Double-Edged Moroha is the sixteenth episode of Hanyō no Yashahime.


The story about Moroha's childhood with the Wolf Demon Tribe, and how she had ended up in debt to Jyūbei is revealed when her mentor Yawaragi makes a surprise visit. But what is she doing with Konton of the Four Perils?


Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha face-to-face with Yawaragi in a rocky area. Moroha tells Towa and Setsuna that she guesses she'll tell them the story. Towa takes out her Kikujūmonji and activates her Energy Blade while Setsuna prepares to fight with her Kanemitsu no Tomoe and Moroha with her Kurikaramaru. Moroha tells Towa and Setsuna that it happened 3 years ago as she was still a kid who didn't know her left from her right. Three years ago at a cave, Yawaragi is standing outside before she calls out to Moroha. Moroha appears near Yawaragi and asks her what is it. Yawaragi tells Moroha that deep within the cave the crucible of Kodoku will soon fufill its vow. Moroha questions about the crucible of Kodoku. Yawaragi explains to Moroha that the crucible of Kodoku is a spell of Fuko used in Onmyodo and within the cave there are hundreds of demons fighting against each other and the last surviving one will become known as Kodoku the strongest demon. Moroha becomes nervous and asks Yawaragi could it be that she wants her to go in the cave. Yawaragi tells Moroha that's right and to go in and throw herself into the battle and survive and if she emerges victorious as a symbol of completing her training then she'll reward her with her prized Kurikaramaru. Moroha questions Yawaragi that she'd give her Kurikaramaru. Yawaragi tells Moroha that it's been 3 years since she was entrusted with her from Kōga and this will be her last lesson and her training will be complete. Moroha is currently in the cave battling the current Kodoku and she uses her sacred arrow to inflict damage on the demon’s hand but it’s hand regenerates. Moroha hides and believes she is at her limit and pulls out her Beni and she has to use it before she tries to puts some on. However, Moroha recalls Yawaragi telling her she is forbidden from using her rouge. Moroha questions Yawaragi why can't she as she's still just a kid and if she's fighting the Kodoku demons then she can't win unless she becomes Beniyasha. Yawaragi tells Moroha that it's not about winning and it's much more important to be able to maintain herself in battle and to not hesitate as she can win and to just uses her creative imagination. Moroha questions to herself what is creative imagination. After recalling Yawaragi’s words of forbidding her from using the rouge, Moroha closes her Beni and puts it away. Kodoku finds Moroha and tells her that she's the only one left and he will be the one to leave the cave before he attempts to strike her again. Moroha dodges Kodoku’s attack and tells him that maybe they could talk about this and wonders about them working together and get out of the cave. Kodoku questions Moroha that she's joking about working together and she calls herself a demon before soon smelling Moroha’s human blood in her. Moroha agrees with Kodoku as she tells him that she's a shihanyō. Kodoku becomes surprised and tells Moroha that there’s no way a measly shihanyō can be fine with all this demon energy. Moroha tells Kodoku that because she has spiritual powers that can demonic energy. Kodoku tells Moroha that it's ridiculous about a shihanyō with spiritual power and wonders why mix an impurity like that into the crucible. Kodoku asks Yawaragi what's going on as it will get muddy. Moroha tells Kodoku why doesn't he shut up about the details before she starts attacking him with her Blades of Blood. Kodoku blocks Moroha's attack and starts looking for her. Moroha sneaks up behind Kodoku and tells him that he's wide open before she shoots him with her Sacred Arrow. Kodoku takes damage to the face. Moroha tells Kodoku 'sorry' but she really can't take much more of this and that's why she said they should work together before she starts to escape the cave. Kodoku begins to demolish inside the cave with a miasma-like substance crawling its way up. Moroha uses her sacred arrow to pierce an opening from above the cave to make her escape. Moroha tells Kodoku that he should listen to people's advice and to see him and hopes he lives a good life. Moroha slides down the cave successfully escaping and Kodoku from inside the cave perishes. Moroha says she somehow won. Moroha reaches the bottom of the cave in hopes of seeing Yawaragi waiting for her. Moroha becomes confused and calls out to Yawaragi. However it appears that Yawaragi has left the cave without waiting for Moroha’s return. Moroha is saddened by this.

