Night of the New Moon and the Black-Haired Towa is the twelfth episode of Hanyō no Yashahime.


Konton of the Four Perils sends another half-demon, Nikosen, after the trio in hopes of destroying them and attaining their Rainbow Pearls. While fighting a demon that had withered an entire mountain. Towa comes to realize that she is suddenly much weaker and has her silver hair turned black to match her twin's. It is up to Moroha and Setsuna to take down the enemy until Towa's demonic powers return.


It was night outside in the forest as the Waxing Crescent Moon is shown. In his cave lair, Konton is sitting on top of one of his spells. Nikosen appears and calls out to Konton. Konton looks behind himself to see Nikosen. Nikosen tells Konton that he has arrived. Konton tells Nikosen that he's heard that he mastered a human craft before becoming an apparition and wonders is it true. Nikosen tells Konton just so. Konton tells Nikosen to show him a dance. Nikosen questions Konton about a dance. Konton tells Nikosen that here are the 'Hanyō Princesses' who possess the Silver, Gold, and Red Rainbow Pearls. Nikosen questions Konton about hanyōs. Konton creates fire visuals of Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha. Nikosen tells Konton that he's heard hanyōs were beings born between a human and a demon. Konton says how distasteful. Nikosen questions Konton some mere hanyōs have the Rainbow Pearls. Konton tells Nikosen 'indeed' as it's so distasteful before he stops his fire visual. Nikosen tells Konton that he sees as he thinks that he being both demon and human is best suited to take care of Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha and as he says he shall dance brilliantly for him. Konton tells Nikosen that he hopes he creates an excellent show before he laughs. In the day outside a hut, Kohaku talks with Towa and Setsuna. Setsuna asks Kohaku about another request. Kohaku confirms it with Setsuna as apparently a demon named Nikosen dried up a mountain and the nearby villagers are spooked. Kohaku asks Setsuna if she could take care of it. Towa tells Kohaku that she and Setsuna can't ignore the villagers if they need help and questions Setsuna. Setsuna becomes annoyed. Kohaku tells Setsuna that he'll have Hisui join her later. Setsuna tells Kohaku if it's his order then she has no objections. Kirara appears and goes towards Towa. Towa kneels down and picks Kirara up as she tells her that she knows and let's go together. Towa and Setsuna fly on Kirara towards the mountain. Nikosen is currently up at a mountain and there is also roaming miasma on the ground where the plants are deceased. Nikosen says he has taken plenty of nutrients from the mountains and trees and now he just has to wait for Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha to show up. Towa, Setsuna, and Kirara are near the mountain. Setsuna tells Towa that it's that mountain. Towa notices that the plants have dried up in a really strange way and the color of the soil is weird too. Setsuna tells Towa that they're getting off as there's a guest. Towa becomes confused and asks Setsuna who is it.

Moroha is currently investigating the soil on the ground identifying that it’s poison but not the poison from an apparition then speculates that the nutrients of the soil has been sucked away from it. The 3 Villagers tells Moroha as she can see the trees are all bare and it's pretty horrible. Moroha asks the 3 villagers do they know who could’ve done this. The villagers tells Moroha that they think it got destroyed by a demon’s poison and it's definitely the work of Nikosen. Moroha thinks to herself that looks like she's going to score big this time. Towa calls out to Moroha. Moroha looks to Towa and Setsuna on Kirara flying towards her. Kirara lands on the ground as Towa and Setsuna meets up with Moroha. Moroha asks Towa and Setsuna what are they doing doing here. Towa asks Moroha was she here to slay Nikosen too. Moroha tells Towa and Setsuna to wait and don't tell her. Setsuna tells Moroha that she and Towa received orders to slay Nikosen. Moroha asks Towa and Setsuna was she going to have to split the bounty again. Sunset, Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha are walking up a mountain. Towa tells Setsuna and Moroha that the plants look more wiithered the higher they climb. Moroha tells Towa and Setsuna that she can smell rotting soil from the top of the mountain. Setsuna agrees with Moroha. Moroha tells Towa and Setsuna that she heard that Nikosen used to be a sage a long time ago but wicked thoughts made him stray from his path and turned into an apparation. Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha stopped walking. Moroha tells Towa and Setsuna to keep their guards up as the smell of rotting soil is getting stronger. Setsuna tells Moroha to no need to bother stating the obvious. Towa becomes confused and questions really. Moroha asks Towa that she doesn't feel the demon energy. Towa confirms it with Moroha as she doesn't sense anything. Setsuna finds Towa’s feelings to be strange and senses that her heartbeat is faster than usual and even with the hill's incline she shouldn’t be out of breath.

