The Girl Who Overcame Time... and the Boy Who Was Just Overcome is the first episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. Inuyasha attempts to steal the Shikon no Tama, but Kikyō seals him to the sacred tree before dying.
  2. Modern-day Kagome Higurashi, the reincarnation of Kikyō, is pulled through her family's well to the Sengoku jidai.
  3. 50 years have passed, and Inuyasha awakens and Kagome frees him from his seal.


The hanyō Inuyasha is in the middle of stealing the Shikon Jewel from a village in feudal era Japan. The villagers yell that Inuyasha is here and try to trap him with a net but easily breaks free as he smirks. The villagers tried to trap Inuyasha again with arrows and ropes but he dodges them. Inuyasha breaks into the temple from the roof and sees the Sacred Jewel but covers his nose to not smell the smoked purification salt for a moment before goes towards it and grabs it. The villagers enter the temple from the doors and attempt to prevent Inuyasha from taking the Sacred Jewel by throwing arrows at him but accidently knocks over some of the torches holding the smoked purification salts, but they were unsuccessful. Inuyasha dodges and escapes the temple through the roof with the Sacred Jewel as an explosion happens. Inuyasha says to himself that'll teach them and with the Sacred Jewel in his possession he can become a real demon at last. As Inuyasha is escaping the village, a fatally wounded Kikyō calls out to him before shooting him with her Sacred Arrow pinning him to the Sacred Tree. Inuyasha reaches out for the Sacred Jewel as it slipped from his hand and falls on the ground. Inuyasha is surprised as he calls out to Kikyō and asks how could she and he thought before he peacefully falls asleep. Kikyō slowly walks towards the Sacred Jewel before she drops her bow and kneels down. Kaede runs towards Kikyō and kneels down next to her as she calls out to her. The villagers surround Kikyō as they call out to her. One of the villagers says Kikyō is badly wounded. Kaede asks Kikyō how did she get hurt. Kikyō says it was her cowardliness has resulted in the Sacred Jewel before she picks it up and says it was all for the Jewel of the 4 Souls then aches in pain. Kaede tries to comfort Kikyō and tells her they must tend to her injury. Kikyō says to Kaede that she is beyond saving and to listen to her and take the Sacred Jewel and burn it with her body as it must never get into the hands of evil-doers. Kikyō aches in pain before she dies. Kaede sadly calls out to her older sister Kikyō as her corpse falls to the ground. Kikyō's corpse holds the Sacred Jewel as she thinks the Sacred Jewel and she will take it with her to the other world as she fades away.

Kagome with a replica of the Jewel of Four Souls

In 1997 Tokyo, 14-year-old Kagome Higurashi is being told the story of the Shikon no Tama by her grandfather. Her grandfather gets upset when he notices Kagome isn't interested in his stories. He gives her an early birthday gift, the mummified foot of a water imp, which she gives to her cat Buyo to eat.

The next morning is Kagome's 15th birthday. As Kagome leaves for school she notices her brother Sōta near the shrine's sacred well. Approaching him she stands beside her brother in the doorway, asking what's going on. He explains he believes the cat is down near the well. Kagome heads inside towards the well in search of Buyo. They hear a scratching sound that scares Sōta, but Kagome continues down the stairs, convinced it is Buyo. After finding the cat, the well explodes in a flash of blue light and arms reach out and grab Kagome, pulling her into the well and transporting her into Feudal Japan.

Kagome meets Inuyasha

On the trip to Feudal Japan Kagome notices the yōkai that grabbed her and gets scared. She pushes it away and when she does so, a purple flash of light hits it sending it away from her. Kagome then lands at the bottom of the well and, thinking she's still home, she calls for her brother to get their grandfather. Using the vines in the well to climb out she quickly notices that she isn't home anymore. She searches around the clearing hoping to find her family when she sees the Sacred Tree from her family shrine. Walking closer to the tree she notices the half-dog demon Inuyasha pinned to the tree. Curious, she reaches up and pets his cute little dog ears. The villagers, thinking that Kagome is a demon, attack her and capture her when they notice her near Inuyasha. The villagers tied up Kagome and took her to their village. Kagome asks the villagers why was she tied up. The villagers questions Kagome being a young girl in strange clothes from a foreign land, wondering will there be war again just before rice-planting season and they're so short handed as it is. The villager women wonders if Kagome is perhaps is a fox in disguise and better a shape-changer than another war. Kagome thinks to herself why are all the village men wearing topknots and wonders is this place. One of the villagers tells everyone to make way for High Priestess Kaede. An aged Kaede starts approaching Kagome. Kagome thinks to herself that Kaede is another weirdo. One of the villager men grabs Kaede's bow from her before she throws purification salt on Kagome. Kagome shakes off the purification salt and asks Kaede what is she doing.

