The Delicious Feudal Monks is the thirteenth episode of Hanyō no Yashahime.


Tōtetsu, the final member of the Four Perils, has been wrecking havoc by devouring high-level Shintō monks and priests to attain their increasingly powerful spiritual abilities. One of his targets is none other than Miroku, Hisui's father!

Can the Half-Demon Princesses and demon-slayers reach him in time before Tōtetsu devours him?


In the forest, three monks are crossing a bridge when the master monk senses a demon up ahead. Tōtetsu appears and tells master monk that he sees as he looks pretty tasty. Two of the three monks calls out to the master monk and wonders if Tōtetsu is a demon. The master monk puts down his shakujō and takes out his prayer beads. The master monk tells the two monks to stay back. Tōtetsu lands in front of the master monk. The master monk curses Tōtetsu as he'll slay him. The master monk pulls out an artifact and attempts to slay Tōtetsu with his spiritual powers but it had little to no effect on him. Tōtetsu tells the master monk just kidding before he grabs him. One of the two monks calls out to the master monk. The master monks tells the two monks to run. Tōtetsu tells the master monk that he hopes he tastes good and thanks for the meal before he eats him. One of the two monks calls out to the master monk. The two monks flee out of fear. Tōtetsu spits out the master monk's clothes and spiritual artifacts. Tōtetsu says the flesh lacks depth of flavor as he really wanted to eat Sanzo. Tōtetsu pulls out his Orange Rainbow Pearl and asks it what does it think and are there any virtuous monks like Sanzo around here. The Orange Rainbow Pearl responded showing Tōtetsu the direction of another monk to fall prey. Tōtetsu questions his Orange Rainbow Pearl about over there. Tōtetsu blows out a black smoke cloud and flies off to the area that the Orange Rainbow Pearl directed him to. In the village, Kohaku, Hisui, Rokuta, Nanasuke, Towa, Setsuna are discussing the missions. Kohaku tells Hisui, Towa, and Setsuna that recently a demon that has been attacking virtuous monks and Shintō priests as five or six have already been eaten. Towa becomes disgusted and questions that the demon is eating the monks. Setsuna questions Kohaku about a man-eating demon. Kohaku tells Hisui, Towa, and Setsuna that they don’t know who will be targeted next but around here the high-ranking Buddhist priests in the East temple are the most famous as he, Rokuta, and Nanasuke will go there and protect them. Kohaku tells Hisui to take Towa and Setsuna and go to Miroku's place. Hisui becomes surprised. Kohaku tells Hisui that he's sure Miroku will be fine but just in case. Hisui isn’t fond of the idea of seeing Miroku and tells Kohaku that he highly doubt he would be targeted. Kohaku tells Hisui to not be like that. Kohaku tells Rokuta and Nanasuke to let's go as they leave. Rokuta and Nanasuke comply with Kohaku. Setsuna asks Hisui whose location will they be going to. Hisui tells Setsuna to his father's place. Towa asks Hisui if his father is a virtuous monk. Hisui says that Miroku is a monk but not a virtuous one. Setsuna tells Hisui that's harsh. Hisui says that Miroku is a shameless person who takes from what he can. Towa asks Hisui that they're going there. Hisui says Kohaku told them to go so they don't really have a choice but wonders how Miroku's doing now. Towa and Setsuna become confused.

