Farewell Under the Lunar Eclipse is the fifteenth episode of Hanyō no Yashahime.


What happened to Towa, Setsuna and Moroha's parents, Sesshōmaru and Inuyasha and Kagome? Riku begins to speak. It began 18 years ago, when Hōsenki II delivered a new Black Pearl to Inuyasha. Four years later, Towa and Setsuna were born. However, when Sesshōmaru takes away the twins, he hides them in a barrier, because there is someone who aims for the lives of twins. The name of the person who hates Hanyō is Zero, Kirinmaru's older sister. It was predicted that it would be beings that are neither human nor demon who would destroy Kirinmaru.


Riku narrates that please do forgive him as this is an old tale that began 18 years ago and although for himself that 18 years feels like no time at all. The Purveyor of Jewels, Hōsenki II shows Riku a completed Black Pearl as he questions isn't it glorious. Riku tells Hōsenki II that is the Black Pearl the jewel that leads to the border of this world and the afterlife. Hōsenki II tells Riku that normally it would take 100 years to create a jewel but he created the Black Pearl in just 4 years and it is all thanks to Riku for allowing him to borrow his Rainbow Pearl and Lady Izayoi’s rouge as he gives Riku the Green Rainbow Pearl and Beni. Riku tells Hōsenki II that he's glad he was able to help him and asks what will he do with the Black Pearl. Hōsenki II tells Riku that he plans to deliver the Black Pearl to Inuyasha. Riku stands up and asks Hōsenki II can he give Inuyasha the Beni as he gives it back. Hōsenki II looks at the Beni. At Kaede's village, Rikichi plucks out more remains from Root Head. Rikichi tells Kaede that he found yet another remnant of Root Head as she is currently passing by, taking a walk with Kin'u, Gyokuto, and Hisui. Kaede questions Rikichi if that so as it’s been a month and they still can’t seem to get rid of Root Head as it's such a troublesome demon. Kin’u and Gyokuto informs Kaede of there being a demon at “Doggy’s place” referring to Inuyasha. Kin'u and Gyokuto tell Kaede it’s a “shell demon”. Kin'u tells Kaede that there's also a demon at “Doggy’s place”. Kaede asks Kin'u does she mean Inuyasha. Gyokuto tells Kaede that it's a different demon and it's a shell demon. Kaede wonders about the shell demon.

At Inuyasha and Kagome's house, Hōsenki II sits in a large shell and greets Inuyasha and Kagome. Hōsenki II tells Inuyasha to rejoice as the Black Pearl is complete and it's ready 96 years earlier than scheduled too. Inuyasha looks uninterested as he picks his ear. Hōsenki II tells Inuyasha that he heard a rumor and wonders if it is true that he inherited his father's special technique the Adamant Barrage. Inuyasha confirms this to Hōsenki II. Hōsenki II asks Inuyasha if he could demonstrate the Adamant Barrage for him just this once and if he shows him then he shall hand him the Black Pearl that he so desires. Inuyasha tells Hōsenki II that if he wants to see the Adamant Barrage then he'll show him and he draws out his Tessaiga as he says he owes it to the previous Hōsenki after all. Hōsenki II repeatedly thanks Inuyasha. Kagome tells Inuyasha to wait a second. Inuyasha uses the Adamant Barrage but causes damage on his and Kagome’s house while doing so. Kagome yells at Inuyasha and gives him the “Sit” command. Inuyasha falls to the ground. Kagome tells Inuyasha that she didn't think he'd do it here and wonders what was he thinking. Later Hōsenki II, Inuyasha, and Kagome sit inside the now half-broken home. Hōsenki II tells Inuyasha that he heard that the Black Pearl were originally the tears from the Great Dog Demon's wife, Izayoi as he gives Inuyasha the Black Pearl. Inuyasha questions about his mother's tears. Hōsenki II tells Inuyasha when Tōga passed away Izayoi's tears were turned into a jewel and the Tessaiga and the path to his grave were sealed inside it and it was placed within young Inuyasha's right eye.

