This article is about the Demon Fortress. You may be looking for the fortress near Mount Mansetsu.

The Demon Fortress was a location in the video game Secret of the Divine Jewel.


This fortress was located just south of the northern region. It was initially believed to have belonged to Sakata Village since they were preparing to go to war with Masuko Village. It was later revealed to have belonged to Gorai when his forces descended from the Northern region after he capture Datara. It is later overrun by Naraku's puppets. Inuyasha, Janis, and the others are able to destroy both the puppets and Gorai's forces. Naraku was able to convince Gorai that he does not need an army if he could steal Datara's kamuitama for himself. Gorai then leaves the fortress and heads to Tempest Tower. This was all a trap set by Naraku so he could steal the kamuitama from Gorai because it would be easier than stealing it from Datara.


  • If the player defeats all the enemies at the fortress after they have defeated Sara at New Moon Cave, Sesshōmaru will appear and reveal that Gorai is a hanyō. If the player defeats Sara after defeating Gorai at the fortress, then Sesshōmaru will not appear afterwords.
  • The game is designed so that Inuyasha is unable enter the fortress in his human form. If the player enters it during the new moon stage on their screen, it will automatically go to the crescent moon stage.

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