The Tragic Love Song of Destiny (Part 2) is the one hundred forty-eighth episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. Kikyō and Inuyasha's love for one another grows further, with Inuyasha resolving to use the Shikon no Tama to become a full-fledged human so he could live with Kikyō.
  2. The bandit Onigumo's lust for Kikyō is revealed, as is the scene of when he fed his soul to demons and became Naraku; Naraku's twisted plot to kill Kikyō and Inuyasha is put into action, leading to Kikyō's death and Inuyasha being sealed to the Goshinboku.



Kaede resumes Kikyō's story when Kikyō was secretly caring for a bandit named Onigumo inside a cave, was hostile to her and tried to dissuade her from keeping him alive and to not come back. Believing Inuyasha would overreact from jealousy, Kikyō asked Kaede to not tell him about treating the wounded Onigumo.

Kikyō was later asked to slay a demon from another country and approached Inuyasha for help. The two succeeded in defeating this demon and returned home afterwards.

During a conversation with Kaede, Onigumo never called her by name and claimed Kikyo was too pure and proud, stating he wanted to see Kikyo corrupted with evil just like the Shikon Jewel. Kaede later revealed to Kikyō the disturbing things Onigumo voiced regarding Kikyō during her mission with Inuyasha. Kaede says she doesn't care for Onigumo, but Kikyō pitted him and brushed off the incident.

During the season of spring, Tsubaki later confronted Kikyō in a forest and sensed Kikyō's spiritual powers waning after she fell in love with Inuyasha. Tsubaki offered to purify the Sacred Jewel in her place, only for Kikyō to refuse. Tsubaki attempted to cast a curse on Kikyō using her Shikigami and then taking the Sacred Jewel for herself, thinking Kikyō's powers would be weakened after hearing of her infatuation with a half-demon. However, Kikyō used her bow to reflect the curse and sent it flying back at Tsubaki, which gave her a scar on her right eye. Kikyō then spared a humiliated Tsubaki's life.

Meanwhile, Onigumo meets a spider demon and a flock of demons, who offers to fulfill his dreams for his soul. Onigumo intended to use the Yokai body for his own and use it to claim Kikyo as well as taking the jewel. Onigumo was pleasantly surprised that his sin infested soul held any value to the Yokai and gave it to them with no second thoughts.

While Kikyō helps Kaede work on her sacred arrows, the village is attacked by a horde of demons sent by Naraku to retrieve the Sacred Jewel. With her spiritual powers weakened, Kikyō didn't sense the collective demon's aura.

Inuyasha helps the villagers fight off the demons when Kikyo arrives with Kaede a little late. Kaede had tried to shoot a demon that was about to attack Kikyō, but missed a few times before hitting it. The demon then went to attack Kaede, but Kikyō shot it in time. The arrow failed to purify the demon's jaki, resulting in an explosion that rendered Kaede permanently blind in the right eye.

After the battle, Kikyo is alone and Inuyasha arrives by her side, asking how is Kaede's eye, she feels guilty for what happened but Inuyasha reassures her.

Eventually, Kikyō suggested using the Shikon Jewel to turn Inuyasha into a full human since he was half human, he could become a full human instead of a demon, that way the pearl would be purified, an offer he is unsure of at first. If this plan had in fact worked, it might have been possible for Kikyō to carry on the life of an ordinary woman alongside Inuyasha, and for him to finally feel like he belonged somewhere as a human. The idea of ​​leading a normal life together appealed to both of them.

One afternoon Inuyasha and Kikyō traveled by canoe and, when disembarking at the dock, Kikyo stumbled, Inuyasha holds her and being so close he cannot help it and hugs her and at that moment he tells her that he is determined and that he wants to use the Sacred Jewel to become human and be able to live with it. She gives him a tender kiss, which Inuyasha reciprocates and thus they agree to meet the next day at dawn to wear the Jewel and fulfill their wishes.

Naraku overhears their plans, and impersonates Inuyasha. Naraku (disguised as Inuyasha) asks Kikyō to meet him earlier than planned.

The next morning, Kikyo ran to the Sacred Tree where they would meet but Inuyasha had not arrived, she had the makeup Beni that he had given her and was going to start putting on makeup but Naraku with the form of Inuyasha attacked her from behind making a wound mortal on his right shoulder. Naraku broke the oyster with makeup mocking her and took the pearl, he told her that the pearl needed more blood to be darker and that he was going to attack the village. Kikyo was devastated when she saw that she had been betrayed by the person she loved, then Naraku went to the village and placed the pearl in her hate-filled shrine and transformed into Kikyo to deceive Inuyasha, Naraku arrives where Inuyasha is waiting for Kikyo and shoots an arrow at him, he taunts Inuyasha saying half demon, Kikyo had previously promised never to call him that way again after he told her his name, Inuyasha dodges her and flees devastated by the supposed betrayal of his beloved Kikyo. Inuyasha, feeling cheated, attacked the village and took the Shikon No Tama, when he was escaping with the Jewel in his possession, a badly wounded Kikyo arrives and shoots him with one of his sealing arrows, that arrow sealed him in the Sacred Tree, Inuyasha slowly falls in a deep sleep. Inuyasha wonders if he's going to die like this and guess it's okay then thinks even though things ended this way he still loves Kikyō, before falling in a deep slumber. Later, Kikyo asked her sister Kaede to be burned with the Jewel after she fell dead from the wound caused by Naraku. Fulfilling Kikyo's last will, her body is burned along with the Shikon Jewel. As her body is burned, her soul states that she will take the Sacred Jewel to the netherworld in order to keep it away from those who would abuse its power.

As Kaede tells herself the story she wonders why Kikyō chose the arrow of sealing over the sacred arrow, and why Inuyasha had a peaceful look on his face.

In the end for 535 years later at Sōgō hospital in Japan when Mrs. Higurashi gave birth to baby girl and names her Kagome; soon Kagome would release Inuyasha on the Tree and would meet their friends to defeat Naraku.

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  • "The Tragic Love Song of Destiny" is a one-hour special.
  • This episode has scenes from the earlier episodes about the very beginning of the series.
  • While getting off the boat, the background music is "Dearest."
  • This is the first time Kagome is seen as a newborn, as well having the Sacred Jewel within her.
  • The ending theme was the first opening of the series, "Change the World".
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