Untamed Entei and Horrible Hakudoshi is the one hundred forty-second episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. Entei releases its former master, Rengokuki, from his seal as well and they begin terrorizing the lands once again; they encounter Kagura and are about to battle, when Hakudōshi appears and interrupts the fight.
  2. Hakudōshi easily destroys Rengokuki and Entei chooses him as his new master; soon after he confronts Inuyasha and his group and introduces himself and reveals that the last Shikon no Tama shard is at the border between this world and the next.
  3. Hakudōshi begins beheading demons in his search for the borderland.


Continuing from the last episode, the right half of the Infant has come back to life; it releases a miasma that destroys all the vegetation in the area before sucking it back in. Kagura sees the damage the miasma did before looking back to see a child in place of the Infant, covering himself with the remains of the Infant's clothing. Kagura questions who this new person is as he smiles. Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Kirara, Miroku and Shippo follow Entei to a valley where Rengokuki, Entei's rider, has just risen from his grave. After a brief trading of blows, Entei bears Rengokuki away.

Kagura goes to a village that Entei and Rengokuki have wrecked, seeking clothes for the now-grown infant. After trading insults, Rengokuki chases Kagura, wanting her as his woman. Kagura decides that if he wants a fight, she'll give him one as she tosses the outfit for the grown infant into the cave she left him in. As they prepare to fight, the grown infant intervenes, causing Entei to throw Rengokuki from his back, seeing that the child is much stronger.

Quickly defeating Rengokuki, the child claims Rengokuki's weapon as well as his new mount. Astride Entei, the child confronts Inuyasha and his companions, revealing his name to be Hakudoshi, the very same infant that was split in half; however, they think he pulled himself back together instead of growing from one half. Hakudoshi tells Miroku that he seeks the last jewel shard in the next world, which is why he seeks a border between this world and the next, before retreating with Kagura.

Sango and Miroku are seeking clues to the whereabouts of Hakudoshi and Entei. Kagome and Shippo consider the few shards left outside of Naruko's possession. Inuyasha saves Shippo and Kagome from the attack of a headless demon. Sango and Miroku arrive and they discuss what might have caused it.

Meanwhile, Hakudoshi beheads another demon and adds its head to a growing collection he now has hanging beside him. Humans lack sufficient power to see into the other side and demons don't die that easily. Hakudoshi remembers what he saw right before being split in half: a land of white mist.

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