Kagome asks Hōsenki II what is the compacted shell she is holding. Hōsenki II tells Kagome that it is the rouge that Izayoi used in order for himself to create the Black Pearl as they needed some of Izayoi’s deep sadness. Inuyasha tells Hōsenki II that he's surprised he found the rouge. Hōsenki II tells Inuyasha that it was no easy feat. A flashback of Inuyasha giving Kikyō his late mother Izayoi's Beni as a gift is seen. Kagome asks Hōsenki II if she and Inuyasha can have the Beni too along with the Black Pearl. Hōsenki II tells Kagome 'of course' as he has no use for the Beni now that the Black Pearl is complete. Kagome is happy and tells Inuyasha isn't it great as they now have two of Izayoi’s keepsakes. Inuyasha asks Kagome why the hell would he need the Beni and the Black Pearl anymore. Kagome asks Inuyasha what was he talking about and with the Black Pearl they can go pay their respects to Tōga’s grave and wonders why can't he be happier about it. Inuyasha tells Kagome that like he'd go to somewhere like that then places the Black Pearl into his right eye. Hōsenki II asks Inuyasha what has he done as concealing it in his right eye means he can’t extract the Black Pearl unless it’s an emergency. Inuyasha tells Hōsenki II that the Black Pearl was his mother's keepsake so he can do whatever he wants with it. Kagome tells Inuyasha that he always say such reckless things and the rouge is off-limits, keeping it close to her. Inuyasha turns his head as he doesn't care. Kagome thinks to herself that Inuyasha's so bad at showing how he truly feels.

Four years later at night, Kin’u and Gyokuto are excited and tells Kaede to hurry up. Kaede tells Kin’u and Gyokuto to not rush her. Kin’u and Gyokuto tell Kaede that Rin is about to give birth. Kaede tells Kin’u and Gyokuto 'all right, all right'. Kin’u and Gyokuto are overwhelmed with excitement and tells Kaede they’re going to give the baby way more attention than they do with Hisui. Kaede asks Kin’u and Gyokuto where are Sango and Hisui. Kin’u tells Kaede that Sango went to get Kagome. Sango holding Hisui’s hand, are at Inuyasha and Kagome’s house. Sango tells Kagome that looks like it’ll be soon. Kagome tells Sango 'okay, she got it'. Sango asks Kagome if she’s all right though as she's pretty far along as she can't wait. Kagome tells Sango 'thanks' but she doesn't have morning sickness and she can barely see her bump, blushing at her words. Sango tells Kagome that she's right but to still watch her footing. Sango, Kagome, and Hisui are currently on their way to meet with Kaede and Rin. Kin’u and Gyokuto runs over to tell Sango that Kaede needs her help with something. Sango tell Kin’u and Gyokuto 'all right' and looks at Kagome. Kagome tells Sango that she'll be fine and she will catch up to her and to go on ahead. Sango tells Kagome 'okay' but to be careful. Kagome confirms it with Sango. Sango hurries off with Hisui, Kin’u, and Gyokuto.

Kagome looks up and notices that the moon is waning a little and it's odd as it is supposed to be a full moon tonight and walks away before realizing that tonight must be a lunar eclipse as the Earth’s shadow covers the moon and it becomes dark. Riku calls upon Kagome’s name and introduces himself to her. Kagome asks Riku have they met before. Riku tells Kagome 'no' as this is their first time meeting. Kagome asks Riku how does he knows her name. Riku tells Kagome that she's the legendary priestess who made the right wish and purified the Shikon Jewel and words of her deeds has spread much further than she can imagine. Kagome asks Riku is that so and wonders if he has any business with her. Riku informs Kagome that a great cataclysm is approaching as every 500 years a comet called the Grim Comet travels close to this Earth and points at the sky for a moment. Kagome wonders about the Grim Comet. Riku tells Kagome that unfortunately large fragments break off and fall from the comet. Kagome looks at the sky. Riku tells Kagome that 500 years ago back when nobles were governing the land and war and famine kept spreading and many people died and because of that the population of demons grew and great demons who controlled them appeared in the East and West and she knows one of them quite well the Great Dog-Demon. Kagome says that Tōga is Inuyasha's father. Riku confirms this and tells Kagome that Tōga and Kirinmaru were 2 Beast King and joined forces and eradicated the Comet fragment 500 years ago. Kagome questions Riku that Tōga help destroy the Grim Comet and was amazed. Riku tells Kagome that 7 days from now the Grim Comet’s fragment will fall upon this Earth once again but Tōga is no longer and Kirinmaru himself has fallen into a long slumber. Kagome eagerly asks Riku will Inuyasha be able to serve in Tōga's place and how can they awaken Kirinmaru from his slumber. Riku tells Kagome that he doesn't recommend awakening Kirinmaru as he hates humans and cannot forgive the existence of hanyōs and he wouldn't just kill Inuyasha and he would also most likely kill the hanyō that Rin will give birth tonight and her child as well. Kagome holds her stomach as she questions that Kirinmaru will kill her unborn child. Kagome asks Riku can't they do anything and isn't there a way to destroy the Grim Comet’s fragment while keeping Kirinmaru asleep. Riku tells Kagome that there is one way as if Tōga’s sons combine their strength. Kagome tells Riku that if there's anything she can do she'll do it. Riku asks Kagome to convince Sesshōmaru and Inuyasha. Kagome tells Riku 'okay' as she'll see what she can do.