In the old Demon Slayer village, near a house Sango is praying at a Memorial Tower. Gyokuto comes up to Sango and asks does she have any messages for Miroku. Sango tells Gyokuto no and not particularly. Gyokuto tells Sango okay as she'll be heading out. Hisui, Towa, and Setsuna rides on Kirara’s back towards the mountains. Towa asks Hisui that Miroku lives this deep in the mountains. Hisui says that Miroku's going through a 1,000 day training. Towa questions the thousands days as it's 2 years and 270 days and it's long. Hisui says that Miroku wants to attain divine power through 1,000 day training but he doubts it'll go that smoothly. Setsuna asks Hisui how many days have already passed. Hisui says that he thinks it's been over 2 years. Towa becomes amazed. In the mountains, Miroku is undergoing his 1,000 day training. Miroku is mediating on a boulder when notices Gyokuto. Gyokuto greets Miroku. At a temple, Miroku and Gyokuto sit down together. Gyokuto tells Miroku that today will mark the 800th day. Miroku confirms it with Gyokuto. Gyokuto asks Miroku if he has gotten any stronger. Miroku tells Gyokuto that he's not sure yet. Miroku and Gyokuto look up in the sky after hearing Kirara’s voice and sees Hisui with Towa and Setsuna. Gyokuto realizes that it's Hisui but wonders who was Towa and Setsuna. Miroku recognizes Setsuna. Hisui, Towa, Setsuna, and Kirara meet with Miroku and Gyokuto. Hisui asks Gyokuto that she's here too. Gyokuto tells Hisui just to deliver some things and wonders what about him. Hisui tells Miroku and Gyokuto that a demon has recently been attacking virtuous monks and Shintō priests and by Kohaku’s orders he's come here with Towa and Setsuna. Gyokuto becomes happy that Towa and Setsuna are Hisui's friends and thanks them for always taking care of him as she introduces herself. Towa tells Gyokuto that goes for them too and introduces her and Setsuna as her younger sister. Miroku asks Setsuna that she's a demon slayer. Towa asks Setsuna does she and Miroku know each other. Setsuna asks Miroku who he was. Miroku asks Setsuna that she doesn't seem remember. Kohaku tells Miroku that looking like that no one would know who he was. Miroku tells Hisui that this outfit is for his training as it can't be helped. Miroku tells Setsuna that if she doesn't remember then it's another form of fate. Miroku asks Towa if she's Setsuna’s older sister. Towa confirms it with Miroku. Miroku takes a good look at Towa and says he sees. Hisui says he's going to go look around before he leaves. Miroku says he shall return to his training before he starts to walk away. Towa asks Miroku what kind of divine powers will he attain through his training. Miroku tells Towa that he won’t know until his 1000 days pass although there is a chance that he won't attain any divine powers. Towa asks Miroku that he might end up spending a 1000 days for nothing. Miroku says he’ll be happy if his powers becomes stronger even by a little bit. Setuna asks Miroku if does he not have confidence in his own strength. Miroku explains to Towa and Setsuna that in his past had a power called the Wind Tunnel. A flashback of Miroku using the Wind Tunnel is seen. Miroku sits down on the boulder and says even after he losing his Wind Tunnel he continued to slay demons but one day he fought an unbelievably powerful demon and he understood how powerless he was and decided to take on some training. Miroku then goes back to do his training. Gyokuto asks Towa and Setsuna if they would like some tea.

Kohaku, Rokuta, and Nanasuke are on their mission to protect other monks and priests when they happen to stumble upon Moroha sitting at a temple. Rokuta realizes that it's Moroha. Moroha notices Kohaku, Rokuta, and Nanasuke. Kohaku asks Moroha what was she doing here. Moroha explains to Kohaku, Rokuta, and Nanasuke that she’s being a bodyguard as she got a job from the temple asking to protect the monk and she’ll be getting paid whether a demon appears or not and if she gets the demon’s head then she gets a higher bounty. Moroha asks Kohaku, Rokuta, and Nanasuke to not tell her that they're after the bounty too. Nanasuke tells Moroha that as their name says he, Kohaku, and Rokuta are here to slay a demon. Rokuta asks Kohaku what should they do. Kohaku insists that if Moroha says she's protecting this temple then they can move on to another. Moroha tells Kohaku, Rokuta, and Nanasuke to move right on along but wonders where is Towa and Setsuna. Kohaku tells Moroha that Towa and Setsuna are protecting a different monk. Moroha smirks and says good for Towa and Setsuna even though the monk here is the real target. Kohaku tells Rokuta and Nanasuke that they'll head to the shrine in the South. Rokuta and Nanasuke comply with Kohaku. Kohaku, Rokuta, and Nanasuke leave. Tōtetsu is flying on his black smoke cloud. Tōtetsu asks his Orange Rainbow Pearl how about and if there is any virtuous monks at the temple. The Orange Rainbow Pearl does not react or respond. Tōtetsu says doesn't look like it. Moroha tells Tōtetsu to hurry up and come over and try to eat the tasty monk at the temple. Moroha is oblivious of Tōtetsu flying over the temple. Tōtetsu carries on, still in search of another place for a monk or priest. Gyokuto, Towa, and Setsuna sit with each other enjoying a snack. Kirara sleeps on Gyokuto's lap. Towa shares her chips that she brought from the modern era with Gyokuto. Gyokuto says the snacks are delicious. Towa asks Gyokuto does Hisui and their father not get along. Gyokuto tells Towa there’s just a small misunderstanding between Miroku and Hisui. Towa tells Gyokuto that Hisui called Miroku a shameless person. Gyokuto laughs and explains to Towa and Setsuna that Miroku spent quite a sum in order to provide for them and they could say he might've even had to push himself at times. After listening to Gyokuto’s explanation about Miroku, Setsuna finally remembers that the monk they met not too long ago is Miroku. Gyokuto confirms it with Setsuna. Towa tells Setsuna that she and Miroku does know each other. Setsuna tells Gyokuto and Towa that Miroku’s Buddhist powers was indeed strong while she looks at her right arm. Gyokuto confirms it but says Hisui still thinks that Miroku is a coward. Hisui is standing near a waterfall. Gyokuto calls out to Hisui and tells him that she's going to borrow Kirara for a little bit and to make sure he comes home once in a while before she leaves. Towa and Setsuna meet up with Hisui. Towa tells Hisui that's nice. Setsuna asks Hisui if he sees anything suspicious. Hisui tells Towa and Setsuna of course not as the man-eating demon isn't going to come here anyway. Towa and Setsuna tells Hisui that it looks like Miroku has pretty have strong Buddhist power. Setsuna agrees with Towa and no matter how greedy Miroku may be.