At Shikabaneya, Jyūbei and Yawaragi are currently playing sugoroku. Jyūbei questions Yawaragi that she threw Moroha into the crucible of Kodoku. Yawaragi confirms it with Jyūbei and Moroha has a fifty-fifty chance of surviving Jyūbei tells Yawaragi that if she sealed her rouge then her chance of winning is twenty maybe ten percent however he suppose this would be good training. Yawargi tells Jyūbei that Moroha is a shihanyō born from between a hanyō and a human and if she were to be a full-demon no matter what crisis came her way then she’d be able to keep her heart and she'd never lose her sense of self but of course she's different. Jyūbei becomes interested. Yawargi tells Jyūbei that when Moroha is cornered and her life is in danger then her great demon’s blood will take over and she’ll transform however just like the meaning of her name she's a double-edged sword and the more she transforms the more her heart will disappear and she’ll turn into a monster that only fights. Yawaragi becomes frustrated when she loses while Jyūbei smiles when he wins. Jyūbei tells Yawaragi that's why she used the rouge and sealed away Moroha’s great demon blood. Yawaragi tells Jyūbei that originally the seal was something her mother Kagome had applied but she taught Moroha how to dispel the seal by transforming into Beniyasha. Yawaragi becomes annoyed. Jyūbei tells Yawaragi that Moroha has been using the rouge then without knowing any of this information. Yawaragi tells Jyūbei that it's truly troublesome indeed. Jyūbei claims victory over sugoroku that he and Yawaragi are currently playing. Jyūbei tells Yawaragi that looks like he won and if she could kindly hand her ryou over. Yawaragi gives Jyūbei some of her ryou. Jyūbei tells Yawaragi that for her to sell off her esteemed pupil Moroha in a gamble for just 3 ryou. Yawaragi tells Jyūbei that in order to train Moroha to maintain her sense of self she had to put her through the crucible of Kodoku and the only way to do that was to go through the demon gambling house. Jyūbei tells Yawaragi that now she only has 2 ryou left. Yawaragi tells Jyūbei that she's in a tough spot and needs to get the Armor of the Iron-Rat off of her as soon as possible too. Jyūbei asks Yawaragi how much more will it cost. Yawaragi tells Jyūbei that according to an old armor dealer a blacksmith rat can make a key to remove it but it would cost 12 ryou. Jyūbei tells Yawaragi that he sees then he can. Moroha tells Yawaragi there she was as she calls her 'an old hag'. Moroha interrupts Jyūbei and Yawaragi’s conversation, storming into Shikabaneya. Yawaragi is surprised and asks Moroha that she managed to get out. Moroha is upset that Yawaragi did not wait for her back at the cave and tells her to shut up and wonders why didn't she wait for her back there and she sold her off to the demon gambling house. Yawaragi questions Moroha can she blame her as she needed seed money to play some sugoroku. Moroha tells Yawaragi that she's had it with her gambling problem and their master-pupil relationship ends today and she's finished her training then demands for her to let her have Kurikaramaru. Yawaragi tells Moroha that her demon power hasn’t gotten stronger at all and wonders if she didn’t absorb the Kodoku’s powers after defeating it. Moroha replies to Yawaragi that she won the battle but wonders who would ever want to absorb powers from such a gross demon. Jyūbei laughs and tells Moroha that she's pretty amazing to have escaped from the crucible of Kodoku. Moroha asks Jyūbei who he was. Jyūbei introduces himself to Moroha and tells her that he deals in demons’ bounties. Moroha doesn't seem interested in Jyūbei. Moroha turns her attention back to talking to Yawaragi. Moroha calls out to Yawaragi then realizes that they're not master-pupil anymore as she doesn't need to be formal before she demands that she hands over the Kurikaramaru or else they're going to have to fight it out. Jyūbei tells Moroha to hold on. Jyūbei asks Yawaragi what does she say and how about he pays for Moroha. Moroha questions Jyūbei about paying for her. Jyūbei tells Yawaragi for pulling out of the gambling house, for the Armor of the Iron-Rat key, and for what she lost in their sugoroku round and wonders about 15 ryou for all of that. Yawaragi makes the deal with Jyūbei and sells Moroha to him. Moroha questions about sold. Jyūbei tells Yawaragi to hand over Kurikaramaru to Moroha. Yawaragi says that's a sacrifice that she’ll have to make before she gives Kurikaramaru to Moroha. Moroha is happy to be recieving the Kurikaramaru. Jyūbei gives Yawaragi the 15 ryou. Yawaragi inspects the bag of gold and says that's all of it. Yawaragi tells Moroha 'farewell' before she leaves. Moroha tells Yawaragi to wait. Jyūbei tells Moroha that as of today she’s been hired for 15 ryou to him and she will return that debt through bounty hunting. Moroha asks Jyūbei why does she have to be the one to pay back that money to him and he has to be kidding her. Jyūbei asks Moroha would she rather to go back to the gambling house and continue to fight in the crucible of Kodoku forever. Moroha becomes nervous. Jyūbei asks Moroha that if she doesn't want to do that then make this bounty hunting trade her business. Moroha hesistantly agrees with Jyūbei as she calls him 'old man'. Jyūbei corrects Moroha for her to call him 'Mr. Jyūbei'. Moroha calls Jyūbei 'Mr. Jyūbei'.

Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha all hold out their weapons for battle. Moroha tells Yawaragi that it's been 3 years and it's been a while as she calls out to her. Moroha is surprised to see Yawaragi to be wearing the Armor of the Iron-Rat and asks her if she couldn’t find the blacksmith rats. Yawaragi tells Moroha that it took a long time but she found the blacksmith rats' hidden village. Moroha asks Yawaragi why. Yawaragi tells Moroha that she found the village but everyone had been slaughtered. Yawaragi reminds Moroha that her Armor of the Iron-Rat and her Robe of the Fire-Rat were created in a blacksmith rats’ workshop deep in the mountains. In a flashback, Yawaragi finds every fire-rat villager have been slaughtered at the workshop. Yawaragi says how cruel. Yawaragi finds a collection of keys in hopes of finding the one that can free her from the Armor of the Iron-Rat, however she was unable to successfully do so. Konton appears before Yawaragi and questions that she can't find the key. Yawaragi looks to see Konton. Konton asks Yawaragi isn't this what she's looking for before he holds up the key to free her from the Armor. Yawaragi asks Konton was this his doing. Konton tells Yawaragi that rats are useless creatures with no discipline and he didn’t need to kill them but he thought he might as well. Yawaragi questions Konton that he might as well. Konton tells Yawaragi that's right as he heard that the Armor of the Iron-Rat she's wearing shrinks as years go by as it's a cursed piece armor of armor that in the end shrinks to the size of a rat and crushes the wearer’s body to pieces. Yawaragi asks Konton who was he. Konton tells Yawaragi that he serves Kirinmaru and introduces his name and one of the Four Perils. Yawaragi calls out to Konton. Konton tells Yawaragi that they are currently Two Perils and wonders does she know anything about the one who defeated Tōkotsu and stole the Red Rainbow Pearl from him as he thinks she might be surprised as it was Moroha, her beloved former pupil. Yawaragi is surprised about Moroha. Konton tells Yawaragi that she can have the key to the Armor of the Iron-Rat but only in exchange for Moroha’s head and if she refuses then he shall break the key right here. Yawaragi asks Konton why doesn't he do it himself and why ask her. Konton tells Yawaragi that he thought he’d offer Tōkotsu entertainment of a master-pupil showdown. Yawaragi glares at Konton. Towa tells Yawaragi that Konton's showdown is. Setsuna says it's disgusting. Moroha tells Yawaragi that she's fine with that as she does not feel any kind of gratitude towards her at all and let's give Konton and Tōkotsu a showdown just like they want. Yawaragi is pleased of Moroha’s willingness to battle her and tells that’s good and the reason why she was worthy of being her pupil. Moroha tells Towa and Setsuna to no need to help her as this is a fight between her and Yawaragi. Yawaragi tells Moroha that she heard she's mastered the Crimson Dragon Wave but wonders how powerful it is coming from a shihanyō like herself. Moroha asks Yawaragi why doesn't she just show her.