Setsuna and Moroha senses Nikosen nearby. Nikosen appears and tells Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha that he's been waiting for them. Moroha tells Nikosen there he was before she pulls out her Kurikaramaru. Setsuna tells Nikosen to prepare to die as she prepares to fight with her Kanemitsu no Tomoe. Towa draws out her Kikujūmonji but the demon energy in her blade unknowingly disappears, leaving it ineffective. Towa becomes confused and tries to manifest her Energy Blade but couldn't and wonders why. Setsuna tells Towa to stay back. Nikosen tells Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha how impudent for hanyos to possess the Rainbow Pearls before he released a mist of sage venom through his mouth on to them. Setsuna and Moroha dodge the sage venom but Towa doesn't and falls weak due to it. Moroha covers her her mouth and nose with her Robe of the Fire-Rat cape in one hand as she tells Towa and Setsuna that this is bad as it's sage venom and they're going to get hurt really bad. Setsuna puts on a filter mask and tells Towa to use a filter mask before she throws her one. Towa, who was covering her mouth and nose, fails to catch the mask filter and falls to the ground. Setsuna becomes concerned and runs towards Towa as she calls out her. Nikosen goes towards Towa but Setsuna grabs her and pulls her up. Moroha stands in front of Nikosen to prevent from getting closer to Towa and Setsuna. Moroha tells Towa and Setsuna to leave Nikosen to her. Setsuna tells Moroha that she appreciates it before she escapes with Towa. Moroha attempts to cause damage on Nikosen with her Kurikaramaru but causes no damages. Nkosen tries to attack Moroha but she dodges. Moroha tries to cause damage on Nikosen but causes no damages. Moroha realizes that her Kurikaramaru isn't going through. Nikosen calls Moroha 'a fool' and tells her such a dull sword will not work on him before he released a mist of sage venom through his mouth on to her. Moroha dodges Nikosen's sage venom and flees for the time being to meet up with Setsuna and Towa. Setsuna gives Towa one of her filter masks. Setsuna asks Towa was she all right as she puts on her filter mask on. Towa tells Setsuna 'sorry' and wonders if she's getting in her way. Setsuna notices the smell of Towa's blood flowing within her is changing and wonders what's wrong with her today.

Moroha joins up with Setsuna and Towa. Moroha asks Setsuna if she can borrow one of her protection masks as too as she can't put all her strength into her Kurikaramaru with just one arm. Setsuna gives Moroha her protection mask and tells her that she doesn’t have an extra and to use hers. Moroha asks Setsuna was she sure and if it's poison mist in the air. Setsuna tells Moroha that it's fine and to just use it. Moroha nods and accepts. At night, Moroha goes after Nikosen again. Moroha tells Nikosen thanks for waiting and let's see and find out if her Kurikaramaru really is as dull as he says. Nikosen tells Moroha that it's useless no matter how many times she tries before he goes to attack her. Moroha dodges Nikosen and slices through Nikosen’s body, beheading him from his body. Moroha says she did it and the bounty is hers. Nikosen’s body makes an escape through underground. Nikosen starts to fly away. Moroha becomes confused. Nikosen tells Moroha that he give her his head before he makes an escape. Moroha uses her Heavenly Arrow Barrage on Nikosen and strikes him. Moroha tells Nikosen all right as this time she got him. Nikosen regenerates his head. Moroha becomes confused and tells Nikosen she's got to be kidding her. Nikosen flies away. Moroha says she can't believe Nikosen. Setsuna and Kirara goes after Nikosen’s head. Setsuna tells Moroha that she'll finish off and to take care of Towa. Moroha tells Setsuna all right and leave Towa to her. Moroha is helping an unconscious Towa walk along a bridge. Moroha tells Towa to hang in there and once they cross the bridge and go down the hill and they'll reach a nearby village and just a bit longer and to hang in there. Towa still feels weak as her hair mysteriously growing a bit longer. Moroha takes off the filter mask and tells Towa that they defeated Nikosen and wonders why is the sage venom still lingering. Moroha hears Nikosen laughing up ahead. Nikosen's body appears in front of Towa and Moroha. Nikosen's body tells Moroha that because he's alive and well. Moroha becomes surprised.

