The Delicious Feudal Monks is the thirteenth episode of Hanyō no Yashahime.


Tōtetsu, the final member of the Four Perils, has been wrecking havoc by devouring high-level Shinto monks and priests to attain their increasingly powerful spiritual abilities. One of his targets is none other than Miroku, Hisui's father!

Can the Half-Demon Princesses and demon-slayers reach him in time before Tōtetsu devours him?


Tōtetsu, the last of the Four Perils is eating monks to increase his power. Taking heed of this, Kohaku sends Hisui, Towa and Setsuna to protect Miroku, who is participating in a 1000-day training course to increase his powers, while Moroha is assigned by Jyūbei to protect another monk. Hisui is dissatisfied at first with meeting his father, as he does not see eye to eye with him. While meeting Miroku, they also meet Hisui's older sister Gyokuto, who is paying a visit to her father.

Tōtetsu appears to attack Miroku and attempts to eat him. While protecting his father, Hisui is afflicted by the demon slayer's poison used on Tōtetsu; Miroku tends to him while the half-demon twins continue the battle. Knowing that they are in as disadvantage, Setsuna asks Miroku to undo the spiritual seal he place on her to restrain her demonic blood, which unlocks her true dog-demon powers, forcing Tōtetsu to retreat. Miroku restores the seal on Setsuna's blood and Hisui starts seeing his father in a better light.

After the battle, Hisui, Towa and Setsuna bid farewell to Miroku, who now must clean all the mess caused by the battle. Hisui goes to visit his mother Sango to relay that Miroku is safe and continuing his training, while Moroha is disappointed that once again she could not get any bounty. Setsuna states to Towa that the poison in her blood was inherited and that would mean Towa has inherited something as well, being a half-demon herself.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • This was the final episode to air in the year 2020.
    • It is also the final episode to have NEW ERA as the opening theme and Break as the ending theme.
  • This episode was originally titled "Warring States, Delicious Monk". Both titles refer to high-level monks on Tōtetsu's menu.
  • This is Sango's and Miroku's first appearance in the current storyline of Hanyō no Yashahime; previously, they had only appeared in the prologue and flashbacks.
  • As of this episode, the locations of all seven Rainbow Pearls have been revealed.
  • This the first time the half-demon twins do not meet up with their cousin Moroha.
  • Tōtetsu and Setsuna refer to spiritual powers as "Buddhist powers".
  • It is revealed that mantra Setsuna previously chanted in Episode 5 is the spiritual seal on her dog-demon blood.
  • A flashback of Episode 173 (Episode 6 of The Final Act) is shown.
  • Towa and Setsuna are unaware that Tōtetsu possesses the seventh and final Rainbow Pearl.
  • Towa references the Chinese novel Journey to the West.
  • Gyokuto is seen traveling alone without much concern. It's possible she's had some training from her parents for self-defense.
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