Return of the Tragic Priestess, Kikyo is the fifteenth episode of the InuYasha anime. It first aired in Japan on February 12, 2001.


  1. Urasue successfully resurrects Kikyō using Kagome's soul; with Kikyō's first action, she destroys the demon.
  2. Kikyō vows to get her revenge on Inuyasha for his betrayal 50 years prior.


Inuyasha falls into the ravine that the bridge crossed but which Urasue had cut with the clay soldiers. When Inuyasha arrived down on the rumble clay soldiers, he wonders where Kagome and the others are until he notices a giant leaf falling before it landed on him. Shippō and Kaede were sitting on the leaf, not knowing they landed on Inuyasha. Shippō wonders if Inuyasha is all right. Kaede says Inuyasha wouldn't die so easily. Inuyasha appears out from under the leaf and tells Shippō and Kaede to get off of him. Shippō and Kaede notice Inuyasha before Shippō untransform the leaf on Inuyasha as they stood up. Some of the clay soldiers survived the fall as they appear out of the rumble. Inuyasha questions the clay soldiers if they haven't had enough before he easily defeats them with his Tessaiga. Shippō tells Inuyasha that Urasue has kidnapped Kagome. Inuyasha realizes that Kagome wasn't thrown to the ground and killed.

Kaede walks to where the defeated clay soldiers were and sees souls rise from them, making her confused. Inuyasha asks Kaede what's going on. Kaede says human souls were being used to move the clay soldiers and discovers that bones have been baked into them, confusing Inuyasha. Kaede says Urasue uses bones and souls and stolen her older sister Kikyō's remains and Kagome before she starts to walk towards Urasue's location but she still is in pain. Inuyasha tells Kaede to not strain herself as he'll recover Kikyō's remains for her. Kaede replies she fears they don't have much time as they may well be meeting with Kikyō soon. Inuyasha becomes at the possibly meeting of Kikyō. Kaede says if Urasue uses her tricks to reincarnate Kikyō then she will become a formidable foe and have to stop her.

Back at Urasue's hut, Kagome is tied up in a tub as Urasue is pouring herbal water into it. Kagome asks Urasue what was she doing. Urasue tells Kagome that she is a noisy chit before she finished pouring. Kagome asks what's in the water as it smells disgusting like herbs. Kikyō comes out of Urasue's hut in her priestess clothes. Kagome asks Urasue who was she. Urasue notices Kikyō has donned on her clothes and says she is quite pretty dressed as a priestess and her body is baked of human remains and graveyard soil and all she needs to do is place a human soul within her, confusing Kagome. Urasue explains to Kagome that the herbal potion will soon cause her soul to leave her body and she will have her return Kikyō's soul. Kagome becomes confused before she begins to realize that the woman is staring at is Kikyō.

Inuyasha, Shippō, and Kaede are climbing the cliffs to Urasue's location. Kaede starts to feel pain again as she is on Inuyasha's back. Shippō tells Inuyasha to fly more gently as Kaede is in pain. Inuyasha says he thought time was critical. Kaede tells Inuyasha to not worry about her and quickly get her up there to Urasue's hut before Inuyasha continues. Shippō thinks to himself that Kaede said Kagome's soul would be removed and they can't be dawdling before he follows.

Kagome says she feels awful and she can't move. As Urasue is putting her jar away, she becomes surprised that is still awake as the the herbs should have caused Kagome to lose consciousness by now. The shards of the Shikon Jewel started to glow around Kagome's neck. Urasue then realizes that Kagome has a fragment of the Sacred Jewel and becomes fortunate and walks towards her to retrieve it. As Urasue gets close, the light bursts becomes a large barrier. Urasue suspects is this the power of the Sacred Jewel and realizes that the soul is very angry as Kikyō's soul is mad with anger. Kagome says she feels sick and going to going to throw up. Urasue says it is a powerful grudge and suspects something tremendous must surely have happened to Kikyō in her previous life. Kikyō is sitting and notices Inuyasha and Kaede coming towards them. Inuyasha and Kaede immediately notice Kikyō sitting down. Kaede calls out to Kikyō. Kagome weakly calls out to Inuyasha. Urasue becomes surprised that Inuyasha, Shippō, and Kaede survived the fall. Inuyasha continues to look at Kikyō in shock. Kikyō doesn't want her name to be called. Inuyasha says that she's Kikyō.