From a distance, sounds of babies crying can be heard from the distance. The moon is currently under a Lunar Eclipse as Sesshōmaru and Jaken look over the village and the sky. Jaken tells Sesshōmaru looks like they’re born. Sesshōmaru looks behind him to see Zero. Jaken asks Zero who goes there. Zero tells Sesshōmaru that it's been a while. Jaken asks Zero just who was she and answer his question. Zero steps forward as she asks Sesshōmaru how was his mother doing as she hasn't seen her in years and the word is that he had twins or was it hanyō twins. Sesshōmaru stares silently at Zero. Zero tells Sesshōmaru that she can already picture the surprise on Kirinmaru's face that the great lord Sesshōmaru known to despise humans and hanyōs has taken a human as his wife and perhaps he should hide his precious daughters before he awakens. Sesshōmaru asks Zero that is it not her who wants his twin daughters. Zero questions Sesshōmaru that he remembered her name and she's flattered. Sesshōmaru pulls out his Bakusaiga and attacks Zero but her appearance disappears and a shikigami is sliced in half. Jaken questions that Zero was a puppet. Sesshōmaru places his Bakusaiga back in his sheath as he tells Jaken that it's boorish. Zero’s aura lingers in the sky as she tells Sesshōmaru that once the lunar eclipse ends the Grim Comet will approach for the first time in 500 years and he should use his Bakusaiga as it's his choice whether to heed her warning or not but as someone humiliated by Tōga she'd be lying if she said she didn't wish to see his entire family suffer in agony and wishes him to best of luck before she vanishes. Jaken questions just who does Zero think she is. Sesshōmaru flies off to the village as Jaken grabs onto his mokomoko as he calls out to him.

Back at Kaede’s home, Rin lies down next to her two newborn daughters with Kaede, Sango, and Kagome by her side. Kaede tells Rin that she did well. Rin tells Kaede thank you very much. Kagome tells Rin that her children are so adorable. Sango asks Rin what will she name her twin daughters. Rin says her twin daughters are named “Towa and Setsuna”. Kagome questions Rin about 'Towa and Setsuna' and those are wonderful names. Sesshōmaru enters the home where Kaede, Sango, Kagome, Rin, and his newborn daughters are. Rin calls out to Sesshōmaru, who walks over and picks up both Towa and Setsuna. Kagome asks Sesshōmaru what was he doing. Kaede calls Sesshōmaru 'a fool' and asks where does he plan to take them. Sango asks Sesshōmaru what's going on. Sesshōmaru tells Kaede, Sango, and Kagome that it’s a ''rite of courage and cowardice'' before he turns to leave. Kagome tells Sesshōmaru to wait. Kagome asks Sesshōmaru if Kirinmaru is tied to this somehow and in order to destroy the Grim Comet's fragment she's heard that they need both him and Inuyasha. Sesshōmaru looks at Kagome for a moment before he leaves the house with Towa and Setsuna and flies off. Rin tears up seeing Sesshōmaru leave and says she has faith in him. Jaken stays behind for a little bit and calls out to Kagome. Jaken gives Kagome a letter as he tells her that he wrote here when and where Sesshōmaru plans to destroy the Grim Comet fragment as naturally Sesshōmaru can fulfill the task on his own but they're letting Inuyasha know just in case. Kagome agrees. Rin calls out to Jaken. Jaken tells Rin to leave the rest to him.

