The Ghastly Steel Machine! (不気味な鋼の重装備) is the one hundred fifth episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. Inuyasha and the still unconscious Kagome, Miroku and Sango are attacked by yet another member of the Shichinintai, the robotic Ginkotsu.
  2. Inuyasha has Shippō and Kirara take them away to a safe place while he deals with Ginkotsu.
  3. Shippō finds a temple and they land there, although, unbeknownst to Shippō, the dangerous Renkotsu is already at this temple.


Inuyasha is forced to clash with Ginkotsu as he orders Kirara and Shippō to get the poisoned Miroku, Kagome, and Sango to safety. They make it to a monk's temple, unaware that Renkotsu has taken over the place.

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