Kikyō is resurrected

With that one action the soul explodes and Kagome can no longer resist the herbal potion. Urasue says the soul is leaving Kagome's body. Inuyasha calls out to Kagome. Urasue says to Inuyasha the second he said Kikyō's name, Kagome's heart skipped a beat and Kikyō's soul sprang forth. The soul begins to enter Kikyō's body as she is in the air. As the resurrection was completed, Kikyō descends from the air in a bright light and when she reaches the ground she touches her face. Inuyasha says Kagome's soul has entered Kikyō's body. Shippō goes to Kagome's body and begs her to wake up. Urasue says Kagome is an empty shell now and she'll pickle her later for her dinner. Kaede tells Urasue to listen and how dare she use her older sister Kikyō's remains. Kikyō stops glowing and takes her hands off her face. Urasue confirms it as she used her powers to turn Kikyō's remains into flesh and blood and they could say she is her birth mother and she will do anything she ask of her. Kikyō slowly walks towards Urasue, who tells Kikyō to use her powers to rid them of Inuyasha and the others. Kikyō kneels before Urasue, confusing her, and puts her hands on Urasue's shoulders and uses her spiritual powers on her. Urasue backs away before she spins around in circles and fall to the ground, her whole body burnt to a crisp in blue flames. Inuyasha looks at Urasue before he looks back at Kikyō.

Kikyō asks Inuyasha why he's still alive as she knows she sealed him to the Sacred Tree with her Sacred Arrow. Inuyasha prepares to be attacked by Kikyo and tells her she did and it took him about 50 years to get out but he's fine as she can see. Kikyō lifts her head up and looks at Inuyasha angrily with tears in her eyes and says he's hateful. Kikyō stands up and starts to walk towards Inuyasha and says she hates him. Suddenly, a red light seeps through Kikyō's right shoulder and Kikyō clutches her it with her hand. Inuyasha asks Kikyō what's the matter. The red light disappears and it is revealed to be blood. Kikyō takes her hand off of her right shoulder and angrily yells at Inuyasha why did he betray her. Inuyasha becomes curious of the blood on Kikyō. Kaede asks Inuyasha isn't that the fatal wound he inflicted on Kikyō. Inuyasha becomes confused and questioned Kaede was she really saying he killed Kikyō. Kaede confirms it as that's how her older sister Kikyō died. A pool of blood appeared beneath Kikyō. Inuyasha tells Kaede he didn't kill Kikyō and doesn't remember doing any such a thing. Kaede tells Inuyasha can he be certain and questions he didn't inflict the wound that killed Kikyō then asks what's going on. Kikyō says to Inuyasha she never thought and expected to hear such excuses and tells him to stop it as it's unbecoming and repeated it to him to stop it. Kikyō asks Inuyasha if he remembers that he wished to become human. Kaede tells Kikyō that Inuyasha wanted to be a full demon. Kikyō says to Inuyasha he would become a human and she believed him and took the Sacred Jewel to you that day.

The flashback shows of Kikyō holding the Sacred Jewel in the fields. All of a sudden a rustle sneaks up behind Kikyō and injures her. When Kikyō landed on the ground, she tries to get the Sacred Jewel but 'Inuyasha' steps on her hands. 'Inuyasha' calls Kikyō a fool and tells her he has absolutely no desire to become a human, shocking Kikyō. 'Inuyasha' takes it from Kikyō and says he will take the Sacred Jewel none the less and he sure appreciate this and it needs to absorb more bitterness and ill will and he will kill all of the villagers and leaves. Kikyō angrily tells Inuyasha that she hates him. End of the flashback, Kaede questions if Inuyasha could have done such a thing. Inuyasha angrily asks Kikyō if she's saying that he was the one that betrayed her. Kikyō confirms it and tells Inuyasha that's why she gathered up the last of her strength and bounded him to the tree with her sacred arrow before she walked over to him, causing Inuyasha to growl at her. Inuyasha and Kikyō call out to each other. Kikyō stops in front of Inuyasha and places her hands on his Robe of the Fire-Rat and says to him they were fated never to meet again before she grabs it and uses her spiritual powers to injure him as it sent him flying back. Kaede walks up to Kikyō and pleads her to stop. Kikyō asks Kaede who is she. Kaede tells Kikyō that she is her younger sister and she has lived 50 years since her death. Kikyō asks Kaede why does she protect Inuyasha. Kikyō tells Kaede to let her have her bow and arrow as she grabs them, pushing her out of the way, and shoots an arrow at Inuyasha who can only just avoid it, causing an explosion.