Sesshōmaru currently has Towa and Setsuna in his possession, flying through the air with them. Joka follows right behind Sesshōmaru and meets face to face with him while flying. Joka tells Sesshōmaru that Zero asked her to do this and hand over his hanyō twins to her before she tries to attack him. Sesshōmaru dodges and uses his Light Whip attack and cuts off both of Joka’s arms off in half. Joka’s hacked-off arms disappears and the Gold and Silver Rainbow Pearls come out of it and Sesshōmaru catches the Pearls as they escape. Sesshōmaru realizes that their Rainbow Pearls. Joka demanding Sesshōmaru to give the Silver and Gold Rainbow Pearl back to her as they're the jewels of the Ka Demon Tribe. Sesshōmaru tells Joka 'no' as those are Zero’s tears and flies off. Sesshōmaru brings his newborn daughters Towa and Setsuna at a tree and lays them under it. Jaken appears and tells Sesshōmaru that he shall fulfill the role of Towa and Setsuna’s caretaker and raise them in Rin’s place. Jaken uses his Staff of Two Heads to create a barrier surrounding him, Sesshōmaru, and the newborn girls, the barrier keeps the area and them hidden. Jaken tells Sesshōmaru that the barrier is complete and he shall eventually bring Rin there too. Sesshōmaru stares at Towa and Setsuna for a moment before holds out the Gold and Silver Rainbow Pearls in front of them. The Silver and Gold Rainbow Pearls each go inside one of their eyes: Setsuna now has the Gold Pearl and Towa has the Silver Pearl. Sesshōmaru looks up to see the Grim Comet fragment is currently on its way down to Earth. Joka meets up with Zero and tells her that she can't sense the presence of the hanyō twins anywhere as it looks like they were sealed away within a barrier somewhere. Zero tells Joka that as expected this from Sesshōmaru.

Sesshōmaru and Jaken arrive at Sesshōmaru's mother's manor. Jaken says this palace belongs to Sesshomaru's mother and is realized that it doesn't look like she's here today. Inuyasha and Kagome arrive at Sesshōmaru mother’s manor. The sun sets and the evening sets in as the Comet fragment comes closer. Kagome says the Grim Comet is here. Everyone looks at the Grim Comet. Sesshōmaru flies towards the Grim Comet and and uses his Bakusaiga to split the Comet fragment into two, and an unknown Comet demon comes out of it. Inuyasha jumps into the sky. Sesshōmaru tells Inuyasha that the rest. Inuyasha tells Sesshōmaru to leave it to him before he pulls out his Tessaiga and uses the Meidō Zangetsuha as the demons were sucked in and they both completely disappear. Sesshōmaru lands on the palace floor. Jaken tells Sesshōmaru that was wonderfully done. Inuyasha lands and says that he's the one who cleaned it up. Kagome tells Inuyasha that he did well too. Jaken asks Inuyasha what was he saying as his Meidō Zangetsuha originally belonged to Sesshōmaru. Sesshōmaru calls to Jaken as he tells him that they're leaving. Jaken agrees. Sesshōmaru and Jaken leave the palace. Inuyasha tells Kagome 'let's go'. Kagome tells Inuyasha to wait for her.

