The One Behind the Forest Fire is the fourteenth episode of Hanyō no Yashahime.


Towa and Setsuna encounter an evil mountain god who seeks a woman who is surprised to see them. Once confronting this mountain god, he is amazed that the half-demon twins are alive and fights them to claim their gold and silver Rainbow Pearls for himself. Towa then realizes that he was responsible for the forest fire that had separated her from Setsuna for a whole decade and vows vengeance.


Towa, Setsuna and Moroha are hired by Tamamo, a beautiful young woman who was rescued by Riku to slay Homura, an evil mountain god who kidnapped her from her grandparents and filled of jealousy, started to kill all man who looked to her face. During their confrontation, Homura recognizes Towa and Setsuna, revealing that he was the responsible for the fire that separated them 10 years ago, as he was ordered to dispose of the twins, and decides to kill them to cover for his failure. Soon after, Riku arrives with Tamamo by her request. Tamamo openly rejects Homura for his behavior and declares that she will never return to his side, and a disheartened Homura burns himself to death. Afterwards, Tamamo leaves to rejoin her grandparents' side, while Towa finds some relief in finally enacting her revenge.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • This the first episode to air in 2021.
    • It is also the first episode to have BURN as the opening theme and Kesshou as the ending theme.
  • This episode marks the first time on the show that the girls fight not a demon, but a god.
  • It is revealed that the forest fire that resulted in the separation of the half-demon twins was not random but deliberately by Homura, who was ordered by a green-eyed, white-haired female demon named Zero to "erase those cursed half-demon sisters from the face of this world."
    • In addition, it turned out that Zero gave this order with the permission of Sesshōmaru, who seemed to want his daughters dead for unknown reasons.
  • This is Riku's third appearance. He does not utilize the purple Rainbow Pearl he had taken from Kyūki.
  • Towa mentioning how one cannot get a signal with a cellphone in the feudal era is what Kagome had said in Episode 18 of The Final Act.
  • Homura's great obsession with Tamano is quite similar to how the human man Mikagi/the Progenitor was with his tennyo/celestial maiden/angel wife Ceres, even after her spirit was continuously reborn into the bodies of daughters in the Mikage family, in the manga and anime miniseries Ceres, Celestial Legend.
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