Bizarre Guards at the Border of the Afterlife is the one hundred forty-fifth episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. Inuyasha and his friends find the Realm of Fire where they meet the two guardians, Gozu and Mezu; Inuyasha battles them in hopes of gaining entry into the netherworld.
  1. Since his Tessaiga is ineffective against the two guards, Inuyasha decides to try to force the gate open; when he succeeds, Kagura and a hoard of demons, who had been waiting, try to enter the gate but the demons are turned to stone before they can enter, meaning that it is impossible to enter the netherworld through this gate.


Back in her own time, Kagome reflects on how she first fell through time and met Inuyasha. Stocked up on supplies, she and Inuyasha head back to the feudal era to continue their search for the Sacred Jewel shards.

Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango and Shippō head toward the Realm of Fire. They see some Saimyōshō along the way, and believe they have been sent not to spy, but to lead them to the gateway they seek.

Inuyasha and his companions approach the gateway. At their approach, Inuyasha is asked if he would like to pass. When he says he would, two stone statues come to life to slay him, as only the dead may pass through the gate.

While Inuyasha battles the guardians, Hakudōshi waits for the gate to open, marking Inuyasha's death. Miroku tries to assist Inuyasha, but his Wind Tunnel has no more effect on the guardians than Tessaiga. After a clue from Myōga, Inuyasha uses his Red Tessaiga to break the chains closing the gateway. When the door begins to open, Kagura and a bunch of demons try to enter the gateway. The demons are turned to stone, and Kagura turns back. The gates are closed, but not before Kagome sees the light of a jewel shard beyond the gate. The guardians close the gateway, and turn back to stone.

Kagura escapes and returns to Hakudōshi. In a rage, she strikes out at him, only to collapse in pain when Naraku squeezes her heart from afar to remind her of her place.

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  • The events in this episode serve to revive and renew Kagura's conviction to become free. From here on, she begins to take more direct measures in her quest to end Naraku's life and escape her prison.
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