Hisui tells Towa and Setsuna that Miroku ran away from battle and he just happened to call that training. Towa questions Hisui that Miroku's doing that to get stronger. Hisui questions what kind of training is it when someone doesn't even know if they'll attain divine power as he and Kohaku are out risking their lives slaying demons while he's cooped up in the mountains. Setsuna asks Hisui that he doesn't want that. Hisui says he just doesn't want Miroku to cause trouble for his mother Sango. Towa questions that it's like if Sōta quit his white-collared job and went to train at a ramen shop for two years and the whole family is supporting itself. Hisui tells Towa that he has no clue what she's talking about. Setsuna tells Towa that she knows about Sōta but she lost her on everything else. Towa questions that what she means is the fathers are doing their best too. Setsuna interrupts Towa after smelling something bad in the air is getting closer. Hisui and Towa become shocked. Tōtetsu approaches closer with his Orange Rainbow Pearl. Tōtetsu says that he sees as he senses some tasty Buddhist power. Miroku continues to mediate until Tōtetsu appears. Hisui and Towa call out to Miroku as they and Setsuna come to his defense. Tōtetsu jumps from his black smoke cloud and lands near Miroku, Hisui, Towa, and Setsuna. Hisui tells Tōtetsu that he's come as he pulls out his sword. Tōtetsu tells Miroku that he sees as he's not as powerful as Sanzo but still looks plenty delicious. Towa questions Tōtetsu about Sanzo from Journey to the West and wonders where was he from. Tōtetsu questions Towa where he was from and wonders what about her. Setsuna tells Tōtetsu that they no names to give some man-eating demon. Tōtetsu says then he won't say his name either. Hisui, Towa, and Setsuna become annoyed. Miroku questions Tōtetsu that he's one of the Four Perils from the Mainland. Towa questions about the Four Perils. Tōtetsu tells Miroku that's correct as he would expect from a delicious looking monk. Towa realizes that Tōtetsu's one of Kirinmaru's underlings. Setsuna says that the fourth and last one is named Tōtetsu. Tōtetsu says correct again but wonders who are Towa and Setsuna's names. Towa tells Tōtetsu that they're the ones who're going to slay him as she takes out her Kikujūmonji and activates her Energy Blade. Tōtetsu says that if they're going to get in his way then he'll just have to eat them too as he's never eaten a hanyō before as he takes out his sword. Setsuna strikes first at Tōtetsu but Tōtetsu blocks her attack. Miroku temporarily flees the scene as he tells Hisui that he'll leave this place to him. Hisui questions Miroku as of course he'd back out. Tōtetsu tells Miroku that he won't get away before he uses his air breath to suck him in. Miroku gets caught up in Tōtetsu strong wind, grasping tightly on a post. Towa’s backpack and snacks get caught up in the wind as well, as Towa catches her backpack mid-air. Tōtetsu says Towa's snacks tastes kind of spicy. Towa tells Tōtetsu to have a taste of this too before she throws a bottle of habanero sauce at him. Tōtetsu eats bottle of habanero sauce, leaving his mouth on fire. Towa says 'all right'. Setsuna asks Towa what did she feed Tōtetsu. Towa tells Setsuna the habanero sauce. Setsuna questions the word habanero. Towa tells Setsuna that habanero sauce is super spicy. Tōtetsu curses everyone before he uses his air breath. Hisui gets back. Towa tells Tōtetsu over here before she and Setsuna run in a direction. Tōtetsu uses his air breath on Towa and Setsuna as he breaks a small hut nearby and sends them flying in the air as well. Tōtetsu stops as he finds the taste of the small hut gross. Towa uses her Energy Blade and Setsuna uses her Kanemitsu no Tomoe on Tōtetsu but their weapons clashes with Tōtetsu’s sword as he pushes them back. Tōtetsu uses his air breath on Towa and Setsuna he tries to pull them back in. Hisui throws his Hiraikotsu at Tōtetsu before he is able to get a hold of Towa and Setsuna.