At Kirinmaru's Ship, Kirinmaru is awakened by Zero. Kirinmaru asks Zero why has she awakened him as Tōga's sons must have taken care of the Grim Comet’s fragment as he grabbed his mask and placed it on his face. Zero tells Kirinmaru that Sesshōmaru has taken a human as a bride just like Tōga did. Kirinmaru becomes shocked as he asked Zero that Sesshōmaru did what. Zero tells Kirinmaru at this rate Sesshōmaru will be plunged into disaster and fall to ruin and asks was he going to let that happen and he has sired hanyō twin daughters. Kirinmaru becomes shocked again. Zero asks Kirinmaru does he remember as the Shikon Jewel is gone now but it still left them a prophecy and calls out to him as he will be felled by an existence that is neither human nor demon an impossible entity that can surpass time that will defeat him as he laughed it off saying no such thing can exist but thanks to Tōga that which should not exist has become reality. Kirinmaru becomes more interested. Zero tells Kirinmaru that is the hanyō as they are an existence that is neither demon nor human and a shihanyō daughter will soon be born between Kagome the girl who surpassed time to appear in this world and Inuyasha and if they can't erase these cursed hanyōs and abominable shihanyō. Kirinmaru becomes more interested. Zero tells Kirinmaru that just as the Shikon Jewel prophesized that he will meet his end. Kirinmaru stands up. Sesshōmaru enters and stands near Kirinmaru and Zero. Zero calls out to Sesshōmaru. Sesshōmaru tells Kirinmaru that it's been a while. Kirinmaru remains silent. Sesshōmaru asks Kirinmaru will he slay Inuyasha. Kirinmaru tells Sesshōmaru that’s what he had in mind. Zero asks Sesshōmaru could it be that he's going to lend a hand. Sesshōmaru remains silent. Kirinmaru tells Sesshōmaru very well and to come with him.

Later at the village, Kagome holds a baby Moroha close to her as she tells her that she's such a good child. Inuyasha calls to Kagome as he tells her that Kirinmaru and Sesshōmaru are here. Kagome nods as she tells Inuyasha 'okay'. Inuyasha pulls out his Tessaiga out. Kirinmaru and Sesshōmaru approach up the village stairs. Kagome gives Moroha the Beni of Izayoi as she tells her that it is a keepsake from Inuyasha's mother as she sheds a tear and tells Moroha that she and Inuyasha decided that if they had a girl that they would give this to her. Kagome kisses Moroha's forehead. Moroha looks at the Beni. Kagome gives Moroha to Hachiemon and tells him to take care of her. Hachiemon leaves off with Moroha. Inuyasha and Kagome watch as Hachiemon leaves with Moroha before Kirinmaru and Sesshōmaru arrived. Kagome tells Kirinmaru that she and Inuyasha will never hand over Moroha to him. Kirinmaru tells Kagome to quit her prattling and addressed her as “human” and runs to attack her and Inuyasha. Sesshōmaru runs ahead of Kirinmaru and begins to extract the Black Pearl from Inuyasha’s right eye. Kagome calls out to Inuyasha. Sesshōmaru completely extracts the Black Pearl from Inuyasha's right eye. Inuyasha falls to the ground as he clutches his right eye. Kagome goes to Inuyasha and asks if he was okay. Inuyasha tells Kagome 'yeah'. Sesshōmaru holds the Black Pearl up and both Inuyasha and Kagome are drawn in. Inuyasha repeatedly calls out to Kagome as they are sealed inside the Black Pearl. Kirinmaru asks Sesshōmaru if he helped Inuyasha and Kagome. Sesshōmaru asked Kirinmaru what was he talking about. Jaken tells Kirinmaru that there will come a time when Inuyasha’s Meidō Zangetsuha will be needed but until then he thinks they should simply have Inuyasha and Kagome pay respects to Tōga’s grave. Kirinmaru tells Jaken that he suppose that’s fine. Kirinmaru, Sesshōmaru, and Jaken depart the area and Riku is shown secretly witnessing the whole thing. Riku is glad that the Black Pearl and Izayoi’s rouge were useful and smiles. Hachiemon brings baby Moroha to the lair of the Wolf Demon Tribe where Kōga, Ayame, and Yawaragi happily look at her as Yawaragi holds Moroha.

