The Darkness in Kagome's Heart is the one hundred twenty-fifth episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. Kagome is kidnapped by Kagura and the Infant, who intends to "use her eyes" to find the remaining shards of the Shikon no Tama.
  2. The Infant searches for darkness within Kagome so that he can control her, and only finds a small speck of darkness; her jealousy of Kikyō.


Kagome is kidnapped by Kagura and the infant from Mount Hakurei. The infant plans taking complete control of Kagome and using her to find the sacred jewel shards since she is the only person with the power to sense them. His method is to use the bitter thoughts and feelings Kagome has and to consume her with them. At first there is no darkness or anger or pain of any sort in her heart, but then as he digs further into her mind and heart, he finds the darkness of her jealousy over Inuyasha and Kikyō's relationship and begins to use that to take control of her mind and Kagome slowly begins to give in to his control of her mind.

Meanwhile, Sango and Miroku are back at the place they were held prisoner (look at previous episode) and are trying hard to fight the human guards without killing them, but slowly are failing the battle because of it. Shippō then runs off to find Inuyasha with the help of Kirara. Inuyasha is still looking for Kikyō who was stated to have been seen there (once again look at previous episode), but is getting a feeling that it might have been a lie. When Shippō finds Inuyasha, he informs him what has happened to Kagome and they head off to search for her.

Back to where Kagome is, the Baby had taken control of Kagome as Kagome succumbs to her emotions of jealousy over Inuyasha's feelings towards Kikyō.

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