finds out that Rin has been kidnapped by Magatsuhi
  2. Sango, Kagome, and Inuyasha grieve over the death of Kohaku
  3. Inuyasha uses Meidō Zangetsuha in the direction Kagome says Naraku is at, but it fails to do anything injurious to him
  4. Kikyō's ray of light abandons the jewel shard to stay with Kohaku and revive him


Miroku, Kaede, and Shippō are informed by Jaken that Rin was kidnapped. Jaken claims it is Miroku's fault because the evil aura of Magatsuhi that had been in Miroku swallowed Rin up and took her. Shippo yells at Jaken for letting it happen. Jaken contemplates running away because he knows if Sesshōmaru found out, he'd be in huge trouble. Sesshomaru appears and vocalizes his deduction that Magatsuhi is still alive. He immediately leaves to go find Naraku, which is where he knows Magatsuhi has taken Rin. He leaves Miroku and Kaede's questions unanswered.

Meanwhile, Sango and Kagome are kneeling over Kohaku's lifeless body, in tears. Sango screams out repeatedly "Why?!" Inuyasha, not able to bear just standing around, asks Kagome where Naraku is. Even though she no longer has her spiritual powers, her arrow can still show Inuyasha where he is. She shoots a powerless arrow towards the defiled, black Shikon jewel she can see in the sky. Inuyasha uses his Meidō Zangetsuha in that direction. Naraku's voice then comes down, taunting Inuyasha about how he couldn't even save Kohaku. He reveals that the light in the Shikon jewel has died, and Kagome can see that Naraku is right because she can't detect Kikyō's ray of light in the Shikon jewel. Inuyasha, frustrated and upset, punches the ground and blames himself for failing both Kikyō and Kohaku. Suddenly, Kagome notices light rising from Kohaku, and then he opens his eyes. Kagome realizes that Kikyō must have chosen to abandon her plot to kill Naraku and instead stay in Kohaku to save him.

This means that destroying Naraku has been left up to them.

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