Setsuna and Kirara continued to fly after Nikosen's head. Nikosen's head tells Setsuna to give him the Gold Rainbow Pearl of hers before he uses sage venom. Setsuna uses Cyclone Burst on the sage venom. Nikosen's head curses Setsuna as he charges at her. Setsuna dodges Nikosen's head on Kirara before she uses Scourge of Swallows on him. Nikosen's head doesn't take any injuries from Setsuna's attack and disappears. Setsuna questions that Nikosen's head is an illusion then realizes that Nikosen’s core must be his torso. Setsuna tells Kirara 'sorry' as they have to hurry. Setsuna and Kirara fly away. Nikosen’s body grows a new head right in front of Moroha and Towa. Moroha questions Nikosen that he grew a new head. Nikosen asks Moroha that she was surprised. Moroha gets excited and tells Nikosen that his head is like an endless bounty so long as she catches him and she can keep receiving a bounty forever and that means she can pay back her debt in no time. In the midst of this, Towa’s hair starts to turn from silver to black. Nikosen asks Moroha what was she talking about. Moroha tells Nikosen that she'll cut him a good deal and for them to work together. Nikosen tells Moroha to stop spouting nonsense. Moroha tells Moroha to take his complaints to his own head-regenerating body as she calls him 'a weirdo'. Nikosen calls Moroha 'a fool'. Nikosen grows irritated of Moroha’s plan to collect his head as an endless bounty and starts shaking the bridge. Moroha notices Towa's hair has turned black and asks her what happened to it. Moroha asks Nikosen what did he do to Towa. Nikosen tells Moroha how should he know. Nikosen breaks the bridge and Towa and Moroha falls along with it. Konton sits in his cave and says isn't this quite interesting. Setsuna continues to fly on Kirara as she tells her to hurry. Setsuna notices the Hiraikotsu flying near her then sees Kohaku, Hisui, Rokuta, and Nanasuke. Hisui grabs Hiraikotsu and calls out to Setsuna. Setsuna calls out to Kohaku and Hisui.

Moroha and Towa survives the fall and Moroha pulls Towa up. Towa starts to cough. Moroha takes Towa into a nearby cave and lays her down. Moroha asks Towa what happened to her. Moroha is confused about Towa’s appearance as her hair color and length has both changed and also doesn't sense any of her demon energy as it's like she's a human or something. Moroha realizes something and takes out her Beni. Moroha calls out to Myōga as maybe it's time she puts on her rouge. Myoga appears on a leaf from a river. Moroha tells Myōga there he is. Myōga asks Moroha did he hear she say that she'll be using her rouge. Myōga jumps onto Moroha's face and sucks her blood. Moroha tries to hit Myōga but he dodges. Myōga tells Moroha it looks like she hasn't yet. Moroha puts away her Beni and tells Myōga before that there's something she wants to ask him. Towa finally awakens and Moroha where are they. Myōga becomes surprised and tells Towa about the black hair. Myōga says he sees as there's no mistaking it that they’re in the middle of a New Moon. Towa questions Myōga about the New Moon. Myōga explains to Towa that it is when the demon power flowing through her blood is lost as the New Moon is different depending on the hanyō. A flashback of Inuyasha in his human form is shown. Myōga tells Towa that there are hanyōs like Naraku who can decide on their own and those like her who revert back to a human being on a moonless night of the New Moon. Towa tells Myōga that this never happened to her when she was in the modern era. Myōga tells Towa that may be because she was originally from the feudal era. Moroha tells Myōga that she's never had to go through this. Myōga tells Moroha that he can't say much since there are a few precendents but perhaps as a shihanyō she doesn't experience the New Moon. Towa asks Myōga what about Setsuna as with the same blood running through them would she lose her demon power like she did. Myōga says since Setsuna is also a hanyō then she cannot escape from the laws of the New Moon. Towa becomes worried and asks Moroha where's Setsuna. Moroha tells Towa that Setsuna went to go after Nikosen's head. Towa says there's no way Setsuna can slay demons in her human state. Myōga confirms this with Towa as on the night of the Night Moon hanyōs tend to lie low to avoid encountering others. Towa stands up and says she needs to help Setsuna. Moroha tells Towa 'sorry' before she knocks her out, catching her. Moroha tells Towa to just stay here and rest. Moroha tells Myōga that he's peerless when it comes to hiding and running away and wonders if he has a plan. Myōga becomes confused. Moroha tells Myōga a way for Towa to safely pass the day of the New Moon. Later, Moroha puts a sutra on the cave. Moroha tells Myōga that she needs one more sutra. Myōga covers himself in ink before he rolls on paper to create a sutra and gives it to Moroha. Moroha puts the last sutra on the cave. Myōga tells Moroha to imbue the sutra with spirit power. Moroha tells Myōga all right and to leave it to her. Moroha infuses her spiritual powers into sutras to erect a blue sacred barrier to protect Towa. Moroha says and now she's created a barrier before she enters it.

