Dragons (, りゅう, "Ryū") are a group of powerful spiritual entities. They are sometimes viewed as beings similar to yōkai, but they are often portrayed as gods, depending on their power. They are typically serpentine creatures with four legs and three or four toes. However, some dragons also are less snake-like in body shape, and take on a wider body and possess wings, such as Kōryū. They have a wide range of abilities, usually elemental in nature, as they have been known to control the weather. Dragons are acknowledged, especially by experienced veterans such as the yōkai taijiya Sango, to be much more powerful than a typical demon. The monk Seikai uses the "Demon Binding Spell" as he summoned a dragon from a golden orb he was holding with dragons carved in it. The dragon would then attack and bind the target and presumably kill it, since he saw the priestess Kikyō gathering the lost souls by the Shinidamachū. The Inu daiyōkai Sesshōmaru once used a dragon's claw to great effect against his hanyō brother, Inuyasha. Noticeably, the dragon's arm, while not completely unaffected by the Tessaiga's anti-demon barrier, was at least highly resistant to it. In the huge bones of a dragon, Kanna has discovered a Jewel of the Dragon's Neck in a stream as signify of an element metal and is represented on Kaguya's seal by the color of yellow. Sesshōmaru made the technique from the yōkai sword Tōkijin called the Sōryūha, later inherited by his elder twin daughter Towa Higurashi by enhancing her own demonic energy from the silver Rainbow Pearl to form an energy blade on a Replica of Kikujūmonji. A specter Bankotsu of the Shichinintai have two techniques of the dragon by the power of the Shikon Jewel shards like from his Banryū like Banryūsen and Ryūraisen. The very powerful technique from Sō'unga called the Gokuryūha, it's the attack of a dragon from Hell and very destructive than the Tessaiga's Bakuryūha. Ryūra's sphere giving off a aura in the shape of a dragon. Ryūjin has his shield as the dragon scales, until he was defeated by Inuyasha's Bakuryūha as he was killed by Tōshū's Dakki to make it with dragon scales. It killed Tōshū and it came to the Tessaiga to became the Dragon-Scaled Tessaiga. Then the sword Kurikaramaru has the blade of a dragon, originally owned by the wolf yōkai Yawaragi, Moroha's master, currently wielded by Moroha and have the technique the Kōryūha. During the battle of the ruin of Izayoi's mansion, as Setsuna was killed by Kirinmaru, Towa transformed while make her technique bigger from the Kikujūmonji: Sōtō no Sōryūha, later received from Rion the Hoshikiri no Fue to become Zanseiken at Mount Musubi. After Zero restored the Rainbow Pearls to become the full demon, she unleashed the rainbow butterflies and merged into a huge Yellow Dragon. As Towa used the Zanseiken, she absorb the demonic energy of the Grim Comet to make a new technique to throw back at it: the Ryusei no Sōryūha.

Notable dragons or dragon yōkai


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