Destiny is the 556th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Shippō was sitting in the ground which Bone-Eater's Well was vanished as Miroku and Sango worried Inuyasha and Kagome after Naraku's death.
  • Although it is not directly explained, it's obvious that Naraku's wish dissolved forever Midoriko's soul in order to prepare the new place for Kagome. In fact, after her disappearance, the demons said Inuyasha that her battle with them has lasted for the hundreds of years since the Shikon Jewel was born and Kagome will continue it from here. Furthermore, as soon as the light dies, the huge spider web with Naraku's soul appears. Then, with her final death, Inuyasha became her true successor in the ancient fight against the demon, proving with Tessaiga to be even stronger than her immense spiritual power itself, as she fought so many demons physically superior to a human for an entire week instead. Seeing her made Inuyasha more determined than ever to prevent Kagome from being trapped in the jewel.
  • On top of that, soon after Naraku's death, the ancient dragon demon becomes essentially the final enemy of Inuyasha inside the Shikon no Tama, with Magatsuhi replaced by Naraku's darkness itself as pure hatred for Inuyasha.
  • Inuyasha remembers how Kagome treated him with kindness that she born to him.

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