Kohaku, Sango and Kirara: The Secret Flower Garden is the one hundred sixty-third episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. Kirara has been spending a lot of time away from the group, worrying Sango.
  2. Kohaku, who has regained his memories, reminisces about the past with Sango and Kirara.
  3. Kohaku and Kirara meet, and Kohaku brings her to a flower garden he had been to when he was younger.
  4. Kohaku narrowly avoids seeing Sango, who is looking for Kirara and believes that Kohaku may be nearby as well; Sango finds Kirara and they go to the flower garden.


Kagome is cooking some food while Sango wonders where Kirara is spending her time. Kohaku is searching a building. When he exits, Kagura tells him he won't find Kikyō here. Kirara wanders the forest, remembering time spent with a young Sango and Kohaku. Kohaku burns incense at the graves of the people of his village. As Kohaku wanders the area, he too recalls times from his past. While reminiscing, Kirara is set upon by several demons. Worried about Kirara, Sango decides to go look for the cat. In the forest, Kohaku arrives to help Kirara fight the demons. The two quickly defeat the demons. Sango spies Kagura in the forest as she looks for Kirara.

Kohaku gives Sango flowers.

Kohaku and Kirara share a meal of fish near the river. Kohaku talks to Kirara, and tells her he has something to do before he can return to Sango - kill Naraku. Sango asks Kagura where Kohaku is. Kagura avoids the question, asking where she might find Kikyo. Sango leaves, still searching the area for Kirara, and now for Kohaku. Sango goes to her village, and sees the burnt incense near the graves. She finds the spot where Kirara and Kohaku defeated the demons. Kohaku shows Kirara a field of lilies. He thinks Sango would like this place. After Kohaku leaves, Kirara finds Sango and brings her to the field. Sango realizes that Kirara was with Kohaku.



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