Tomorrow is the 558th and the final chapter of the InuYasha manga.




When Kagome Higurashi returns forever to the Feudal Era with her mother's support, without being able to return in modern era ever again, Inuyasha can smell her scent from far. Kagome also knows Inuyasha will come to see her again. Miroku and Sango also meet Kagome after a long time. Soon, Kagome marries Inuyasha and starts living with him in Kaede's village, leaving her family behind in the modern world.

Miroku and Sango have a third child, and Kohaku starts training with Kirara to become a better Yōkai Taijiya. Myōga lives with Tōtōsai, Shippō prepares to take the fox demon's test to become much stronger. Kagome sees Sesshōmaru and she calls him big brother (much to Sesshōmaru's annoyance). In the modern era, Sōta Higurashi tells his classmates that his sister got married as Grandpa Higurashi has check up. At the end, Inuyasha and Kagome look to the sunset for their future.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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