Kaede tells Kagome the villagers told her a demon was found in the Inuyasha's Forest and she thought some ritual purification was in order. One of the village men questions Kaede that Kagome could be a foreign spy. Kaede agrees but asks to spy on what as they can barely feed themselves in the village and carefully looks at Kagome then walks closer to her. Kaede says to Kagome to let her take a good look at her face before she grabs her face and examines her and tells her to look clever, annoying Kagome. Kaede releases her hand from Kagome and tells her she looks like her sister Kikyō. Kaede releases Kagome and takes her to her hut and makes stew. Kaede gives Kagome some stew for dinner. Kagome tells Kaede that the stew looks delicious and thanks her. Kaede tells Kagome to forgive her and the villagers as with so many wars these days their young ones have become rash and even if she tells them they've no business with wars and they refuse to listen and only give her more to worry about. Kagome asks Kaede if this isn't Tokyo. Kaede questions Kagome about Tokyo as she's never heard of such a place and wonders if that is her homeland. Kagome confirms it and says she'd like to go home soon then thinks to herself that she doesn't know how then continues to eat her stew. Kaede looks at Kagome as she remembers the conversation she had with her older sister Kikyō before she dies and thinks to herself that 50 years have passed since that day.

Meanwhile, Mistress Centipede has come from the Inuyasha's Forest and suddenly entered the village as it destroys huts. Kaede and Kagome go outside the hut as Kaede wonders what's going on. One of the villages calls out its an evil spirit as Mistress Centipede attacks a horse. The villagers throw flaming arrows at Mistress Centipede but knocked out of the way. Mistress Centipede throws the horse nearby at Kaede and Kagome. Kagome says it's that again. Mistress Centipede tells Kagome to hand her the Sacred Jewel and goes towards her but misses as she and Kaede kneels down. Kaede questions the Sacred Jewel and asks Kagome if she has it. Kagome tells Kaede she doesn't know anything about the Sacred Jewel. The villagers continue shooting arrows at Mistress Centipede, who tells Kagome to give it to her. Mistress Centipede rapidly spins her body in a tornado-like motion. Kagome thinks to herself that Mistress Centipede is coming after her. One of the villagers says their spears and arrows have no effect. Kaede says they must throw Mistress Centipede into the Bone-Eater's Well. Kagome questions Kaede about the Bone-Eater's Well. Kaede tells Kagome the well is in the Inuyasha's Forest. Kagome thinks to herself that's the well she climbed out of and asks Kaede which way is the forest and where the light is shining before she runs in a direction. Kaede asks Kagome what did she say before she and the villagers were push out of the way by Mistress Centipede, who is chasing after Kagome.

Kagome runs into a river and says Mistress Centipede is pursuing her. Kaede questions Kagome and wonders how can an ordinary girl see the foul vapors that rise from the forest. The villagers calls out to Kaede and prepare to follow Kagome on horses. Kagome runs towards the well to try and get it away from the village. While Kagome is running from the demon she calls for help. When she does this, the spell on Inuyasha breaks and he wakes up saying he smells the blood of the woman who 'killed' him, Kikyō and it's approaching. Inuyasha tries to pull out the sacred arrow pinned to his chest but couldn't as he curses. Mistress Centipede attacks Kagome and she lands in front of the Sacred Tree. Inuyasha calls Kagome 'Kikyō' and asks her why she was wasting her time with Mistress Centipede. Kagome looks up to see Inuyasha awake and thinks to herself did she just hear him talking and asks him if he's alive. Inuyasha tells Kagome to kill Mistress Centipede in one strike and calls her 'Kikyō' again and just like the time she killed him. Inuyasha becomes confused and tells Kagome to not look so dumb and asks if she's lost her mind already before calling her 'Kikyō'. Kagome stands up and asks Inuyasha who is 'Kikyō' and tells him to listen to her as her name is but is cut off. Inuyasha tells Kagome that Mistress Centipede is coming. Mistress Centipede comes out of the Sacred Tree and tries to go after Kagome but is stopped by the villagers. Kagome tells herself she is saved. Inuyasha tells Kagome that she is hopeless and calls her 'Kikyō' again. Kagome tells Inuyasha to not mistake her as she isn't 'Kikyō'. Inuyasha tells Kagome to shut up as who else would give off a scent like her and becomes confused as he sniffs her then realizes she isn't Kikyō. Kagome tells Inuyasha her name is Kagome. Inuyasha tells Kagome that Kikyō seemed smarter and was a beauty. Kagome becomes annoyed. While she is distracted, Mistress Centipede grabs her. To keep from getting taken Kagome grabs Inuyasha's hair.