Moroha strikes using her Crimson Dragon Wave towards Yawaragi. Yawaragi takes the full blow of the attack and Moroha physically jumps, dashing towards her. Yawaragi however, easily blows Moroha away with her attack. Towa calls out to Moroha. Setsuna becomes impressed that Yawaragi stopped Moroha's Crimson Dragon Wave and a brute force attack won't work. Moroha attacks by shooting a sacred arrow and Yawaragi easily catches it between her fingers. Yawaragi tells Moroha it's ridiculous as with spiritual powers this weak she can barely call it sacred before she burns it as she tosses it away. Moroha uses her Heavenly Arrow Barrage on Yawaragi. As the arrows plunged down on Yawaragi, she runs and dodges every single arrow that strikes down. Yawaragi tells Moroha to take this before she strikes with a powerful blow at her. Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha dodges Yawaragi's attack. Setsuna tells Moroha that she's helping her. Towa tells Moroha 'yeah' as she can't just stand and watch. Moroha tells Towa and Setsuna that they can't as this is between her and Yawaragi. Moroha then pulls out her Beni and opens it. Yawaragi tells Moroha that she'll begin destroying the lands. Yawaragi calls Moroha a fool and reminds her that she continues to lose her own heart because fear overpowers her and wonders didn't she teach her to overcome that weakness of hers. Moroha tells Yawaragi to shut up as this is her power. Yawaragi tells Moroha if she’s only good for fighting then she’s a monster and not a demon. Yawaragi attacks Moroha by clawing her in the air from left to right, stopping Moroha from using her rouge. In midst of attacking, Yawaragi tells Moroha that if she doesn’t carry her fear then her body and heart will feel no pain and she won’t be able to understand her opponent's pain either. Yawaragi aggressively kicks Moroha away and tells her that a monster like that has no right to live. Moroha is thrusted back and her Kurikaramaru slips away from her grip. Towa calls out to Moroha. Towa wants to help Moroha but Setsuna stops her. Setsuna tells Towa that Yawaragi is trying to teach Moroha something. Moroha is injured and lying on the ground. Yawaragi tells Moroha to go ahead and use her rouge but to remember once she does she’ll be nothing but a puppet. Moroha starts to stand up and thinks to herself without her rouge she can't win against Yawaragi and pulls out her Beni once again. Yawaragi calls Moroha a pitiful fool and tells her that a shihanyo and incomplete existence and with her hope will never see the light of day. Moroha becomes angered at Yawaragi’s words. Yawaragi tells Moroha that she hasn’t changed not a single bit since she was little. Moroha wonders when she was little. Moroha recalls a moment in her past when she was younger and being attacked by the Birds of Paradise. Yawaragi tells Moroha that she cannot use her rouge. Moroha realizes that Yawaragi's right as she hasn't changed at all since then. Moroha takes out her Beni and opens it up then tries some on. Moroha’s Beniyasha form comes out. Yawaragi runs toward Moroha as she tells her to not use her rouge. When Yawaragi attempts to save Moroha but uses her claws and attacks her face, leaving a scar. Moroha loses control of herself and unapologetically attacks the Birds of Paradise with her claws. After using up her demon energy, Moroha falls asleep and Yawaragi holds her in her arms. Yawaragi calls out to Moroha. Yawaragi notices the Birds of Paradise still surrounding her and Moroha and realizes that it called it's friends. A Weasel Demon man appeared and tells Yawaragi that looks like she's in trouble. Yawaragi asks the Weasel Man who was he. The Weasel Man tells Yawaragi that he's just an armor dealer passing by and he saw Moroha wearing the Robe of the Fire-Rat so he thought he'd recommend the Armor of the Iron-Rat to her as more defense and more demon power with the use of the Armor the Birds of Paradise are nothing and all she has to do is place the key in the keyhole of the back of the Armor. Yawaragi looks to see the Birds of Paradise coming towards them. The Weasel Man tells Yawaragi to hurry as the Armor will mold to fit her perfectly. Yawaragi tells the Weasel Man that needs more she guesses as she takes the key from him. The Weasel Man thanks Yawaragi for her business. Yawaragi unlocks the Armor of the Iron-Rat from the Weasel Man as the key disappears and the Armor now wraps around her. Yawaragi wonders what is. The Weasel Man exclaims with joy that his body was about to be crushed. Yawaragi asks the Weasel Man what's going on. The Weasel Man tells Yawaragi that she’ll have to pay a handsome sum and get a new key made to take off the Armor and make sure she has someone else unlock it like how she did just now before he runs off. Yawaragi realizes its a cursed Armor however her power surges as the Birds of Paradise flies down to attack once again. Yawaragi uses her Scattering Winds attack against the Birds of Paradise and they all vanish. Moroha wakes up from being in Yawaragi’s arm and sees that the scratch on her face and Armor. Moroha says that's right as the Armor of the Iron-rat and the scar on Yawaragi’s face all happened because of her.