Zero uses the Dream Gazing spell to find Towa and Setsuna. Zero says to herself look at Towa and Setsuna dream as thanks to the Dream Gazing spell that she's finally found them as she watches them sleep in the forest. Later at night, Zero calls out to Homura as she tells him to burn the forest down. Homaru questions Zero about the forest. Zero asks Sesshōmaru if that's fine by him. Sesshōmaru remains silent before he walks away as Homaru watches. Zero tells Homaru to burn the entire forest and erase Towa and Setsuna from the face of this world. Homaru tells Zero 'understood'. Towa awakens to see animals running away and a fire. Towa and Setsuna tried to escape the forest as Towa tells Setsuna this way. Towa let's go of Setsuna's hand. Setsuna calls out to Towa as she falls down. Towa notices that she left Setsuna and repeatedly calls out to her as she runs back to Setsuna to save her. Towa asks Setsuna if she was okay and apologizes to Setsuna for leaving her. As Towa and Setsuna were hugging, a flaming tree was going to fall down on Towa. Setsuna notices the tree falling and yells at Towa to watch out. Out of safety, Setsuna pushed Towa away from her so the flaming tree does not hit her. Towa goes back trying to look for Setsuna in the forest, only hearing Setsuna call out for her. Towa calls out to Setsuna before her eye starts reacting before a rainbow portal opens up and forcibly sucks her through as calls out to Setsuna. In the modern era, Towa was unconscious as Buyo goes up to her and greets her. Towa explains that she realized later on that she had been catapulted through time. Towa wakes up and wonders where was she before she looks up at the Sacred Tree. Riku narrates this scene and says thus Towa, Sesshōmaru's daughter, departed on her trip beyond time and this is as far as he can divulge. Riku is fishing and tells the audience to come on now and to not be hasty as it’s in poor taste as he continues fishing. Riku tells the audience that if fate allows it then perhaps they shall meet again and until then farewell.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]


  • This marks the second flashback narrative and prologue of Hanyō no Yashahime.
  • The half-demon twins are all born during a lunar eclipse as was Inuyasha, as seen in the Swords of Supreme Conquest movie.
    • The lunar eclipse (1297 + 208 = 1505) that it happens for same birth of the dog half-demons.
    • The flashback of Sō'unga appear as Tōga with Kirinmaru stops the Grim Comet.
  • It is revealed that Riku had once been in possession of the green Rainbow Pearl; the green Pearl's current possessor is Jyūbei.
  • Joka's desire for vengeance on Sesshōmaru was due to him slicing off her arms and attaining the Gold and Silver Rainbow Pearls from her.
  • Shippō and Miroku do not appear in this flashback narrative as they had in the premiere.
  • Izayoi's rouge first appear in Episode 147 in flashbacks of young Kaede about her sister; Inuyasha gave it to Kikyō as a gift, but it was destroyed by Naraku in Episode 148. Hōsenki II somehow had its fragments recovered and reassembled albeit with difficulty.
  • It is revealed that powerful mystical pearls are created from the tears of deep sorrow and grief from either humans or demons; the late Izayoi having made the Black Pearl, and Zero the Gold and Silver Rainbow Pearls.
  • Inuyasha and Kagome's current whereabouts are revealed- the demon graveyard of Tōga in the Border of the Afterlife.
  • As the Sengoku jidai's years are concurrent to modern era year Kagome originally came from; then Towa, Setsuna and Moroha's birth year in the past would be equivalent to 2005 in the future.
    • Sōta likely used this math to forge documents concerning Towa; Episode 20 would reveal that Setsuna knew how to read simple things at that age, so its likely Towa knew her own age.
  • It is confirmed that Rin is Towa and Setsuna's mother.
  • The bundles that Sesshōmaru carried in the flashback in The Dream Butterfly are as follows;
    • Towa in the blue bundle and Setsuna in the violet bundle.
  • The prophecy of the defeat and demise of Zero and Kirinmaru is similar to the 1997 Disney film Hercules that the Fates' future vision that Hercules will defeat Hades. As well as the prophecy depicting Harry Potter ultimately ending Voldemort from the Harry Potter novels.
    • Zero and Kirinmaru try to kill Towa, Setsuna and Moroha as babies (which Joka has sent and failed to kill the twin babies just like Hades sent Pain and Panic to kidnap baby Hercules to turn him to mortal and kill him). Just as Lord Voldemort had attempted to destroy Harry Potter at the mere age of one.


  • Hisui's height when Rin gave birth to the twins can be considered erroneous, as it seemed way shorter than his own sisters' and not the same as Towa and Setsuna's during the forest fire.
  • Tōga was erroneously shown using Meidō Zangetsuha with Tessaiga rather than Tenseiga because Tenseiga was created to contain Meidō Zangetsuha for Sesshōmaru to perfect before passing to Inuyasha.
  • As Kirinmaru pick up his mask, the adornment on the right side colored white instead of yellow.
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