The Tragic Love Song of Destiny (Part 1) is the one hundred forty-seventh episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. Kikyō's past as a miko is revealed: when she was given the Shikon Jewel to protect and purify and first met Inuyasha.



Kikyō, Kaede, and Tsubaki

Kaede tells a story of Kikyō, she witnesses Kikyō and Tsubaki, another priestess, battle a swarm of demons from her youth. After Kikyō and Tsubaki defeated the demons, a Three-Eyed Spider emerged and cursed them that "it's not over, not for a long shot".

The story continues, Shako was overseeing the harvesting of dead yōkai remains at his village, two villagers suddenly approached him to tell him that something strange was happening at the nearby limestone cave. When they arrived, Shako saw that the cave was glowing ominously, and immediately came to the conclusion that it was caused by the spirit of the dead priestess Midoriko. Shako then turned his attention to a nearby corpse of the demon Mistress Centipede that the villagers were previously harvesting. He immediately impaled the corpse with Hiraikotsu and had managed to to pull out a jewel from it. He and the other villagers concluded that it was the legendary Shikon no Tama that had been forged from the combined souls of Midoriko and the countless yōkai she was battling against. In was then that Mistress Centipede suddenly revived in order to reclaim the jewel. She managed to ensnare him and then bite his shoulder. A moment later, Kirara bit her along the metameres of her enlongated legs, thus freeing Shako. He then threw Hiraikotsu at her and managed to severe her below her waist and killed her once again. Afterwards, Shako had to kneel down from the pain of his shoulder wound. He immediately realized that was the jewel that was responsible for her revival, and that she would continue to revive as long as she was near it. Just then, Mistress Centipede revived once more and attempted to escape. Shako ordered Kirara to pursue her, then ordered the villagers to find a priestess with the power to purify the sacred jewel.

As part of their training to become priestesses, Kikyō and Kaede wandered the countryside and slew many demons. After Kikyō and Tsubaki helped out a village in slaying demons, Kikyō tells Tsubaki she can keep her award for demon slayings. Kikyō and Kaede were leaving for their village when wanted to give Kikyō's advice. Tsubaki subtly cursed Kikyō before she left. Disguising the curse as advice from one priestess to another, Tsubaki tells Kikyō that a priestess' true power comes alive when she abandons all human feelings, but if one is a woman, it's only natural to fall in love. Kikyō had scoffed at the idea of herself falling in love, but Tsubaki continued. Her eyes flashed red as she told Kikyō to not forget, and to never fall in love. If a man desired her and she desired him, she would die a violent death. Kikyō knew Tsubaki had placed a curse on her, but wasn't worried as she continued home.

Kikyō tells Kaede that Tsubaki's warning, was actually a curse. Should she ever fall in love, she'd die a violent death.

Inuyasha battles a minor one-eyed black oni.

Upon returning to their village, one of the villagers revealed to Kikyō that a demon slayer had come in search of her that morning. The demon slayer returned that night with his fellow slayers and entrusted her with the task of purifying the Jewel of Four Souls. After Kikyō is given the Shikon Jewel from the demon hunters to purify it inside the shrine of the village and the resulting influx of demons to attack her, thus she was unable to enjoy the ordinary pleasures of her youth (e.g. burning perfume incense, coloring her lips and cheeks, etc.).

Inuyasha battles the two minor one-eyed black oni who want to avenge their older brother after he killed him.

On the evening of the new moon, Inuyasha runs to the forest to prepare when he sensed large amounts of spiritual powers and something reeking of blood.

After a strenuous battle to protect the Jewel, Kikyō became exhausted. Inuyasha watched in surprised of Kikyō and thought that a mere woman defeated the demons.

Inuyasha felt he was turning into a human. Kikyō asks the dark-haired Inuyasha how long does he intended to hide from her in the tree and if he heard of the Sacred Jewel, which he says he's never heard of it. Kikyō tells Inuyasha to stay away from her if he valued his life then walked away.


Inuyasha checks on Kikyō

Inuyasha notices Kikyō pass out from exhaustion and went closer to her examine her. When Inuyasha heard villagers voices calling Kikyō's name, he ran away. Kikyō was aided by Kaede and several villagers in the rain. She was pleased that Inuyasha, who remained unseen, did not kill her.

After the rain stopped, Inuyasha overhears Mistress Centipede looking for the Sacred Jewel and talking to herself how she needs it to increase her demonic power.

Eventually, Inuyasha made himself known to Kikyō, who immediately notices him from the night before, and tells her to shut up and attempted to steal the Shikon Jewel, but was quickly subdued by two of her arrows. Kikyō sensed that Inuyasha was just a half-demon, she realizes that he wants to have the Shikon Jewel to transform from a hanyō to a full-fledged, full-blooded yōkai. Inuyasha tells Kikyō to shut up and he wants to become the strongest demon then he wants to kill her, who says that's never going to happen and will purify the Jewel. Inuyasha noted Kikyō reeked of the stench of demon blood and smirks, asking if he mad her angry. Kikyō ultimately decided to spare Inuyasha's life. Inuyasha mentioned that Kikyō will be easy to find with the smell of demon blood on her, before they parted company.