Hisui and Setsuna fly on Kirara. Setsuna wonders why. Hisui asks Setsuna what is it. Setsuna tells Hisui that it's strange as she can't sense Towa or Moroha’s demon energy and she can't even smell them. Hisui asks Setsuna how is that even possible. Setsuna tells Hisui that she doesn't know but she needs to hurry and find Towa and Moroha. Moroha asks Myōga will the barrier be enough as after all they're up against Nikosen. Myōga tells Moroha that Nikosen may have technically been a sage but those who stray toward a path of evil should not be able to sense through the wall of spirit energy. Nikosen attempts to look for Towa and Moroha’s body from the fall of the bridge. Nikosen says it's peculiar as Towa and Moroha should've fallen here somewhere but since he can't find their corpses and something doesn't seem right. Hisui and Setsuna meets up with Kohaku and the other Demon Slayers. Setsuna calls out to Kohaku and tells him that she can't find Towa or Moroha anywhere. Kohaku tells Setsuna that with Towa and Moroha there should be nothing to worry about but. Rokuta and Nanasuke tells Kohaku that the preparations are done and they can shoot anytime. Kohaku says maybe they should wait a little bit longer. Setsuna tells Kohaku to begin and if anything happens to Towa and Moroha then she'll rush there immediately. Kohaku tells Setsuna that he sees and all right. Kohaku tells the Demon Slayers to light it up. Rokuta and Nanasuke agree. The Demon Slayers prepare a weapon to use against Nikosen. Nikosen becomes confused and wonders what's that. Kohaku tells the Demon Slayers to fire. The Demon Slayers start to catapult fire bombs at the mountain. Nikosen becomes surprised. The Demon Slayers continued to catapult fire bombs at the mountain. Nikosen wonders who are the Demon Slayers. Hisui tells Setsuna that when he and the other Demon Slayers approached sage venom was whirling up so they decided that burning down the entire mountain is much faster. Setsuna tells Hisui that's true. The fire from the Demon Slayer’s catapult affects the surrounding of the cave Towa and Moroha are currently in. Moroha says it's getting kind of hot and wonders if it's a forest fire. Towa wakes up. Moroha calls out to Towa. Towa tells Moroha that she thinks Setsuna and the other Demon Slayers have all met up. Moroha tells Towa 'sorry' she knocked her out. Towa stands up and tells Moroha that's fine as she understands. Moroha tells Towa that if the Demon Slayers are all here they sure started an uncharacteristically flashy way to slay Nikosen. The fire starts slowly removing the sutras that holds up the barrier in the cave. With Moroha’s barrier weakening, Nikosen can sense Towa and Moroha again. Moroha realizes that the barrier's disappearing. Towa tells Moroha that it's all right and she thinks it's bad for her to keep running as she's going to go look for Setsuna. Moroha asks Towa what was she talking about and even if she goes out there with no demon power she'll just be dragging Setsuna and the Demon Slayers down. Towa tells Moroha that she thinks Setsuna's going through the same thing as on a night like tonight she's probably filled with worry. Moroha tells Towa that she might be wrong about that. Towa becomes surprised. Moroha tells Towa that Setsuna has been managing herself just in the feudal era so far. Towa tells Moroha that's not true as no matter what era you live in what girls feel will never change.

