The Gold and Silver Rainbow Pearls is the tenth episode of Hanyō no Yashahime.


Conjoined demon twins Kinka and Ginka continue their fight for consuming the other and evolving into an even stronger demon. Once Towa, Setsuna and Moroha show up, they take possession of the Gold and Silver Pearls within the right and left eyes of the half-demon twins, forcing them to fight one another again. Meanwhile, a powerful female demon makes her appearance, stating that she can finally get her revenge on Sesshōmaru.


The demon twin brothers Kinka and Ginka who share the same body continue their battle to the death so that the victor can claim it for himself. Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha are sent to stop the damage they are causing to nearby villages and attack them. Noticing that both Towa and Setsuna carry Rainbow Pearls, Kinka and Ginka hold a truce so that they can steal them for themselves. The two possess Towa and Setsuna's bodies respectively, forcing them to fight each other until Setsuna uses some poison to expel them, but they end up running away with the pearls. The brothers report their feat to Joka, their clan's leader, who decides to absorb both while claiming the pearls for herself.

Towa and Setsuna arrive to retrieve their Pearls when Setsuna, watching the brothers in peril, has some glimpses of the day when she got separated from her own twin sister. After Joka separates Kinka from his brother to absorb him first, Ginka joins forces with Setsuna to defeat her, but Kinka does not survive the attack, with his brother dying soon after. Towa and Setsuna regain their Rainbow Pearls and Towa wonders if Setsuna remembered her past a little, while Moroha laments that because they had their bodies turned to ashes, they can't claim any reward for slaying them.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • The title refers to said Rainbow Pearls within the eyes of Setsuna and Towa respectively.
  • It incorporates scenes from the manga that were not adapted in InuYasha The Final Act, such as Inuyasha's group finding a burned cow, the villagers warning them of Ginka and Kinka coming, and Kinka bathing Tessaiga in fire.
  • Joka's reason to resent Sesshōmaru would not be revealed until Episode 15.
  • When Ginka and Kinka perish, the song Setsuna plays on the violin is heard, indicating that it is a song of sorrow and grief.
  • Setsuna starts to recall certain memories of her childhood, especially about the forest fire that separated her and Towa.


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