After Kikyō defeated a fish demon with Kaede nearby and was going to return to the village, she notices Inuyasha, who makes an second attempt on the Sacred Jewel and Kikyō easily subdued him again, but not before learning his name and why he spared her life that night.

Kaede tells how Kikyō at this time began paying more attention to her appearance by bathing herself everyday.

While picking herbs like she found saisarisu (サイサリス, physalis), Kaede notices Mistress Centipede and runs away. Mistress Centipede came and tried to take Kaede hostage to use as a bargaining tool to get the Shikon no Tama from Kikyō, Inuyasha saves her. The demon's plan was cut short when she was killed by Inuyasha's Sankon Tessō, who says he wouldn't let her get the Jewel. Kaede thanks Inuyasha for saving her, who denies it and that he didn't want anyone else to have the Jewel, confusing Kaede.

Kikyō acknowledged that as long as Mistress Centipede's corpse still had demonic power and was near the jewel she would resurrect to no end. Kikyō had two of the villagers collect all remains of this fearsome demon and throw it down the Bone-Eater's Well, so that the power of the Shikon no Tama would not be able to revive her again.

During their first non-violent encounter following Mistress Centipede's demise, Kikyō thanked Inuyasha for saving Kaede's life and confided in him her personal feelings of loneliness and similarities towards Inuyasha, who sympathized with her and asked Kikyō to meet him again the next day to receive a gift, who says she was going to give him a gift as well. Inuyasha wonders if it's the Sacred Jewel and Kikyō denies, much to his disappointment.

That night at their hut, Kaede notices Kikyō enchanting beads to help her subjugate Inuyasha to her whims and prevent him from doing any more wrong.

They next day, Inuyasha gifted Kikyō with his deceased mother's Beni, who became surprised to know his mother was a human. Inuyasha says he was only received the Robe of the Fire-Rat she had received from his father, as well as a container of rouge when she died. Kikyō apologizes to Inuyasha for shooting so many arrows at his Robe of the Fire-Rat, who says not to worry and asks if she has his gift.

At last minute, Kikyō decided against placing the subjugation necklace on Inuyasha, who lies and says she's forgotten it, much to Inuyasha's dismay. Kikyō asks Inuyasha if she really can keep the rouge, who says 'yes'.

At night while Inuyasha is sleeping on a tree, a Three-Eyed Spider watches him and wonder him and Kikyō.

Kaede silently woke up to Kikyō trying on the Beni.


Kikyō and Inuyasha

After this, Kikyō became more human, showing more emotions and playing with children, she asks Inuyasha to join them but he refuses and still watches them.

While practicing her archery on the Sacred Tree, Kaede notices Kikyō with supplies and was going to ask her a question but changed her mind, who later walks away. Kaede thinks to herself that she admires her older sister that she thought that she was the only one to have that about her. While sleeping, Inuyasha notices Kikyō walking by.

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  • Opening Theme — One Day, One Dream — Best of Inuyasha II
  • Kaede sees Kikyō and Tsubaki — Sign of Unrest (Fuon na Kehai) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Kaede remarks that Kikyō has a tragic path — Trap (Wana) — TV OST Vol. 2
  • Mistress Centipede is still alive — Evil Spirits Desiring the Shikon no Tama (Shikon no Tama o Nerau Chimimōryō) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Tsubaki tells Kikyō not to fall in love with any man or she will die — Dead Soul (Shinidama) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Demon slayers give Kikyō the Shikon Jewel — The Living Buddha, Hakushin (Sokushinbutsu Hakushin Shōnin) — TV OST Vol. 3
  • Inuyasha has not heard of the jewel, Kikyō tells him to stay away; Inuyasha tries attacking her the next day and is pinned to the tree — The Hidden Well to the Sengoku Era (Kakushi Ido kara Sengoku Jidai e) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Kikyō asks why Inuyasha did not kill her the other night, she asks his name — Kikyō’s Heart (Kikyō no Kokoro) — TV OST Vol. 2
  • Kikyō asks Inuyasha if she is human — Hidden Feelings (Muneni Hitema Omoi) — TV OST Vol. 3
  • Inuyasha gives Kikyō a gift — Pure Shards (Yasashisa no Kakera) — TV OST Vol. 3
  • Ending Theme — Come — Best of Inuyasha II


  • Despite the sacredness of the Goshinboku, Kikyō and Kaede are seen using it for target practice.
  • This is the first and only episode to not feature Kagome.
  • "The Tragic Love Song of Destiny" is a one-hour special.
  • This is the only time Inuyasha says his name to a person.
  • This episode's song is "Dearest" in instrumental.