Moroha questions Towa about what girls feel as she never thought she'd hear she say that. Towa asks Moroha is it. Nikosen then finds the cave Moroha and Towa they’re hiding in. Moroha tells Towa to stay back. Nikosen goes toward Towa and Moroha. Moroha tells Nikosen that she's been waiting for him as he's her key to an endless bounty as she pulls out her Kurikaramaru. Nikosen tells Moroha to stop saying ridiculous things before he attacks her. Towa picks up the Kurikaramaru and tries to attack Nikosen but couldn't. Nikosen tells Towa to not make him laugh as he pushes her away. Nikosen uses solid breath from his mouth onto Towa and Moroha. Towa wonders what is this as it's solidifying. Towa and Moroha are now both turned into stone by Nikosen and are completely powerless. Setsuna is flying on Kirara when she hears Towa's screams. Setsuna says Towa's name as she definitely just heard her scream and flies towards the cave. Nikosen grabs Towa and Moroha as first he'll give them to Konton. Before Nikosen is able to do so, Setsuna and Kirara arrived. Setsuna jumps off Kirara and uses her Scourge of Swallows on Nikosen. Nikosen disappears and drops Moroha and Towa, where the solidified shell breaks and they are now freed. Setsuna calls out to Towa and Moroha. Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha all meet up with each other. Towa calls out to Setsuna. Setsuna asks Towa if that's her. Towa tells Setsuna of course she is and to look closely. Setsuna tells Towa that the more she looks. Towa asks Setsuna more importantly was she okay. Setsuna becomes confused. Towa tells Setsuna there's no moon out tonight so it's the New Moon. Setsuna questions Towa about it. Towa asks Setsuna that she didn't return to a normal girl. Setsuna asks Towa what does she mean. Moroha tells Setsuna that she guesses since the Dream Butterfly has stolen her dreams moonless nights and New Moons don't apply to her. Setsuna says that she sees as it's the New Moon as she thought Towa's condition had been strange since evening so that's what it was. Towa repeatedly tells Setsuna that she's sorry for troubling everyone like this.

Nikosen starts to regenerate. Setsuna becomes to confuse. Towa says no way. Moroha says Nikosen's still alive. Nikosen completely regenerates and he takes hold of Setsuna. Nikosen tells Setsuna that if he swallows her whole then he will get the nutrients of a hanyō. Moroha becomes shocked. Nikosen’s arm has been sliced off and setting Setsuna free. Nikosen wonders what happened. The top of the cave opens up to reveal that it's daybreak. Towa returns to being a hanyō as it's restores her dog-demon abilities. Towa asks Setsuna and Moroha are they hurt and thanks them for waiting. Setsuna and Moroha calls out to Towa. Towa says let's begin the counter attack. Towa takes out her Kikujūmonji and activates her Energy Blade as she charges it. Nikosen attempts to grab Towa. Towa uses her Azure Dragon Wave on Nikosen. Nikosen wonders how could this be for him to and by mere hanyōs before he dies. Setsuna and Moroha join up with Towa. Kohaku, Hisui, Rokuta, Nanasuke, Towa, Setsuna, Moroha, and Kirara walk back to the village. Moroha is disappointed that both Nikosen's head and body and there goes her lucky plan for an endless bounty. Setsuna tells Moroha that it wouldn't have been possible anyway. Towa tells Setsuna there's no way that Jyūbei wouldn't notice the sleight of hand. Moroha tells Towa that she guesses she's right. Moroha curses in disappointment. Having witnessed the whole battle from having created fire, Konton realizes that hanyōs have New Moons as it's interesting. Konton makes the fire disappear and says it was a good show.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • This episode incorporates the arc with Nikosen, which only occurs in the manga from chapters 412-415 and was not adapted in InuYasha The Final Act.
  • Unlike Setsuna and Moroha, Towa is the only main character of the trio to lose her demonic powers during the Night of the New Moon. Moroha isn't affected since she's a quarter-demon; and despite being a half-demon, Setsuna also isn't affected since her dreams and memories were stolen by the Dream Butterfly.
  • This is perhaps one of the first times that the main characters have donned their poison-shielding filter masks (only two masks are what they each have, however).
  • It explains why Towa never went through a demon power cycle in the Modern World.
  • Its title is similar to Episode 13 and shares similarities with it:
    • Both episodes feature the half dog-demon protagonist temporarily losing all of their abilities during the night of a new moon.
    • Their hair color also changes from silver to black.
    • Lack of knife-sharp dog fangs, claws and superhuman senses.
    • Inability to utilize their signature demon swords.
    • They regain their demon abilities at the last minute and save the day.


  • As Nikosen approaches to Konton, Nikosen's mustache is missing.
  • As the message introducing Nikosen as a former sage appears, his left claw is in the same color as his body's instead of red.
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