Moroha tells Yawaragi that her Scattering Winds attack was really cool as she closes her Beni. Yawaragi sees that Moroha was recalling that moment. Moroha tells Yawaragi that she won’t use her rouge and defeating her by letting the demon take over won't actually mean that she beat her. Yawaragi tells Moroha that well said and to move on to the last stage. Moroha questions Yawaragi about the last stage. Yawaragi tells Moroha that's going use her Scattering Winds and wonders if she's ready. Yawaragi senses that Konton appearing behind her. Konton tells Yawaragi that he’ll thoroughly enjoy the moment she kills her pupil with her own hands and the key will be all hers as the shows her he key for her Armor of the Iron-Rat. Yawaragi becomes angry with Konton and tells him that he'll enjoy it all right. Yawaragi prepares to use her Scattering Winds while Moroha grabs her Kurikaramaru. Moroha tells Yawaragi to go ahead and do it. Yawaragi tells Moroha that this is the end and put everything she has into this moment. Moroha tells Yawaragi 'all right' as she'll try. Yawaragi tells Moroha this is it before she attacks her with her Scattering Winds. Moroha recalls to herself the words Yawaragi told her before about to not hesitate and just use her creative imagination. Moroha spins the Kurikaramaru in her hand. Towa wonders what's happening. Moroha uses her Crimson Dragon Wave against the Yawaragi’s Scattering Winds. The two attacks collide and is intertwined with each other in mid-air. Yawaragi is proud of Moroha. Yawaragi grabs Konton from behind and holding him still. Konton asks Yawaragi what was she doing. Yawaragi tells Konton that this is the end of the master-pupil showdown he wanted and to feel it with his flesh. Konton calls Yawaragi 'a fool'. Yawaragi hopes of Konton being struck with Moroha’s attack. Just before Moroha attacks strikes, Konton’s Blue Rainbow Pearl flashes and Konton disappears quickly and leaving Yawaragi faced with Moroha’s attack. Yawaragi becomes surprised before she is hit by Moroha's Crimson Dragon Wave. Moroha calls out to Yawaragi. Konton protects himself with a barrier and says the Blue Rainbow Pearl was helpful and as for the key then breaks the key that opens the Armor of the Iron-Rat. Setsuna curses Konton before she attacks him with her Scourge of Swallows. Konton tells Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha that they'll meet again before he escapes. Setsuna says Konton got away. Towa says another strange spell. Moroha is at Yawaragi’s side and is saddened that she’s been injured. Moroha calls out to Yawaragi. Yawaragi tells Moroha that well done and that was the Crimson Backlash Wave and if she's taught her that then she has no more regrets. Moroha calls out to Yawaragi. Yawaragi tells Moroha to have strength in her heart and sadly but peacefully closes her eyes. Moroha repeatedly calls out to Yawaragi as she cries seeing her die, hugging her. Towa and Setsuna watch Moroha mourning Yawaragi. Moroha sets a grave for Yawaragi with flower and prays to it. Towa and Setsuna stand by Moroha's side, behind her. Moroha wonders who she is as she's not a demon she's not a human, and she's not even hanyō. Moroha tells Towa and Setsuna that there was no place for her and she had nowhere to go and that's why she was always ran around by herself and went about making all kinds of noise and she didn’t know any other way to live as she feels like it's pure luck that she's survived up to this point and she has to keep living as an incomplete shihanyō. Setsuna tells Moroha that she may be right but she can always change the way she lives and no matter what she does how she wants to live is up to her. Moroha laughs for a moment and says she guesses so. Towa tells Moroha to come on and cheer up as none of them are alone anymore. Moroha smiles at their words, agreeing with Towa and Setsuna. As the Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha depart, Moroha recalls to herself that somehow before she knew it Towa and Setsuna were by her side. Moroha asks Yawaragi if this is okay.

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  • The special technique of Kurikaramaru, Crimson Backlash Wave, is quite similar to Tessaiga's Backlash Wave ability.
  • Moroha expressed how she could find no place in the world being one quarter-demon, just like Inuyasha had explained to Kagome in Episode 31.
  • The Kodoku was first used in Episode 32.
  • As of this episode, the locations of all seven Rainbow Pearls have been revealed.
  • Konton is aware of Tōkotsu, his son and Kyūki's deaths.
  • Moroha's name means "doubled-edged sword" which means something that has both good and bad consequences.
  • It is revealed that Moroha can indeed tap into her dog-demon side which was sealed by her grandmother's rogue by her mother.
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