The Cruel Reunion of Fate is the one hundred fifty-third episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. Kohaku, under Naraku's control, slays all of the villagers surrounding him and the Infant, the lady of the castle manages to escape, only to have her soul taken away by Kanna, who retrieves the Infant.
  2. Sango confronts Kohaku, and she immediately recognizes that he was the one who killed all of the people around him; as this happens, Kohaku slowly begins to regain his horrible memories of the past.
  3. Naraku removes the barrier he put around Princess Abi and Tekkei; Inuyasha picks up the smell of the demon birds soon after, but is approached by Kochō and Asuka, who tell him that Kikyō is waiting.


The Cruel Reunion of Fate

Under Naraku's influence, Kohaku kills the guards protecting the castle lady and the Infant. Although he does not want to, Kohaku proceeds to slay everyone surrounding the lady and the Infant. As he stands over her, struggling with Naraku's commands, Sango arrives with Kirara and the lady flees with the infant, running into Kanna. Kanna sucks the lady's soul into her mirror, retrieves the infant, and disappears.

Inuyasha and Princess Abi continue to battle. Before their battle concludes, Abi retreats with her bird demons.

While Kohaku struggles with glimpses of his memory, Kagura rescues him. Kohaku remembers killing the members of his village, and steps off Kagura's feather. Kagura catches him moments before he hits the ground.

Inuyasha and the others discuss what Sango saw, realizing that the infant was Naraku's incarnation.

Kagura concludes the Infant holds Hakudōshi's heart.

Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Shippō and Miroku follow Princess Abi, still seeking the nest of the bird demons. The believe that Naraku plans to use the blood Princess Abi is collecting to cross over to the netherworld. Sango anguishes over Kohaku's actions, and wonders if she can save her brother. Miroku comforts Sango without his usual lecherous antics.

While the others sleep, Inuyasha wakes to the scent of the bird demons. Kikyō's helpers appear and tell Inuyasha that Kikyō waits for him.

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  • In this episode, Kohaku regains his memories and now seeks to have revenge on Naraku.
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