Tōtetsu continues to use his air breath as he sucks up everything in his path. Hisui takes cover behind a rock and questions that Tōtetsu can suck in anything. Miroku appears near Hisui with his shakujō. Miroku tells Hisui that Tōtetsu’s air breath is almost like the Wind Tunnel. Hisui is surprised that Miroku didn’t run away. Miroku tells Hisui that he can't be depend on him for everything. Hisui becomes surprised. Miroku asks Hisui if he has demon slayer poison. Hisui tells Miroku that he has some right here. Miroku instructs Hisui to get the demon slayer poison on to the wind that Tōtetsu sucks in and make sure it's done he runs. Hisui calls out to Miroku. Tōtetsu tries to strike Setsuna but she dodges. Setsuna uses her Scourge of Swallows on Tōtetsu but him blocks with his sword. Towa tries to attack Tōtetsu with her Energy Blade but he blocks it. Miroku stands before Tōtetsu and tells him that he's right here. Tōtetsu asks Miroku that he's decided to surrender himself to him before he tries to use his air breath on him. Hisui tells Tōtetsu to eat this before he throws the demon slayer poison and lands in Tōtetsu’s mouth. Tōtetsu becomes surprised after eating the demon slayer poison. Hisui tells Tōtetsu that it's demon slayer poison before he throws the Hiraikotsu at him. Tōtetsu says gross as he exhales a large amount of poison back at Hisui, thrusting Hisui and the Hiraikotsu back. Miroku goes towards Hisui as he asks was he all right. Tōtetsu coughs and says he almost ate the poison. Towa and Setsuna face Tōtetsu. Towa questions that Tōtetsu's not just some vacuum. Setsuna says Tōtetsu sure didn't like the poison. Tōtetsu says how dare they all before he uses a powerful burst of wind. Setsuna uses her Cyclone Burst to counter Tōtetsu's powerful burst of wind. Towa says now is her chance as she runs. Setsuna continues to counter Tōtetsu. Towa calls out to Setsuna before she tries to use her Energy Blade on Tōtetsu. Tōtetsu dodges and tries to use his air breath on Towa. Miroku tells Hisui to hang in there as he helps him behind a rock, protecting him away from battle. Hisui tells Miroku that he accidentally inhaled some poison. Setsuna calls out to Miroku as she appears in front of him and Hisui. Setsuna asks Miroku to undo the seal as she holds her right arm out at him. Miroku hesitated at first. Setsuna asks Miroku does he want to be eaten. Miroku tells Setsuna 'no' as he sure doesn't. Towa dodges Tōtetsu's attack. Tōtetsu tries to use his air breath on Towa to suck her up. Towa hangs on to a rock but is sucked in by Tōtetsu's air breath. Towa places the rock in Tōtetsu's mouth but he could eat her. Tōtetsu spits out the rock and says he can't eat a Buddha. Miroku undo’s some kind of spell that was placed on Setsuna with a few hand gestures and exclaims release on the back of Setsuna’s right hand as a blue light and a symbol glows from this. Tōtetsu tells Towa to just get eaten already before he attacks with his sword. Towa blocks Tōtetsu's sword with her Energy Blade and dodges his air breath. In the middle of battle between Towa and Tōtetsu, Setsuna throws her Kanemitsu no Tomoe at Tōtetsu. Tōtetsu uses his air breath to deflect Setsuna's Kanemitsu no Tomoe. Setsuna charges towards Tōtetsu as she tells him that she's his opponent. Towa tells Setsuna that she can't. Tōtetsu says like hanyō to flame before uses his air breath. Setsuna jabs her right hand that’s engulfed in poison in Tōtetsu’s mouth. Towa calls out to Setsuna. Tōtetsu asks Setsuna what does a hanyō taste like. Tōtetsu inhales the poison from Setsuna’s hand and is now choked up with poisonous blood as he realizes what it is. Setsuna’s face has also changed as she now looks like a full-demon rather than her usual self. Setsuna asks Tōtetsu does her poison hand taste that delicious. Tōtetsu becomes confused before he spits out Setsuna's hand. Tōtetsu coughs and wonders about the poisonous blood. Towa charges at Tōtetsu and inflicts damage on Tōtetsu with her Energy Blade. Tōtetsu blows a cloud of black smoke cloud out of defense, escaping the scene. Towa becomes confused as she backs away. Miroku tells Tōtetsu that he won't get away as he attempts to not let Tōtetsu escape with a sutra. Tōtetsu manages to escape either way as he says he never wants to eat another hanyō ever again as he flees into the sky.

