Graduation is the 530th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  1. Kagome Higurashi graduates from her Junior High School
  2. Naraku absorbs the defiled Shikon jewel
  3. Kagome returns to the Sengoku jidai and rejoins the others (i.e. Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, Shippō, and Kirara), who were all waiting for her before they go after Naraku


Naraku contemplates his origins from a mere crippled bandit named Onigumo who desired to escape from his cave with Kikyō. He talks to himself about how the jewel is so defiled that there is only barely enough space for Magatsuhi to return to it. At Naraku's cave, an unconscious Rin lies on the ground across from Naraku. Byakuya, who is standing nearby, asks what he plans to do with the jewel, and Naraku says he plans to do nothing with it. He believes that logically, his darkness will devour Inuyasha and the others because it is their hatred and anger that allowed him to complete the tainted Shikon jewel.

Inuyasha is confronted by Kaede and Shippō about Kagome's whereabouts. He tells them that Kagome said she had to return home because it was a special day.

Meanwhile, in the modern era, Kagome is at home and exclaims at the news that she got into high school. Her mother says that she had been on the waiting list at first, though. Kagome gets to her classroom and greets her three best friends (Eri, Yuka, and Ayumi) who were also accepted. That day, Kagome's class graduates from Junior High, including herself. After the graduation ceremony, Hōjō finds Kagome and reveals that he is going to an all-boys school. He asks if they can still be friends, and Kagome answers with "Of course!".

Naraku holds the jewel in his hand and it appears to sink into it. As soon as it starts to enter his hand, his body begins to transform and grow larger with appendages extending in all directions.

Kagome prepares to head back to the Sengoku jidai. Before she leaves, she reminds her grandfather to get her a graduation present. He surprises her when he says he already did, so he gives her his presents for graduating and getting into high school: a pickled dragon's tail and the whiskers of a dog demon. Kagome is obviously disappointed. Her mother suddenly embraces her and congratulates her.

An evil aura is spreading across the skies, visible from Kaede's village. Demons are being drawn to the aura. Kohaku asks if Naraku finally used the jewel, and Inuyasha affirms the suspicion. Kagome appears and finally the gang is all together, ready to go after Naraku.

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