Kaede tries to figure out why Inuyasha woke up when the spell should have lasted forever, while Inuyasha wonders why Kagome has the Shikon Jewel. Mistress Centipede attempts to bite Kagome but Kagome unknowingly blasts her, cutting off several arms like she had done in the well, that makes Kaede and the villagers surprisingly. The Shikon Jewel then glows in Kagome's side and Mistress Centipede bites her and throws her into the air. As Kagome falls, the Shikon Jewel flies out of the hole bitten in her side. Mistress Centipede then pins Kagome to Inuyasha and the tree by wrapping her long body around it. The demon insults Inuyasha, who claims he can beat her. Kagome asks if what he says is true while Mistress Centipede proceeds to eat the Shikon Jewel.

Inuyasha threatens Kagome

Inuyasha tells Kagome to pull the arrow out of him so he can save them. Kaede warns Kagome against it, saying Inuyasha will kill them all. Inuyasha says that they will all die if he doesn't save them, and so Kagome pulls the arrow free with the desire to live fresh in her mind. Inuyasha quickly destroys Mistress Centipede with his "Iron Reaver Soul Stealer" (as Kaede remembered that Inuyasha did 50 years ago) and Kaede gets the Jewel from her remains once Kagome tells her where it is. Kaede returns the Jewel to Kagome, telling her that she is now the protector of the Jewel. Kagome wonders how it even got inside her body when Inuyasha interrupts her thoughts, threatening to kill her if she doesn't give him the Jewel. Kagome wonders how he can be so bad after saving all of their lives and fears she may have been wrong to free him.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Opening Theme — CHANGE THE WORLD — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Inuyasha debuts and steals Sacred Jewel — Fight to the Death (Shitō) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Grandpa Higurashi gives Kagome gifts, she plays with Buyo — Cheer Up! Hōjo-kun (Ganbare! Hōjō-kun) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Mistress Centipede drags Kagome into the well — Evil Spirits Desiring the Shikon no Tama (Shikon no Tama o Nerau Chimimōryō) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Kagome discovers Inuyasha pinned to the tree — Longing (Bojō) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Villagers suspect Kagome is a demon — Searching for the Shikon no Tama (Shikon no Tama o Motomete) —TV OST Vol. 1
  • Centipede attacks village, Kagome runs to forest — Fang Sword, Tessaiga (Kiba no Ken Tessaiga) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Centipede tries attacking Kagome, she steals the Sacred Jewel — Attack (Shūgeki) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Inuyasha is freed, he kills the centipede — Big Counterattack (Daihangeki) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • InuYasha desires the Jewel — Sign of Unrest (Fuon na Kehai) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Ending Theme — My Will — TV OST Vol. 1


  • This episode marks one the few times the Shikon Jewel is referred to as "Shikon no Tama" in the English dub.
  • In the English dub Kagome references the Wizard of Oz: "Toto, I think we're not in Tokyo anymore."
  • After seeing Kagome's weird clothing a villager says 'Them Shape-shifting fox's are a lot trickier than that' referencing Kitsune the same type of demon Shippō is.
  • Although this is the first episode, this isn't the first time Inuyasha has killed Mistress Centipede.
  • Although Sango doesn't make her first appearance until episode 24, she appears in the ending credits.
  • Myōga, Sesshōmaru, and Jaken are listed in the credits. However, they don't appear until episode 5.
  • This is the only ending theme song in which Inuyasha, Miroku, Shippō, and Kirara are not pictured.
  • This is one of the few times Kagome is not wearing a skirt and/or out-of-uniform.
  • The only error of the episode is the distance between Kikyō's spot where she shoots her arrow to Inuyasha and seal him to the Sacred Tree. In the beginning of the episode, the two are at a short distance. But when Kagome comes to the tree, the spot that Kikyō stood is no where in sight.

Differences from the manga

  • The opening scene is expanded to show Inuyasha fighting with the villagers and stealing the Shikon Jewel from inside a shrine instead of him jumping over the burning village. This places the Goshinboku at the site of a well-developed, hilly shrine, which is later shown to not be the case.
  • In the anime, Kaede throws purification salt on Kagome before taking a look at her face.
  • In the manga, Kaede explains about Kikyō and her role in the village to Kagome while making their supper. In the same scene, Kagome is still bound hand and foot, demanding for Kaede to untie her so she can eat. This is not present in the anime.
  • In the manga, it's Kagome, not Kaede, who removes the Shikon Jewel from Mistress Centipede.

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