Shippō gets Kagome out of the herbal tub. Kikyō looks at Kaede as she calls out to her. Kaede tells Kikyō she mustn't as Inuyasha is not the enemy. Kikyō asks Kaede what does she mean and has been taken in by Inuyasha and calls him a 'hanyō'. Kaede tells Kikyō she is mistaken. Kikyō tells Kaede to give her the arrow, Kaede refuses. Kikyō asks Kaede who was she and don't they share the same blood and does she refuse to follow her older sister's command before takes Kaede's arrows. Kaede tries to stop Kikyō as she calls out to her but Kikyō tells her to move and pushes her out of the way. Inuyasha stands up again. Kikyō tells Inuyasha he told her that he wanted to become a human then drops the arrows then says he become human and live with her as she prepares to shoot an arrow at Inuyasha again. Shippō asks Kaede what will happen to Kagome. Kaede says so long as Kikyō holds on to hatred her soul will not grow still and so long as her soul does not return to Kagome she will continue to slumber. Shippo becomes worried and says that's awful. Inuyasha says to Kikyō that he really wanted to become human and he truly loved her. Kikyō tells Inuyasha to silence as she was a fool for wishing, even for a second, to live together with him and she died hating him and her spirit cannot shed that hatred and so long as he lives, she cannot be saved.

Kaede tells Inuyasha she wants him to destroy Kikyō's body as her rebirth is a sham and he must release her soul from within. Kikyō says it's no use and so long as the hatred is not erased this soul will not return to Kagome's body and tells Inuyasha all it takes is his death before she shoots an arrow at him. Inuyasha draws his Tessaiga but the arrow purified it and it transforms back into its normal form. Kaede says Kikyō's arrow has overcome the Tessaiga and yells at Inuyasha to run. The arrow starts to enter into the same spot where Kikyō pierced Inuyasha's chest as he begins to scream. The voice of Inuyasha's scream wakes Kagome up. Kikyō notices something is wrong before the soul starts to escape from her body as tries to prevent it from escaping. Kaede says it's Kagome as she's trying to take back her soul. Kikyō doesn't want this to end as she still hasn't fulfilled her revenge. Shippō and Kaede are pushed away from Kagome as her soul is returning to her body. The arrow in Inuyasha dissolves as the soul returns to Kagome's body. Inuyasha kneels as he looks for Kikyō and wonders where she is until he sees her walking away. Inuyasha calls out to Kikyō and realizes she still has a small piece of soul in her. Urasue still alive, but just barely, tells Inuyasha all that's keeping Kikyō going now is her deeply held hatred as it seems most of the soul has returned to Kagome and looks like Kikyō's pent up hatred have been absorbed well into the bones and graveyard soil and the once pure maiden is now a demon filled with hatred and asked isn't that lovely. Urasue laughed as she disappears in the dust. Inuyasha stands up and runs after Kikyō. Kaede calls out to Inuyasha.

Kikyō thinks to herself if she remains near Kagome she'll take the rest of her soul and she has to get away but on her way she overlooks a cliff and starts to fall. Inuyasha grabs Kikyō's arm to prevent her from falling. Kikyō looks up and sees Inuyasha and she calls out to him. Inuyasha tells Kikyō she can't go on like this and she must return to Kagome's body. Kikyō asks Inuyasha if he's telling her to die, shocking Inuyasha. Kikyō says to Inuyasha that if she returns to Kagome's body that means she will no longer exist forever and asks him if that is what he wants then says she'll never die before using spiritual powers on him. Kikyō asks Inuyasha didn't she tell him when she dies he's coming with her. Inuyasha tells Kikyō to stop this but he also starts to slip on the cliff but manages to hold on to the cliff. Inuyasha tries to hold on to Kikyō but she slips from his grasp. Inuyasha calls out to Kikyō as she falls of the cliff and disappears in the mist. Inuyasha thinks to himself why did this happen and angrily made a fist.

In the flashback, Inuyasha tells the story of Kikyō. Inuyasha says Kikyō used her spiritual powers to protect the Sacred Jewel from demons and he needed the Sacred Jewel too in order to become a full fledged demon. Inuyasha is struck to the tree by many arrows by Kikyō, but she only hit his clothes. Inuyasha prepares to be killed by Kikyō, who is aiming an arrow at, but decides not to kill him and starts to leave. Inuyasha tells Kikyō to wait a minute and asks why does she never finish him off. Kikyō tells Inuyasha to quit bothering her as she doesn't want to waste any more arrows. Inuyasha says if he could just get his hands on the Sacred Jewel as he had no intention of killing Kikyō and she would never kill him either. Kikyō is bathing near a waterfall and Inuyasha is watching her from afar in interest. Kikyō is sitting down on clear field and tells Inuyasha she knows he was watching her and asks won't he join her. Inuyasha comes out of a tree and sits next to Kikyō but is suspicious. Kikyō says to Inuyasha that they've never talked like this before. Inuyasha says so what. Kikyō asks Inuyasha how does she look and does she look human. Inuyasha asks Kikyō what was she talking about. Kikyō says she never showed anyone her weakness and must never waver otherwise some demon will get the better of her and she's a human but she mustn't be human. Kikyō tells Inuyasha they have things in common as they're both outsiders since he is a hanyo and that's why she couldn't kill him. Inuyasha stands up and says to Kikyō she was complaining and it's not like her at all before starts to walk away but turns to see her sad expression. Kikyō says she guesses it's unlike her. Inuyasha thinks to himself looking at Kikyō's sad face for the first time in his life he felt like he'd done something wrong and after that day all he could think about was Kikyō as she was always near him and he was always with her.

