Demon Blood Binding Spell...It's a black art used by demons from the north. Demon Blood Binding Spell...A black art that changes a human's blood to demon's blood. Once the demon's blood has entered someone's body, they will become the demon's slave. The human blood of those infected by the Demon Blood Binding Spell is what forms this jewel. If the blood is returned to their bodies, the spell will be lifted. But great power is needed to return the blood. A power like that of Kamui...


The Demon Blood Binding Spell was used to control other people's minds. The method of this spell was to seal the blood of others in a ruby. The only way to break the spell is with the power of the Kamuitama. The spell could be used on humans and gods. This spell was used by Sara to control the people from Yamasachi Village. It was also used by a cat hanyō Gorai, Lord of the Northern Lands to control the people from Susuki Plains Village to built his fortress near Mount Mansetsu. The spell is placed at the Sen shrine in Benten forest of Tokyo in the modern era by Monk Sen.

Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel
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