Miroku curses as Tōtetsu got away. Towa goes towards Setsuna as she asks was she all right. Setsuna tells Towa that this is nothing but this overflowing blood is as she can't. Towa tells Setsuna about her face. Setsuna looks at Towa. Towa comes to Hisui’s aid and gives him an antidote with water to drink. Towa tells Hisui to drink the water. Miroku asks Setsuna was she all right. Setsuna tells Miroku 'yes'. Miroku informs Setsuna that he's going to apply the seal again. Setsuna agrees with Miroku. Miroku chants the seal on Setsuna as he says On meeting an arhat, slay the arhat; on meeting your parents, slay your parents. know that the light to your path lays there. A blue circle of light appears on the back of Setsuna’s right hand once again, drawing inside her arm. Setsuna’s face changes back to normal. Miroku tells Setsuna that should do it. Hisui witnesses Miroku’s doing and shows a sign of relief from the misjudgment he had about him. At Sunset, Moroha is still protecting the temple as she becomes bored as she says nothing's coming this way. Moroha notices Takechiyo. Takechiyo arrives as he greets Moroha. Takechiyo tells Moroha that the incident has been resolved. Moroha becomes surprised. Takechiyo tells Moroha that some demon slayers who were protecting a monk ended up driving the man-eating demon away so there's no more bounty. Moroha is shocked and disappointed. Hisui, Towa, Setsuna, and Kirara leaves Miroku’s place. Hisui tells Miroku to not push himself if anything happens. Miroku tells Hisui 'yeah' as he'll run or hide if he has to. Hisui tells Miroku to see him later. Miroku sees that his place is completely destroyed after the battle with Tōtetsu. Gyokuto is seen helping Miroku clean the place up. At the old Demon Slayer Village in Miroku and Sango's house, Sango is making protective masks. Hisui greets Sango. Sango questions Hisui. Hisui informs Sango that it looks like Miroku will go through with the remaining 200 days of his training. Sango tells Hisui that she sees and she made some new protective masks and wonders could he could take them over to Kohaku. Sango sees a look on Hisui’s face and asks him did something happened. Hisui tells Sango nothing really. At the top of the stairs, Towa and Setsuna sitting down with each other. Setsuna tells Towa that she was told by Miroku that the poison in her body was inherited and if she transforms into a demon and as a hanyō that it's hard to control that power. Towa tells Setsuna that she sees. Setsuna tells Towa that she's also a hanyō and she might have inherited something too. Towa smiles and tells Setsuna that maybe they are sisters after all and hugs her. Setsuna becomes annoyed and tells Towa to not come near her as she pushes her away. Towa questions Setsuna a little bit is fine. Setsuna tells Towa to not come near her as she's too clingy. Towa becomes disapointed as she tells Setsuna that she's not fair.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • This was the final episode to air in the year 2020.
    • It is also the final episode to have NEW ERA as the opening theme and Break as the ending theme.
  • This episode was originally titled "Warring States, Delicious Monk." Both titles refer to high-level monks on Tōtetsu's menu.
  • This is Sango's and Miroku's first appearance in the present timeline of Hanyō no Yashahime; previously, they had only appeared in the prologue and flashbacks.
    • This is also the debut of Miroku's new voice actor, Ian James Corlett in the English Dub, the replacement for the late Kirby Morrow.
  • This the first time the half-demon twins do not meet up with their half-cousin.
  • Tōtetsu and Setsuna refer to spiritual powers as "Buddhist Powers."
  • It is revealed that mantra Setsuna previously chanted in Episode 5 is the spiritual seal on her dog-demon blood.
  • A flashback of Episode 173 is shown.
  • Towa and Setsuna are unaware that Tōtetsu possesses the seventh and final Rainbow Pearl.
  • Towa mentions the Chinese novel Journey to the West which Kagome talks about in Episode 129.
  • Sango is noticeably paler. Likely because she doesn't get as much sun due to no longer traveling as a demon slayer.
  • Gyokuto is seen traveling alone without much concern. It's possible she's had some hand-to-hand combat training from her parents for self-defense. Her identical twin sister is not seen for some reason.
  • It is revealed that Sango established the Memorial Tower and the house which she, Miroku, Kin'u and Gyokuto have moved to the old demon slayer village.
    • The Memorial Tower is for the demon slayers that have been killed by Naraku.
  • In the English Dub, Towa refers to Sōta's white collar job as a full-time job.


  • In the English Dub at the end credits, they put up the credits from Episode 11 instead of this episode.
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