Inuyasha questions Kikyō about being a human. Kikyō tells Inuyasha he can be a human since he is half human after all and if the Sacred Jewel fell into the hands of a true demon its powers would greatly increase but if it was used to turn him into a human the Sacred Jewel would be purified and would probably cease to exist. Inuyasha asks Kikyō what would happen to her. Kikyō says her duty is to protect the Sacred Jewel and without it she'd become an ordinary woman. Inuyasha and Kikyō were riding on a boat and when she gets off the boat she accidentally trips and he manages to catch her. Inuyasha and Kikyō stare at each other for a moment before they hugged one another. Inuyasha says he had no second thoughts as he believed he could live as a human with Kikyō and he wanted that life but that day. Inuyasha was standing by the Sacred Tree when he was attacked by arrows from 'Kikyō', surprising him. 'Kikyō' tells Inuyasha to die. Inuyasha says it was he who was betrayed and when he let down his guard Kikyō tried to kill him and he managed to dodge her arrows then attacked the village to steal the Sacred Jewel then she pinned him to the Sacred Tree. A scene comes back to Kikyō asking Inuyasha why did he betray her. The flashback ends as Inuyasha is walking back injured. Inuyasha thinks to himself why did they come to this before painfully lays on the ground. Inuyasha asks himself why and what in the world is going on.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Opening Theme — CHANGE THE WORLD — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Clay samurai still alive — Attack (Shūgeki) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Kikyō looks at Kagome, Urasue tells her she is Kikyō’s reincarnation — Dead Soul (Shinidama) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • The souls enter Kikyō’s body, she is revived — Demon Brother Sesshōmaru (Yōkei Sesshōmaru) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Kikyō bleeds and asks Inuyasha why he betrayed her — The Hidden Well to the Sengoku Era (Kakushi Ido kara Sengoku Jidai e) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Kikyō recalls how Inuyasha stole the Shikon Jewel from her — Evil Spirits Desiring the Shikon no Tama (Shikon no Tama o Nerau Chimimōryō) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Kikyō’s arrow undoes Tessaiga’s transformation, pierces Inuyasha — Attack (Shūgeki) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Inuyasha grabs Kikyō’s arm, she zaps his arm and falls down cliffside — Spiritual Power (Reiryoku) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Inuyasha recalls Kikyō’s duty to protect Shikon Jewel — Trap (Wana) — TV OST Vol. 2
  • Flashback to Inuyasha meeting Kikyō and falling in love with her — Misfortunate Miko, Kikyō — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Inuyasha recalls Kikyō’s betrayal of him, he collapses on ground — Dilemma (Kyūchi) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Ending Theme — My Will — TV OST Vol. 1

Differences from the manga

  • The anime includes an extra, albeit short, fight between Inuyasha and Urasue's dolls. This leads Kaede to deduce the reason for Urasue stealing Kikyō's bones and ashes.
  • In the manga, while Kagome is unable to move in the herbal water, she talks back to Urasue and unwittingly creates a barrier to keep her soul from breaking free. She even remains able to talk up to when Inuyasha arrives to save her.
  • Before going to save Kagome, Inuyasha relays his history with Kikyō to Kaede, who is able to deduce that Inuyasha actually loved Kikyō. The anime includes the story, but in a later scene.
  • Inuyasha's and Kikyō's reunion plays out quite a bit differently between the two mediums. In the manga, the two share a brief moment of tenderness before Kikyō draws close to Inuyasha to attack. In the anime, however, the two are immediately hostile towards one another, and the wound inflicted on her by "Inuyasha" reappears. Likewise, in the manga, Inuyasha deflected the arrow and destroyed Kikyō's bow but discarded Tessaiga to talk her out of her hatred, having been unable to kill her as he still loved her.
  • In the manga, Inuyasha was able to deduce a third party disguised as Kikyō and himself to make them think they betrayed each other. In the anime, he was pondering how did this happen the way they did, not realizing a third party was involved.
  • Kikyō being revealed to have survived the fall and staggering through a battlefield is not included in the anime.

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